Tuesday, February 25, 2014

PetBox and Tuesday's Tails

Our 2nd PetBox was pawsome!
Bentley and Pierre received their second winning PetBox of goodies!  They were so excited to sniff out what was inside the box.  Oohh, Bentley could pick up the definite smell of cinnamon.  His eyes lit up and his tail was wagging furiously.  Each item captivated them as I removed it from the box.  We had two toys, two bags of treats, and a perfumed spritz.  It was another great selection.  I’ll let the boys tell you how they liked each gift.
Bentley: “I want to tell everyone about Little Eatz Cinnamon Crunch!  They are fantastic!
"Hurry Mom!  Get the sojo treats!"

Pierre: “You have to be more specific in your details.  Here, watch how I describe the safemade safechew biggie bone!  It is a durable, yet flexible food-grade, non-toxic silicone, and its dishwasher safe.  It is also bacteria resistant.  If you’ll read here on the tag, it says its oven and freezer safe.  They even have treat recipes that Grandma can find at safemadepet.com/.  If we look at her with our pitiful faces, I say we have a good chance of homemade treats.”  (He tilts his head and makes his eyes go wide.)  “Here, give it a chew.  It feels good and I don’t leave teeth marks.”
Bentley: “Mmmm, it is tasty!  Hey, check it out; Mom can put treats like peanut butter in this hollow center!  Since it is a sturdy new toy, maybe it will last.  You kill all of our toys within a few days.  I mean, I know that you can’t resist chewing our toys but sheesh!”
"Let Pierre play tug 'o war.  I want treats!"
Pierre: “Are you gonna continue to whine about the Aussie Naturals Mighty Mini Figure 8I told you that I was sorry.  It just felt so good in my mouth.  The rope was 100% Natural – Sustainable materials made from jute and jutey cotton rope.  You know that I’m all about sustaining our planet’s resources.  Besides, the tag says Grandma has to take it away from us if we try to bite off or swallow any pieces.  Since there is a warning about it, that must mean that I’m not the first guy to get carried away.  I played some hard tug of war before it tempted me to eat the middlewrap.”
Bentley: “Speaking of eating, let me tell the folks about these delicious Little Eatz Gourmet Goodies.  They are Cinnamon Crunch made with all-natural ingredients.  It says Mom can eat them with us, that’s how good they taste.  Don’t tell her though because you
"These cookies are the BEST!
know how she is with treats!  A nice couple named Melissa and Sean came up with the recipe for their pug, Winston.  He is just like us, always wanting some of whatever they are eating.  These are some of the best little cookies that I have ever sunk my teeth in and they are made in Kentucky.  We definitely want more of these.  Mmmm.”
Pierre: “Well, that was a much better review.  Do you want to tell them about the sojos grain-free treats?  After all, you are the food junkie.”
Bentley: “We all have to eat to survive.  I just have a some very welcoming taste buds.  The sojos treats that Mom chose were the lamb & sweet potato flavor.  They are Gluten-free and 100% natural, none of those funky artificial preservatives or things we don’t want to ingest.  Of course, I have a cast-iron belly, but
"Seriously Pierre, you're cramping
my cuteness!"
you tend to be a bit sensitive to certain foods.  The simple ingredients for these tasty little bone-shaped treats are garbanzo bean flour, lamb, sweet potatoes, canola oil, and eggs.  That’s it and they make them from scratch in Minnesota.  You know that I have a sweetie in Minnesota.  There must be a lot of terrific things in that state.” 
Pierre: “Are you swooning?  From where I sit, it appears that you are swooning.  Bentley’s got a girlfriend…neener, neener,-na-na!”
Bentley: “Hey, don’t toy with my emotions.  Why don’t you give them the scoop of our nootie Daily Spritz?  Be sure to mention that we smell like a warm vanilla cookie when Mom sprays us.  It is better than that girly stuff she had before.”
Pierre: “I’d be honored to describe the gentle mist that envelopes us in a soothing yet
"Lemme help you get those in my mouth!"
tasty smelling aroma.  It is made just like all of our products with natural ingredients.  Nootie Daily Spritz has no Sulfates or harsh chemicals and its Paraben Free.  That’s important to a sensitive-skinned adorable Westie such as yours truly.  I love the way my fur feels after Grandma spritzes us.  It leaves me all soft with its conditioning formula.  I’m a big fan of this product.”
Bentley: “Well, I have to admit that Mom did a sensational job choosing the goodies to fill our second PetBox.  There is nothing like having “The Man” bring a box of treats, toys, and cool grooming products right to our front door.  I stand by my first impression of PetBox, those guys ROCK!  Mom, how many more days do we have to wait before we get to choose more stuff?”
"We'll just stare out the window until
our next PetBox arrives!"
Me: “It won’t be too much longer.  Do you want to help me select the things for our last free three-month subscription?  It was super nice of our friends at PetBox and BlogPaws to give us an opportunity to have PetBox delivered.  I’m sure glad that I won it during our Twitter Chat.  We can recommend PetBox to all of our friends and family.  Maybe Pierre will get a subscription for his 3rd birthday.  So do y’all want to give a paw up rating to our products?  You can score each of them on a one to four paws.  One being a solid Grrrr and four being a happy dog dance.  That’s two paws apiece.  

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Are you wondering what our review of PetBox is doing on Tuesday’s Tails blog hop?  Well, the good people at PetBox feed hungry rescue pets for each box they ship.  PetBox is a great way to give your pet a great gift box full of wonderful products that you choose, or you can let their knowledgeable staff surprise you.  Check out all of the benefits and fun of joining or sending PetBox to your favorite pet.  http://getpetbox.com/
Now, let me introduce you to Rascal…
PetSavers’ three-legged wonder boy!

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  1. That is so cute how you stand on your back paws, Bentley. I also love that you guys have a nice low window to look out of. We have some lower windows that work well for us shorter pets too. Hope your next box shows up soon so you don't have to wait too long.

    1. Thanks Emma! Yes, Mom & Dad give the door windows an occasional Windex-ing but I immediately do more nose artwork on it. It is the perfect place to watch for squirrels!

  2. hahahahahaha! Bentley!!! You are TOO cute!!!!! Looks like you could sit that way for hours to!
    Great stuff you guys got!!!! Have fun!

    Best of luck to Rascal :( poor pup, hope he find a loving home sooner rather then later
    ((husky hugz frum da pack))

    1. Bentley does sit that way all of the time. They loved all of their goodies, especially the LIttle Eatz cookies. I have to find more of those for them. I loved your post today!

  3. Nice loot! I had some Little Eatz peanut butter cookies, and did eat a few myself. They were absolutely delicious!

    1. OOHH! We love peanut butter and I can't wait to try more of them!

  4. Great review. I'll be sharing Rascal and hope he finds a home soon.

    1. Thank you! Rascal's story is so sad but I hope that he finds a loving home. I met him on my visit to PetSavers and he is really a gem! <3

  5. Oh Bentley, you are so good sitting on your tail.

  6. Bentley and Pierre are very lucky dogs. I hope Rascal finds a home soon. Special needs pets make great companions.

  7. Poor Rascal. Sure hope he finds a forever home real soon. Sharing.

  8. lol those treats sure were good! Hope rascal gets a home soon.

  9. I hope Rascal finds a loving home soon, will share.



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