Friday, March 21, 2014

PetBox on Pet Parade

  All good things must come to an end.  The boys were devastated to realize it has already been three-months since we won our big prize on the BlogPaws New Year’s Eve Twitter chat.  You may remember that I won a free three-month subscription to PetBox.  It has been wonderful and I really appreciate the great people at BlogPaws and PetBox.  We have received some…
Bentley:  “Whoa Mom!  What do you mean it’s our last PetBox?  That can’t be possible.  We love getting a box of treats, toys, and stuff to keep us clean delivered to our door.  It makes us feel special.  Think of poor little Pierre.  Do you want to be responsible for dimming the light in his innocent bright eyes?  Do ya, hmmmm?”
Me:  “Are you trying to make me feel guilty?  Oh, for crying out loud!  Stop with the sad Basset Hound routine.  I’ve seen it all before.  Look, now you have Pierre pawing my arm.  Let me see how to extend our subscription.”
Pierre:  “Hey, it worked Bentley!  She’s fell for the pitiful puppy look.  You are a genius!  Slide me some paw.”
Bentley:  “She is a soft touch and don’t let her fool you.  She enjoys getting the PetBox each month too.  Where else can you get over $50.00 worth of goodies for a little as $29.00 each month?  PetBox packs some awesome products in each box.  Mom has selected what goes into our box, but she could let the animal-loving team at PetBox pack a surprise box.
Pierre:  “Oohh, I love surprises.  How will they know what to send?  What if we get a bunch of catnip or kitty toys?”
Bentley:  “That won’t happen with PetBox.  Mom filled out a profile on us.  They know what we like, so when they pack a surprise box, all they do is pick products from their ginormous selection of cool products.”
Pierre:  “Did you know that the founders of PetBox, Sean Conlon and Will Ford, started PetBox in their garage?  You know a lot a big-time companies got their start in a garage.  They only started in 2013 and have already grown to over 60,000 shipments.  Can you imagine how neat it would be to roam around sniffing and sampling in the warehouse?”
Bentley:  “My mouth is drooling just thinking about it.  Did you see the stuff Mom got for us this month?  We have two bags of Little EatzGourmet Cookies.  Here, smell these Perfect Peanut Butter flavored cookies.  You know, these are the cookies Mom and Dad can eat with us.  Go ahead and hide these bags.  Dad loves peanut butter and you know how Mom is with cinnamon.  We will be lucky to get any! We need to put them somewhere special.”
Pierre:  “I hear ya!  I had to give Gramma the Westie stare when she discovered how good they tasted.  She finally resealed the bag, but geez!  It was a close call.  She even wrote the company.  If any of our readers missed that awesome review, they can click here: Little Eatz/Big Taste.  The Little Eatz family, along with their dog Winston, has agreed to give away three bags to some lucky reader.  Isn’t that the nicest thing?  Gramma won’t let me enter.”
Bentley:  “No, I asked right off the bat if I could enter.  Did you see the My Little Wolf salmon-licious dog treats?  I’ll admit it threw me when I first saw that salmon, but it has a fishing hound dog on the bag.  I’ll tell you a secret.  They are soft and look terrific.  I would be a great angler.  Can’t you see me out on a boat with my hat and shades reeling in the big one?”
Pierre:  “That would be fun, but you have to use worms and icky squirming bugs.  No, thank you.  I’ll let the folks at Waggers Soft and Delicious Pet Products do the fishing.  When is Gramma going to open them so we can try them?”
Bentley:  “She is being all savey, savey with the treats.  She is insisting on opening one bag at a time.  I tried to reason with her, but she is being stubborn.  Anyway, if we eat them later, then we can do another review on each product.  That reminds me, I need to discuss getting a byline on my interviews and stories.”
Pierre:  “Yeah, I think we need to present a united front and demand we be given credit.  Our names should definitely be listed as the reviewers.  I’ll just add them by myself.  Now, what else is in our PetBox?
Bentley:  “Let’s see, hmmm.  Hey, here is some apple pie treats, Oh My Apple Pie.  They are from Sweet Pea Kitchens and look delicious!  I love apple pie and these are super healthy.  I can’t wait to try these.  This review is going to be a tasty assignment!  Mom just has to get us more PetBox deliveries.  It’s like Christmas or my birthday every month.

