Thursday, May 1, 2014

Bark Worthy Barkworthies

   The other day the mail carrier brought something delicious to our box.  It was a special package from Barkworthies.  Needless to say, the boys were ecstatic!  They could hardly wait until I opened the big brown envelope.  Let me allow them to tell the story.

Bentley: “Thanks Mom.  There isn’t much we enjoy more than getting treats in the mailbox.  Mom says it is much more fun than getting bills.  We say as long as it is for us, it is all good.  This turned out to be amazing!  Barking from the Bayou does Barkworthies!  How cool is that?”
Pierre: “It’s very cool!  I just want you to know that the reason we received these goodies is me.  Remember way back when we got our first PetBox?  Gramma had selected a Barkworthies Bully Stick and you hogged it.  By hogging it, I mean that you scarfed it down like a crazed Basset Hound!  All I got was a whiff of what could have been on your breath.  The folks at Barkworthies felt sorry for me.  That is why they sent more.  I probably should have gotten everything in that envelope.”
Bentley: “Yeah well, that wasn’t going to happen.  You know that we share everything unless I want it all to myself.  What's yours is mine and what’s mine is mine.  I thought that I’d made that perfectly clear.  I’m glad the Barkworthies Company felt sorry for you.  They sent us some terrific treats.  In addition to the Bully Sticks, we got USA Sweet Potatoes and Natural Grilled Chicken Treats.  Woo Hoo!”
Pierre: “I know, they like me…they really, really like me!  And I really, really like them too.
Bentley: “Ok Sally Field, we get it.  They liked you enough to send an assortment of tasty products.  Let’s talk about the Barkworthies All-Natural USA Sweet Potatoes first.  Yam, they are the best!  Do you know what the ingredients are?  Nothing but good ol’ sweet potatoes that are grown right here in America.  I love me some sweet taters!  Some of these were as big as your head!”
Pierre: “Gramma!  Bentley called me a Fathead!
Bentley: “I did not Mom!  I merely stated the fact that some of these thick-cut yam fillets were as big as his head.  They are, so I wasn’t being ugly to the little dude.  Sheesh!”
Pierre: “Sorry, my bad!  You’re right; the Sweet Potato treats were so big that Gramma broke them into two pieces for us.  I loved them.  Let’s talk about the Natural Grilled Chicken Treats next.  They were soft and chewy and oohh so great!  Made from real chicken and all-natural ingredients, these babies are naturally worth barking for to me.  There are only 4 tiny calories in each treat, so that is good news for you.”

Bentley: “I’ll pretend that was not a dig at my waistline.  The Grilled Chicken Treats were scrumptious.  I do enjoy some grilled bird and we didn’t have to wait for these to cool like when Dad grills.  They must have a ginormous grill at Barkworthies, because our bag was chocked full of treats.  I like knowing what goes into the things that go into my mouth.  The fewer additives and preservatives, the better in my book and these don’t have any!”

