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Petbrosia and Tuesday's Tails

   Happy Tasty Tuesday and Tuesday’s Tails.  This is the day where we join in the delicious Tasty Tuesday blog hop.  Kol’s Notes, and Sugar the GoldenRetriever host this delicious hop.  As we do each Tuesday, we are also teaming up with Dogs ‘N Pawz for Tuesday’s Tails.  Please hop and share the adoptable dogs and cats featured on this great hop.
   A few weeks ago, I was the lucky winner of a three lb. bag of Petbrosia dog food
We received a custom blend
information sheet.
Love is being owned by a Husky.  She sent me the promotion code and I visited the Petbrosia website.  It was very user friendly.  I filled out a personal profile on Bentley and chose the chicken formula.  It was all very simple and in only a couple of days my box arrived with an information card and a three-pound foil bag of dog food formulated especially for Bentley.
Bentley: “Is it time for me to do my review for Petbrosia?”
Me: “Sure, now is a great time to give your opinion.”
Pierre: “Hey, what about me?  I didn’t get any of the food.  Bentley was really stingy with his Petbrosia.  Lemme interview him, c’mon Gramma!  It’ll be epic!”
Me: “Well, I suppose since you didn’t get your own bag, it’s the least I can do to be fair.  Y’all play nice.”
"I love seeing this box delivered to
our door!"
Pierre: “I got this Gramma.  You can go about your other business.  Okay, she’s gone so it’s just us.  Bentley, what did you think about the Petbrosia?  You can tell me the truth.”
Bentley: “It was delicious.  It is formulated to meet all my nutritional levels set by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles.  That makes me feel good about what ingredients are used.  My formula has chicken, Brown Rice, and Chicken Meal as the first three ingredients.  The chicken is paw-licking good.”
Pierre: “Did you feel horribly guilty eating specially designed food, while I ate our regular brand?”
Bentley: “I hate to hurt your feelings, but no, it didn’t bother my conscience one iota.  Mom introduced the new Petbrosia by adding a little to my regular food each day.  When I didn’t have any stomach issues, she finally gave me my whole 3 ¼ cups.  Of course, she divided it into two different meals.”
Pierre: “This information sheet tells a good bit of information about you.  It says you weigh 57 pounds, that you’re a male, and that you have a normal activity level.  Hey, it says here that you are still intact!  Dude, I’ve walked behind you enough to know, you’ve
"Bentley, I've had this view before!"
been snipped.  What’s that about?”
Bentley: “Pierre!  Don’t go talking about my man parts.  Dang, you’re ruining my reputation.  Besides, Mom told them that I’d been neutered.  I guess it’s an honest mistake; I do have that stud muffin look.  Let’s move on to a different subject, shall we?”
Pierre: “I see that I’ve touched a nerve.  Do you feel any changes in your body after eating Petbrosia?”
Bentley: “Well, after I received my first bag, a nice lady from the company asked Mom if she wanted another bag, so I could have a longer time on their diet plan.  I’ll admit I did feel more energetic.  Maybe you noticed me hot on your heels when we played chase.”
Pierre: “Yeah, you have seemed spryer here lately.  Do you think it’s the food?  Gramma needs to get me some.  I’ll bet that I could catch a squirrel if I ran just a tad faster.  Petbrosia might be better than new tennis shoes.”
Bentley: “Well, I’ve finished my two bags, so you aren’t getting any unless I get more!  I checked with my trusted source for all things dog food, my pals Jack and Maggie over at Slimdoggy.  Their parents are experts when it comes to dog food.  They even wrote posts of dog food ingredients from A thru Z.  They have a SlimDoggy app for people to use to measure their dog’s food, exercise, and calorie count.  It’s like a Weight Watchers app for dogs.  Anyway, we have their widget on our sidebar and our readers can input their dog’s food and info then get a rating.”
Pierre: “Yes, Gramma put our regular food in and was upset to realize it only rated a 7 on their scale.  She was proud as a peacock when the Petbrosia rated a solid 9.  It made her really sit down and do some math to decide how much it would cost to keep you in the higher rated food.”
Bentley: “I know she always gets the calculator and punches numbers, than gets that serious money look on her face.  I’m not sure what the verdict was but I heard her mumble something about it only costing about $1.77 per day.  That’s half the price of a cup of espresso.  I know that I’m worth that much!  Plus, since it’s delivered to our door, she won’t have to run out to buy more food without her make-up and in the pouring rain.”
Pierre: “Oh, I like the hardship visual there, it’s a nice touch!  What more do you know about the folks behind Petbrosia?  Are they dog people or dog business people?  There’s a difference, ya know.”
Bentley: “Hey, you’re preaching to the choir.  It just so happened that the couple who founded the company adopted two pups and as they grew, one was active and skinny while the other was a bit of a couch potato and had gotten a bit pudgy.  The mom is a veterinarian so she became very proactive in their dog’s diet.  Once they realized it wasn’t how they were feeding their dogs, Mickey and Rosie, but what they were feeding them.  They went to work figuring out the best food to feed your dog at each stage of their life.  Their philosophy is that every dog is unique and their food should be too.”
"I have a seven on me and Petbrosia focuses
on seven key pet care area.  It must be fate!"
Pierre: “Well, I know that I am unique in every way.  I wonder what they would add to my food.  They target the seven key areas of a pet’s care.  Do they know that you have a seven on your side?  Maybe you could be their spokesdog and they could write the seven key areas on your side!  You could work for PETBROSIA!
Bentley: “Hey, you may be onto something there!  I don’t know if I have enough room on my body.  The seven areas are healthy weight, radiant skin & coat, lasting energy, healthy joints, stronger teeth, strong defenses, and optimal digestion.  That’s a lot of words!  Maybe they will just want me to pose by a box and look cute.  I’m a natural at looking cute, ya know.  I’ll get Mom to take a shot of me to show them.”
Pierre: “Do we have any graphics or charts that I can put up to let our readers know the difference between Petbrosia and other foods?  Maybe a price chart would be helpful too.”
Bentley: “Of course, they have charts.  Let me see which ones we want to show.  Hmmm, okay.  Let’s show the two that you mentioned.”

