Thursday, February 20, 2014

John Paul Pet Rules!

   In January, I won a three-month subscription to the great company PetBox.  I had chosen a body wipe from John Paul Pet.  Much to my delight, they were awesome.  I was so impressed that I did a review post on them.  I also wrote a complimentary letter to John Paul Pet to let them know how much I loved their product.  The representative from the company was so gracious.  She offered to send me more of the products that I had mentioned I’d like to try.  She did so much more than that though!
   Bentley and Pierre were very interested in the new products.  We received Clean Face
Ear & Eye Wipes, Healthy Paws Body & Paw Wipes, and Fresh Breath Tooth & Gum Pet Wipes to try.  That would be more than enough, but they also included some handy sample sizes of those products, some spiffy JP bandanas, AND a travel bowl.  Woo Hoo!!

How did these new products rate?  Excellent, terrific, two paws up, and FIVE STARS!

   All of the products smell wonderful.  The Clean Face wipes freshens even dirty Basset Hound ears, and that is a BIG job.  They also did a great job on tearstains.  These do not have strong scent so they didn’t bother Bentley’s sensitive nose.  The harshness has been a problem with the other wipes that we                                             have tried.
   I was so glad they included another container of the Healthy Paws Body & Paw Wipes.  I use them every day to keep the “Eau De Hound Dog” smell off Bentley.  Now, he smells lovely and is good for serious hugging.  I don’t think I’ll ever be without a supply of these moistened towelettes.
   Pierre is NOT a fan of grooming.  He looks like he would love to be pampered and clean but that’s an illusion.  If he sees me brushing and cleaning Bentley then he won’t get near
me.  Brushing his teeth isn’t very high on his fun list.  I was anxious to try the Fresh Breath Tooth & Gums Wipes on his pearly whites.  I was relieved to find that he didn’t mind them at all.  He even gave a couple of licks to the wipe when I introduced it to him.  It will make keeping his teeth clean and breathe pleasant much easier.  Now, I won’t be the scary grooming grandma!  He actually comes over to investigate the process.
   Of course, both boys still have to take their baths.  Bentley willingly climbs into the bathtub and enjoys his bath.  Pierre…again, not so much.  He doesn’t mind once he is in the tub being washed.  It is more the idea of bathing that makes him wary.  I don’t like shampooing them in strong perfume.  A dog shouldn’t smell like a cheap suntan lotion after a bath.  If there is one thing I’m sure of, it is that John Paul DeJoria knows shampoo and conditioner!  His pet products are no different.  We tried the Awapoochi Shampoo with Shine Memory.  As I was rinsing both dogs, I could tell a difference in their coats.  They
both felt soft and silky even before we tried the Awapoochi Conditioning Rinse also with Shine Memory.  Are you wondering why it’s called Awapoochi?  It is blend of Hawaiian Awapuhi extract and exotic botanicals.  This allows your pet’s coat to retain its shine between baths with daily brushings.  It is also free of Paraben (chemical used as a preservative) and EDTA (used for stability in products).  Both are gentle and safe for your pet. 
   I always brush Bentley and Pierre after toweling them semi-dry.  I couldn’t get over how wonderful their coats felt.  Once they were blown dry, they felt even softer.  The difference in JP’s Awapoochi shampoo and conditioner compared to my usual brand was astonishing.  It has been several days since their baths and thanks to the combination of these fine products; they still smell fresh and look great.
   They will get another bath this Saturday in preparation for Sunday’s Mardi Paw parade.  Parade-goers always ask to pet them and snap their picture so I’m glad to know they will look, smell, and feel fabulous!  Everyone will know my grooming secret when I pull out my JP Pet travel dish to give the boys water!
   How do Bentley & Pierre thank me for their grooming?  With lots of kisses!

   I appreciate the kind people at John Paul Pet for sending me these grooming products.  I admire their work standards, the pet and shelter programs they help, and the fact that they DO NOT test any of their human or pet products on animals.  For more information on the amazing work they do, please visit their website .

Disclaimer: John Paul Pet provided these products for me to try.  We had no agreement for a product review and there was no compensation for this review.  All of the opinions here are my own.

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  1. Sounds like a great company!
    Bentley and Pierre are so adorable! Moses puts up with grooming begrudgingly, but Alma loves it - then again, she loves any time all the attention is focussed on her!

  2. It sounds like you got some GREAT products! I like that they do not test on animals too.
    *high paw*

  3. We did a review for JPP a while ago. I have some wipes that mom loves also! My eyes have been awful crusty this winter for some reason. Thanks for the review! Love Dolly

  4. Lol, Niles is the same way about grooming. Whenever she saw us grooming her brother she'd hide under the table and not want to come out! XD

  5. Thanks for the great review, we will have to give them a try!
    Dory, Jakey, Bilbo & Arty

  6. Ooo lala love that they don't test on animals. So does that mean they test on humans? I'm confused on how to evaluate a pet product without using it on pets!? Silly me. Thanks for sharing on Thoughtless Thursday. Saw the post on instagram too :D

    1. LOL! Actually, yes! They test on humans first. : )

  7. Sounds like you got some great products you can use.


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