Monday, October 28, 2013

40 Websites for KDP Select Free Promo Days

   One of the programs available when you publish your book through Amazon is KDP Select. This allows you to earn a higher percentage of your sales, receive payment when your book is “borrowed” or “loaned.” Every ninety days you can schedule up to five days to offer your book as a free download. I have mentioned before there are authors on both sides of the fence concerning the giveaway program. It has been a benefit to me by getting my first book, The Returns, into the hands of many readers I would have never reached. Every writer must research the different options and make the choice that is best for them. Today’s blog is aimed at those who have chosen KDP Select and are scheduling FREE days.
   The first thing you want to do is go to your KDP account and click on the book you are scheduling. Go down to manage promotions and follow the on screen directions to input the days you’d like to have your free event. Make certain that your days don’t coincide with days that families gather such as the major holidays. People aren’t as likely to sit down at their computers to browse through lists of books on these days or on major shopping days.
   I like to keep an Excel spreadsheet of my days by the hour so I can keep track of the peak downloading trends. I also list my rankings on Amazon’s Top 100 Free list. Don’t forget to list the various countries your title is available. In the past, Sunday afternoons have been the time of my heaviest traffic.
   As soon as you have scheduled your days, you need to get the word out to as many outlets as possible. The earlier you submit, the better chance you have of being listed. If you have the money to spend on advertising, you can purchase space on most every website offering free books. However, if your budget is tight, don’t despair. There are still many sites willing to help authors by listing your book at no charge. Some require a certain number of reviews, a two-week notice, or have some other stipulations. Be sure you read and understand the instructions before submitting your listing. Most of the free sites will not guarantee that your book will be listed but you should still submit it to as many sites as possible. Keep a list of the sites where you sent the information and check to see if you made their list on your designated days.
** I’d like to offer credit for many of these sites to J. C. Mells, the wonderful author of the “Pierced” series and awesome blog . If you haven’t read her books or her blog, I highly recommend you do both!
   All of the following websites were accepting submissions in August during my last free promotion. If any have changed their policies since then, I am not aware of it. Good luck!
Websites for KDP Promotional Listings
1. 100 Free Books @
2. Addicted to eBooks @
3. Authors Marketing Club @
4. Awesome Gang @
5. Bargain eBook Hunter @
7. Book Goodies @
8. Digital Books Today @
9. eBook Deal of the Day @
10.eBook Habit @
11.eBook Lister @
12.e Reader Café @
13.E Reader Eutopia @
14.E Reader Girl @
15.E Reader News Today @
16.E Reader Perks @
17.E Reader Eutopia @
18.Free & Discounted Books @
19.Free Book Hub @
20.Free Booksie @
21.Free Book Dude @
22.Free e Books Daily @
23.Frugal Freebie @
24.Great Books Great Deals @
25.Hunt 4 Freebies @
26.Indie Book Bargains @
27.Indie Book Promo @
28.Indie Book of the Day @
29.It’s Write Now @
30.Kindle Book Promos @
31.Kindle Book Review @
32.Kindle Books & Tips @
33.Mama Says Read @
34.More Than a Review @
35.Orangeberry Tours @
36.Pixel of Ink @
37.Snicklist @
38.That Book Place @
39.World Literary Café @
On the day of your giveaway, hit the following Facebook pages!
• eBooks Free
• Solid Series Facebook Page
• Only Romance Facebook page
• Ebooks of Horror Facebook page
• Share FREE eBooks
• GalleyCats New Books Page
• Free Today on Amazon
• Free books are Us Group
• Free Books for Kindle
• Ebook Deal of the Day US
• Ebook Deal of the Day UK
• Free Book Deal
• Free Kindle and Nook Books for Readers
• Kindle Korner
• Free Kindle Books & Tips
• Reading Kindle
• Indie Kindle
• Kindle Finds
• iAuthor
• Ereader1US

**Recipe of the Day**

Avocado Chicken Salad via my sister-in-law C. Bryant’s Facebook page.
2 or 3 boneless, skinless Chicken Breasts
1 Avocado
¼ chopped Onion
Juice of ½ Lime
2 Tbsp. Cilantro
Salt & Pepper to taste

Cook chicken breast until done, let cool and then shred. Mix with all other ingredients.
Frosty Paws Frozen Treats for Dogs 
32 oz. plain yogurt
1 mashed ripe banana
2 tablespoons peanut butter
2 tablespoons honey
Blend until mixed well. Freeze in ice cube tray or egg carton lined with waxed paper.

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