Pierre:  “Don’t panic Bentley, but there is something furry in our PetBox.  I’ll bark at it and then let’s run.  I’m scared.  Some critter has crawled in there is snatch our treats.”
Bentley:  “Stand back.  I’m not scared, let me at this critter.  Grrrrr!  Bark, bark, bark.  Snarl, attack…leave our PetBox goodies alone!  Look!  I think that I killed it!  I must have beaten the stuffing out of this…ummm…platypus?  Wow, a platypus was trying to eat our treats.  What are the chances of that happening?  MOM!!!  I killed a platypus!  Order our PetBox and come see.  I killed it flat dead.”

Me:  “Oh, I see that you boys found your Spot SkinneeezPlatypus!  How cool is it that there is no stuffing for a certain Westie to rip out.  Listen there are two squeaky balls in it too.  What’s that look?  Did you think itwas a real animal?”
Pierre:  “Bentley did and so he killed it.  I knew that it was a fake platypus as soon as I saw it.  Errr, it sure looks real though.”
Bentley:  “What?  Honestly Pierre, you were about to whimper.  Just for that, I’m playing with it first.”
Pierre:  “Oops!  I accidentally have it in my mouth.  Gotta run!”
Bentley:  “No way, I called dibs!  Come here, I’m gonna get it.  Mom, would you finish up here?  I need to go teach Pierre how to play platypus pull!  Thanks.  Don’t forget to extend our subscription!  Tell them that you know Sugar the Golden Retriever!  She’s a spokesdoggy for PetBox!”
Me:  “Well, I guess the boys are through for now.  Both of them are wrestling, chasing,
and snatching the platypus from each other.  I’m happy to report that at this point, the Spot Skinneez Platypus is holding up to some major playing.  I’ll keep you updated on its condition.
It has been fun receiving and reviewing all of the terrific products from PetBox.  If you are looking for a gift for your dog, your friend’s dog, or your granddog, PetBox is the perfect gift.  All of the items that I have picked to pack
have been top quality.  It has given me an opportunity to try a variety of treats, toys, and grooming products.
One of the terrific things about having a PetBox subscription is each time that your order is shipped they feed a rescue animal.  Sean Conlon and Will Ford have partnered with shelters and rescue programs all over the country.  Each Friday they host #PetBoxFridays on the social media community where you can nominate a shelter to receive a week’s shipment of food and supplies.  How sweet is that for a win/win situation?
Don’t forget that Easter is just around the corner.  Your dog or cat would love an Easter PetBox sitting next to their Easter basket!  (Hint, hint) 
Without any hesitation, all three of us highly recommend a subscription to PetBox.

PetBox rates a strong FIVE PAWS from Barking from the Bayou.

Review by: Bentley the Basset Hound and Pierre the Westie (Don’t show this to Mom) heeheehee

We are joining in Pet Parade hosted by Rascal and Rocco, Jan's Funny farm and Basil the Bionic Cat!


  1. You guys are crazy about PetBox! Hope you are able to get more of them. Me, I'm more interested in a box with real wabbits for Easter! Very cute interview, hope you are able to end the Platypus war soon without killing him! <3 Emma

  2. I am totally loving the PetBox's! Shiner got that platypus too and it didn't take her long to pick it out of her box. The first thing she went for!

  3. We've really enjoyed PetBox, too! They have some pretty cool stuff they slip in those boxes!


  4. Grrr my mom won't subscribe until I lose ALL the weight I'm supposed to. It stinks. I'm drooling just reading about your PetBoxes. Your pal, Toby

  5. Yay! PetBox! BOL we just received our bar box in the mail today! So we get to do our first ever bark box post! I am so excited! I am so glad you guys like youe PetBox, that platypus sure does look like a lot of fun!!! Have a great weekend!!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  6. Don't believe we've had a PetBox yet. Sounds like you had one with some real goodies in it.

    Happy Pet Parade.

  7. Not just a prize, but three months of prizes? That's pretty sweet! Sad that the surprises have to come to an end. Thanks for sharing the Pet Parade! ~Rascal and Rocco

  8. That box looks much better than the one that I reviewed. The treats and toys look great.

  9. OoH my doggies! We has not heard of PetBox before! We is gonna lets our mom know 'bouts dem!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae and Max

  10. Waaait..... *grabs pen* LOOK PIERRE! OVER THERE! *runs over & scratches out "dogs" on form, replaces with "CATS"*

    No worries, Pierre, if you end up gettign catnip or kitty toys, we'll kindly take them off your paws.

  11. Wow...those are some cool goodies in that box....Maybe we will try our our "pitiful" looks on our MAma to see if she will get us a subscription!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo


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