Pierre: “Well, according to this, Petbrosia is the only food that has every box checked.  That’s impressive!”
Bentley: “Yep, that it is Pierre…that it is.  Now, let’s look at how much it will cost Mom to keep us in Petbrosia.  I use a graphic that Mom will relate to, coffee, or us!”

Pierre: “That’s all fine and dandy, but what about folks that don’t drink coffee.  Let me break it down into delivery sizes.”
Our Pricing Guide
Price (per lb)
Shipping & Handling**
$ 4.98
$ 4.95
$ 4.49
$ 4.95
$ 3.49
$ 4.95
$ 2.99
$ 9.00

Bentley: “That shipping and handling can be waived if Mom will join the Petbrosia Gold Club.  In addition, she’ll get advice, special offers, and items along with scheduling the delivery of our fresh made in the USA individual bags of food.”
Pierre:  “All this talking about food has made me hungry.  Let’s go tell Mom to feed us and then see about getting BOTH of us our special Petbrosia dog food.  Remember to look deprived until she signs up.  Gimme that famous Basset Hound depressed face.”
Bentley: “How’s this?”  *Forlorn look and puppy dog eyes to the max*
Pierre: “Good job.  How about my interview?  I did a pretty good job, huh?
Bentley: “Well, you’re not as polished as I am but you did great for a rookie.  Are we
"You did sign up for more, right Mom?"
ready to give our paws on Petbrosia?”
Pierre: “Yep, let’s do it.”
We, Bentley and Pierre, being of sound Basset and Westie minds, do hereby bestow our highest FIVE paws to the great food from Petbrosia.  (And the crowd goes wild!!)
Me: “Thanks boys!  I think that y’all hit the high points.  If any of our readers would like to know more about Petbrosia, all they need to do is click on the Petbrosia name anywhere in our post.  We are also thrilled that Petbrosia has offered to give one of our readers a free 3 pound bag of Petbrosia formulated for their dog.”

Bentley: “You mean that we are having another giveaway?  Yippee!  I love giving away cool stuff to our great readers.  Y’all heard my mom; just enter for your very own bag of Petbrosia delivered to your door.  Good luck!”

   This Petbrosia review is a part of the Tasty Tuesday blog hop.  Thanks to Kol’s Notes & Sugar the GoldenRetriever for hosting.
   I always appreciate the devotion shown by Dogs ‘N Pawz for hosting the wonderful Tuesday’s Tails.  It is a way to spread the word about adoptable pets across the world.  Please share the photos on this hop to your Social Media.  Your share could be the one that makes a difference.  Great news!  Last week’s featured dog Bindi found her forever home!  Congratulations Bindi and Petsavers of Shreveport!

