Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Happy Birthday Bentley!

Oh, how the time has flown!  It seems like only yesterday that my baby boy was tripping over his long silky ears.  Today, Bentley turns six years old.  I can’t imagine life without my lovable Basset Hound.  He definitely has me wrapped around his ginormous paw and is very aware of that fact.  Like most pet owners, I am sure that he is the most perfect dog ever to walk on four legs.  Is he spoiled?  Yes indeed, incredibly and undeniably spoiled rotten.  Am I ashamed of that fact?  Nope, not one little bit!  One look from those big sad puppy dog eyes and I am putty in his soft pads.  Simply put, he had my heart at the first wag of his tail.  My second blog told the story of how he came to be our hairy child.  If you want to read the story, just click on the archives. 


   We are celebrating his birthday with a special dog bone-shaped birthday cookie from our local pet store.  His “nephew” Pierre the Westie is getting a sunshine shaped cookie of his own.  Bentley’s gifts include beef sticks, chew bones, some chicken treats, dog biscuits, and a new tube of toothpaste.  He will be most excited over the toothpaste.  The boy loves to have his teeth brushed.  I can show him his toothbrush and he will come running.  It is also how I lure him into the bathtub.  There is no doubt that after he devours his cookie, he will want his teeth brushed to a sparkling shine.  If I could only get him to be as enthusiastic about getting his nails clipped, I’d be so happy.

   Bentley is a Basset of simple pleasures.  He loves belly scratches, lying in the sunshine, dog treats, bananas, almonds, cracklins’, wrestling with Pierre, barking at the neighbor, and his human family.  Before anyone writes to tell me that cracklins and almonds are bad for him, I know.  He seldom gets them, but he does LOVE them.  Does he have any faults?  Not many…he falls asleep in seconds then snores very loudly, he drools, sheds enough for several dogs, and grumps if you wake him before he’s ready.  However, he can sit up like a human with perfect posture, loves to give hugs, softly taps my arm to wake me up in the mornings, looks at us with so much love in his eyes it touches your soul, and he is hilarious.  All of those qualities more than make up for the snoring, drooling, grumpy, shedding part!  In my eyes, he is the best dog in the world and without him, I would never have written The Returns.  He insists that I mention his picture is now on the new cover.  I guess I owe him any success that I may achieve.  At least, that is what he tells me when he goes belly-up for a tummy scratch or wants a boost up on the couch even though he is completely capable of climbing up by himself.  For only being six years old, he has trained me very well.

Happy Birthday Bentley, I love you!  I hope we are blessed with many, many more years together!
Pictures through the years:                  His look of love <3
 He had the cutest little puppy face!

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  2. Happy Birthday Bentley and I am glad you inspired your Mother to write the Returns. What joy you are bringing to many with your adventures!!!!!!


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