Wednesday, December 18, 2013

At the "Meet the Bloggers" Hop

  I am really having fun with my new blog format.  Barking from the Bayou has proven to be the perfect outlet for me to gush over dogs.  Several of you have written with story ideas and I’ll be including them in the near future.  I appreciate your support and welcome your input. 
   One of the great things about having a dog-focused blog is the new readers and followers.  I have also discovered “Blog Hops” and they are such fun.  Today’s hop is “Meet the Blogger” and you can follow the links at the bottom of this section to discover some other awesome pet bloggers and their sites.  I appreciate Kolchak Puggle for the invitation to join in the excitement.  She posed some questions to answer in an attempt to learn something different about all of the participants.  Let’s hop to it now!
What have I don't that makes me proud?
Assuming this does not mean my marriage or raising my children, which are my biggest sources of pride, I’d have to say writing and publishing my books and this blog.  I’m very proud that I set this page up on my own.  When I first decided to write a blog, I was absolutely terrified it would kill my computer if I touched the wrong button.  Now, I click fearlessly and have even dared to mess around with the intimidating HTML codes!  My first love in writing has to be my book series, The Returns.  Earlier this month, I held both books in paperback for the first time.  It was surreal.
My List of Favorite Things~
   I love to read, so when I saw the favorite book question I thought “no problem.”  Then, I saw the additional comment non-animal related.  Ugh…that makes it a bit harder.  It truly is like picking a favorite body part.  I loved the Hunger Games trilogy, “Honest Illusions” by Nora Roberts, and “Promise Cove” by Vickie McKeehan.  My favorite non-animal movie would probably have to be “Sweet Home Alabama” but still there is lovable dog in it and Disney’s “Up” has the talking dog.  Hmmm…okay, how about The Wizard of Oz?  Still a dog...darn!  As far as my favorite actor, I love Bradley Cooper.  My favorite restaurant food is Mexican but anything my husband grills is my favorite home cooking!  Yummy!  The dogs agree with the grilling as a favorite!  My weakness is any kind of nuts or bread.  I can eat my way through a can of mixed nuts or a bag of almonds at a ridiculous rate.  Don’t even let me near fresh baked rolls or bread.  It can get ugly!
How would I describe myself and how would others describe me?
   I’m a creature of habit and way too organized.  I even alphabetize my spices.  It is impossible for me to leave my house without making the bed.  I don’t do messy very well.  It can be a bit annoying because I put things away before people are finished using them.  I can usually find things when anyone needs it though.  My kids like the saying, “It’s not really lost until mom can’t find it.”  I hope people would describe me as nice and funny.
How would my dogs describe me?  What drives me crazy about them and what would I change?  If I didn’t have them, what animal would I have?
   If you asked my dogs, they would say I’m a pushover and like to hug on them too much.  I am most like my Basset Hound Bentley because neither of us enjoy being woke up before we are ready.  We both need to exercise on a regular basis!  I strive to be as happy as my "granddog", Pierre. 
It drives me nuts that they can’t really talk to me but they melt my heart when they come lay their heads on my shoulder to love.  If I could change anything about them, it’d be their lifespan.  If I didn’t have Bentley, well, I can’t think about that.  If I had a choice of another animal, I’d still have another dog.  I could very easily become one of those “crazy dog ladies” if I had the room and the money.  I am very prone to acute puppy envy.
What Would I Change About My Life?
   I’m very happy with my life so I don’t think I’d change anything.  I wouldn’t complain if I had a metabolism that allowed me to eat anything and not gain weight.  It would be very satisfying to be able to make a real difference in the lives of abandoned, neglected, and abused dogs.  That would fill my heart with such joy.  Of course, I’d love to become a bestselling author! 
That’s my story for now and I’m sticking to it.