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  1. Pierre is a natural-born interviewer! Congrats to Bindi as well :)

  2. Excellent Interview!! We were going to give that food a try!!

    1. Thanks! Maybe you'll win a three pound bag : ) I hope that you entered!

  3. Great interview, Pierre! We had never heard of this food before but it certainly sounds great. I love companies that really care about dogs.
    Yay for Bindi! I hope Max finds his home soon too, he is a cutie!
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

    1. Pierre thanks you! Bentley certainly loved it. I was thrilled to see Bindi get a forever home!

  4. We have heard of this food but not much about it. Glad it seems to be tasty and making you feel more energetic...not something we need for Bailie, that's for sure! We are happy with our current food, so we won't be entering, but great interview!

    1. Thanks Emma! Pierre doesn't need any more energy either. What is it about these young 'uns today? BOL!

  5. I'm so glad Bindi found her forever home and thanks for the nice shoutout! Max is beautiful. I'm off to share!

    1. Thanks for sharing! I love your Tuesday's Tails <3

  6. What a delicious post for Tasty Tuesday! Uh...*ahem*...I posted your limerick today. I do apologize for not letting you know sooner. I blame Ma.
    Happy Tuesday!

    1. We are soooo proud of our limerick! Thanks a gazillion!

  7. Great review Melissa!! I am so glad Bentley enjoyed his Petbrosia! And how nice they kept you going with another!!!
    I can't enter your giveaway!!!! Another U.S only!!! Haha! Go figure!
    I am so happy to hear that the pup has been adopted and paws crossed for this beauty as well! I will share your post to get the word out!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

    1. Thanks Jenna. I will try to host a giveaway for my Canadian buddies soon!

  8. Well, Petbrosia looks good!

    Thanks for participating in the Tuesdays Tails hop. Max is gorgeous and I'll be sharing.

    1. Bentley says it's delicious! Tuesday's Tails does so much good for shelter pets.

  9. HI..... Oz just sent us over to meet you.... We love your Limerick... and your lucky SEVEN.

    1. Welcome to the Bayou! Thanks for dropping by and we sure do hope that you make us a regular read!

  10. Hi Bentley....OMDs we came from Oz's what a great limerick and we love that 7 on your hip.
    That is mom's lucky number too her bday is on the 7th
    hugs madi your bfff

    1. Oz is a limerick expert! We love it,too. Thanks for coming to visit, please come back! Seven has always been my lucky number and Bentley is also our 7th dog!

  11. Hi All. We did see the great Limerick about you from Oz, too. I sent my mom over to vote for your books. Have a nice day.

    1. Oh, thanks so much for voting for our book covers! I really appreciate it! Our limerick is awesome!

  12. Replies
    1. Thank you! I hope that you entered for a chance to win a bog of your own!

  13. Replies
    1. Thanks and I appreciate you stopping by today!

  14. We read many good reviews of Petbrosia. Hope for MAX to find his forever home. Golden Woofs

    1. Thanks Sugar! Bentley certainly gave his paw pf approval!

  15. Adorable interview Bentley! Petbrosia sounds like very tasty food. Too bad your brother didn't get any. I hope your friend Max finds as good a home as you have.

    1. We appreciate your comment! Pierre was upset, but quickly got over it when he was allowed to do his interview! Haha!

  16. Terrific interview, lots of great information too! We'll be sharing Max, hoping someone falls in love with him!

  17. Looks great thanks. 4 the giveaway
    Retro rover

  18. Hey Bentley!! I read your Limerick on Oz's bloggie, and I just thought you were the cutest doggie, and had to come on overs and say a 'hello dude'!! It is nice to meet you, and I loved your Limerick, and your most FABulous number 7!! bol
    Ruby ♥
    pees: I thinks Pierre is awfully cute too!! Oh, and I just followed you!!

  19. Hey Bentley - thanks for the mention - hope folks use the widget - or come to our site because all of our food database is on our website too!

  20. Great interview! Pierre and Bentley make an excellent team.

  21. Funny and wonder review/interview. Never heard of this food so thank you for the shout out on it.


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