Pierre: “That brings us to the Bully Sticks.  We received a 6” StandardBraided Bully Stick and a Medium Angus Tendon.  They come from free-range grass-fed Angus beef.  I noticed that you snatched the Braided Bully Stick for yourself.  Too bad, because the Angus Tendon was marvelous.  You’ll notice that I ate it quickly.  What are the ingredients to make these?”
Bentley: “Well, it says here that yours was made from the Achilles tendon of an Argentinian Angus.  It is good for your teeth and gives you fresh breath.  My Braided Bully Stick is 100% Beef Pizzle from Brazil.  I loved it.”
Pierre: “I know what the Achilles Tendon is but the Pizzle is a puzzle.  Do you know
what part of the cow it comes from?”
Bentley: “It is not from a cow, it’s from a bull.  It’s his *leans over and whispers into Pierre’s ear*  Don’t judge was fabulous.  You used to eat them all of the time when you lived at your mom’s place.  She didn’t tell you what you were chomping?”
Pierre:  “Say WHAT?!?  Gramma, Bentley is teasing me again.  He said that a Bully Stick is really a…well; I can’t say it without crossing my legs and protecting my manhood.  Is it true?”
Bentley: “Chill out Pierre.  It is the truth and after all, you asked.  Don’t be such a puppy about it.  Dogs happen to love Bully Sticks.  I guess that it is like hot dogs, it’s better not to think about what they are made of and just enjoy how good they taste.”
Pierre: “I guess you are right.  *sigh*  I do love them and that is really all that matters.  We really appreciate the kind people at Barkworthies for all of the delicious treats that they sent us.  They definitely know how to make dog products that are worth barking about.”
Bentley: They sure do Pierre.  Thanks so much Barkworthies!  You guys rock.  Now, let’s go look wide-eyed at Mom, so that she’ll buy us more bark worthy treats from Barkworthies!”
Me: “Okay boys, y’all did a super job reviewing our Barkworthies products.  It was delightful to have an assortment of items to try.  The Sweet Potatoes were a huge hit and I had to hide the bag after the first few so there were some left in the bag for the photo shoot.  Bentley sniffed out the entire stash of Barkworthies that I had hidden.  We had to hurry and take the product photos before he snitched them.  Are you two ready to give your paws applause?”
Bentley: “I give Barkworthies Sweet Potatoes, Grilled Chicken, and Bully Stick my official FIVE PAWS!”
Pierre: “Well, I can honestly say they were the best Sweet Potatoes ever.  The Grilled Chicken treats were yummy and my Beef Tendon was spectacular.  I join Bentley in bestowing FIVE PAWS to my new best friends at Barkworthies!”

*We received the Barkworthies products for the purpose of this review.  There was no monetary exchange and we did not guarantee a positive review.  All opinions expressed are our own.  Barking from the Bayou would only recommend products that Bentley and Pierre use as well as love.

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  1. Pierre LOVES bully sticks! I tried to keep the source of the product a secret for fear it would be like telling a young me what calamari actually was when I loved it so much! ;) Couldn't just go breaking his heart lol great review boys!

  2. Thanks for a super review, I'm a big fan of bully sticks too! And a fresh breath is very important when you meet a girl on the street. Have a super tasty thursday!

  3. Sally Field!!!! hahahahahahahaha!!!! That was great!!!
    Great review guys! They sure do look super tasty!!!!
    Have a great thoughtless Thursday!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  4. Bentley, you find treats that we have never heard of, but they sure all sound tasty! I would let you have my portion, though, if you stand on your back paws for me as that is just too cute! Emma

  5. great review!! They should have had you do a give-away :)

  6. Barkworthies make some super delicious treats!

  7. My mom think that Bentley are so cute the way he's sitting. She wants me to do the same... hmm imagine a big Shephard sitting like that. I would fall over I think. Sniff and wags from Laika and Vaks.

  8. You two do the best reviews!! We received a bully stick from BarkWorthies in our last BarkBox, but haven't got a chance to try it yet (I have to see if I can divide it evenly between 3 dogs and keep things peaceful as well). They sound like good products and I think they are going to like it!
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  9. You two do the greatest reviews EVER!!! I will have to check that out. Colin just got "Zeal" by the Honest Kitchen. Well, he WOULD have gotten it if I hadn't left my wallet on my desk when I went out to pick it up at the doggy health food story . . . grrrr. He has an appointment with Dr. V tomorrow, so I will swing by and pick it up before going in to the vet so she can help me figure how much to feed him. I also got puppy treats for him from Honest Kitchen. Expensive stuff, but we have GOT to get his cholesterol and weight down. The weight can't be helping his poor compressed disk :-{

    Enjoy your treats, boys, and Colin will fill you in on how he likes his new food!

  10. Great review, my gang still hasn't tried the bully sticks, looks like your guys love them.

  11. I love Barkworthies! :) Happy Thoughtless Thursday!

  12. Those look scrumptious! I hope you can make them last for at least a little while!



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