Monday, January 27, 2014

PetBox Rocks!

   On New Year’s Eve, I joined in the BlogPaws Twitter Paw~ty.  It was a great time and PetBox joined in our chat to give away some great PetBox prizes.  They would ask a question and everyone would guess the answer.  In two hours, they gave away 50 prizes for both cats and dogs.  The last question was for the BIG prize…a free 3-month subscription to PetBox.  I was beyond excited when my name popped on the chat as the winner.  Bentley and Pierre were thrilled.  They had sat beside me the entire time I was on the BlogPawsChat cheering for me.

 For those of you that aren't familiar with PetBox, let me tell you about them.  It is a great company that delivers boxes specially designed for your dog or cat.  You select which items that you want included in each box and it is delivered right to your front door each month.  PetBox would make a great gift for your pet, your “grandpet,” friends with new puppies or kittens, pet adoption parties, birthdays, or just to say, “I love you.”
What makes this company even more amazing is that when you sign up for PetBox, you are also helping to feed hungry rescue animals all over the country.  They have joined with shelters, rescues, and volunteers to provide food for hungry rescue pets every day.  You can connect with them at #PetBoxFridays on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.  Each Friday the company sends out shipments of food to shelters.  They are active on social media during this time.  It’s a wonderful way to connect as they help pets in need.  You can order your furry friend a PetBox of his or her own by visiting
   I thank both the BlogPaws Community and PetBox for such an awesome prize package to
kick off an exciting 2014! 


  1. That is so cool!!!! Congratulations Pierre and Bentley on your big win! I bet you are glad your mom is so wonderful! My kids are really mad at me for not entering - I have to go to the pet food store tomorrow and buy them special cookies to make up for it . . .

  2. I love that photo of Bentley in the window! We love the mailman and delivery guys since they always bring me stuff that I share with my sisters! Enjoy, but it is tough with multiple dogs when you only get one of a tasty treat!

  3. Bentley looks so adorable sitting on his butt in the last photo like that! LOL
    Congrats, what a great win!!
    And so nice that they help feed the shelters and things to!
    ((husky hugz frum da pack))

  4. Congratulations on your win! That box looks like it is packed full of great stuff!

  5. What a great win!! We also love the pic of Bentley sitting up in the last pic!!

    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  6. Ohmigosh Bently sitting up in that last photo is so stinkin cute!
    Congrats on the win - looks awesome!

  7. Congrats on your winnings, what a great prize. With a box like that I couldn't wait either to see what would be in the next one. Love Bentley sitting up!

  8. I'm glad you guys enjoyed your box!! It's also super cool they help to feed the animals too :)

    I hope you're having a fun day,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  9. You guys are so lucky! Love the pictures! Especially the last one of Bentley sitting up!


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