Friday, May 23, 2014

K9 Kelp ~ Review and Giveaway

   I was introduced to K9 Kelp a few weeks ago through my blogging friend Jenna at Love is being owned by a Husky.  Jenna and the great family of K9 Kelp are all from Canada.  When K9 Kelp asked if I would like to try their products and even offered me an opportunity to host a giveaway, I jumped at the chance.  I am extremely glad that I did. 
May I kelp you?
I washed the boys yesterday using the KelpTreatment Shampoo and finished off by giving them each a few sprays of the Conditioning Kelp Spritz.  The results were unbelievable, but I will let Bentley and Pierre tell you about it.
Bentley: “Thanks Mom.  There isn’t much I enjoy more than a nice bath and blow dry.  You might think that being a Hound Dog means I don’t care about staying clean.  That is a common misconception probably rooted in some bogus Basset folklore.  The truth is that I am very self-conscience of having the unpleasant smell of a Hound Dog.  I don’t like it one iota.  My super sensitive nose knows when I get kinda gamey smelling.”
Pierre: “I hear you Dude!  People have a lot of misconceptions about dog breeds.  Most people think that just because I am a rather foo-foo type breed that I relish grooming.  The truth is; I hate getting bathed, brushed, or cleaned up.  I like having a manly rough and tumble allure.  The ladies love that musky smell in a guy.”
Bentley: “No Pierre, they don’t.  Girl dogs like a fresh smelling, well-groomed man.  Humans do too.  You know, Mom has used an assortment of shampoos on me through the
"That feels sooooo good."
years.  Some mask my odor with strong flowery scents, some make me itch, some make me smell like a beach bum, and others are hard to rinse.  I couldn’t believe how amazing this K9 Kelp shampoo feels, it is incredible.  They make it with two main kinds of kelp or seaweed.  One is Bullwhip and the other is Bladderwhack.  Both of them are loaded with nutritional and medicinal properties to help dogs and humans.  The Kelp that they use is hand-harvested from the beautiful waters of Northern B.C. Canada.  They are very protective of that area, so K9 Kelp is very careful to respect the delicate and complex nature of the Kelp forests.  It doesn’t smell like seaweed though, it actually has just a hint of peppermint smell.”
Pierre: “That’s good to know.  I wouldn’t want to use something that is damaging to nature.  There is too much bad stuff out there doing that already.  Did you know that Kelp is very good for us?  Besides having superior nutritional value, it acts a detoxifier, has rare antioxidants, vitamin K, anti-inflammatory stuff, its high in iron, and a great stress-reliever.  Gramma can use all of those things.  Maybe she should bath in it too!”
Bentley: “Well, she did say that her hands felt incredibly soft after our baths.  Daddy says that he has never felt me feel so soft.  I scored extra loving from him and even passed his smell test.  I think he was as thrilled with the results as Mom.  He couldn’t stop talking about how good I felt and might I add, he said I didn’t have one smidgen of doggie smell.  He isn’t a fan of dog stink.  My hair is the softest that it has ever been and I don’t seem to be shedding near as much.  I wish our readers could feel me.”
Pierre: “I’ll bet that when the nice people at K9 Kelp invented their formula, their Boxer, Jayda was very happy.  Living in Canada where it is stupid cold, her poor nose was dry and cracked.  Everything that they looked to for relief contained petroleum jelly.  Yuck,
"I know how I look, but I am
 stunning when all is said and done."
that stuff is messy.  They were so happy that their formula worked; they wanted to share the product with other pet parents.  Now, they have two cute Boxers named Allie and Sophie.  Their pet mom is Patricia and she takes really good care of them.  I wonder if we should send Allie and Sophie our photos along with our number.  They are babes!”
Bentley: “You know that I already have a girlfriend.  You can give it a try though.  I’m sure they will think you’re cool.  I agree that their mom must be super nice.  That’s obvious; I mean they created an entire company with cool products to make them happy.  They don’t just make stuff for pets; Mom even got a stick of Kelp Lip Balm.  Now, her kisses are softer.  She does kiss us a lot!  They have a facial mask too.  But they mainly have cool stuff for us.  I’d be glad to try their moisturizer, so my paws will be nice for my sweetie to hold when I meet her.  Nobody likes a rough cracked paw pad.”
Pierre: “My paws are always soft.  I’m just special that way.  I could dig out on the Jive Dog ball or the Hurley Dog Bone.  Just sayin…”
Bentley: “Oh, you’re special all right!  Your pads are soft because you prance around instead of walking like a real dog.  I think I’ll call you Twinkle-Toes.  *Hee Hee*  You can have the toys, but I get the K9 Custom Coins!  I want Mom to order some with my handsome face on one side and The Returns on the other side.  Guess what else?  We get to have a giveaway, so that our readers can try K9 Kelp for themselves.  Before you ask, no, you can’t enter.”
Pierre: *Sigh* That just seems so unfair.  What happens if we run out of our shampoo and spritz?  I want to always smell this good and feel this soft.  Woe is me.”
Bentley: “Mom will have to buy us more.  The Kelp Shampoo Treatment is only $11.95 and the Conditioning Kelp Spritz is $14.95.  She didn’t have to use much for both of our baths.  Dad says the way my coat feels is well worth the price.  That means that we will definitely get more!  By the way, can we discuss this photo of you in the tub?  *chuckle*  I know Mom says that she doesn’t cry pretty.  I think that it’s safe to say that you don’t bath very pretty!  You’d better hope that Allie and Sophie don’t get a look at that!  *Hee Hee*
Pierre: “Hey, it is the end result that we have to focus on and I look fabulous after brushing and blow drying.  You look the same wet or dry.  My transformation is epic!  Anyway, is it easy for our friends to enter and win some K9 Kelp of their own?  Is there any purchase necessary?
Bentley: “Yes and no, it is super simple to enter and we don’t have anything for sale.  All they have to do is enter with this snazzy Rafflecopter entry below.  How about we give our paw rating and let them get busy entering?  Remember, one paw means that we are not impressed and five means it gets our highest praise for being awesome!”
Pierre: “Of course, I know the rating system.  Should we count Gramma and Papaw’s opinion?  They are both big fans of K9 Kelp products.  They give their thumbs up for these.”
Bentley: “No, that’d be confusing since we don’t have thumbs.  Let’s just give our paws of approval.  No doubt about it K9 Kelp gets five paws up from us!  Now, y’all go ahead and enter, so you can love your pup’s fresh smell and super soft fur!  Oh, if you visit the K9 Kelp website, they are having a dog treat toy giveaway of their own.”

**Disclaimer: We received one bottle of Kelp Treatment Shampoo, one bottle of Kelp Conditioning Spritz, and Kelp Lip Balm to try and review.  We also received the same for the current giveaway.  We received no monetary compensation for this review.  We did not have any agreement as to what would be written nor was a positive review promised.  All opinions expressed in this post are our own.

a Rafflecopter giveaway This is our weekly Pet Parade that I co-host with Rascal and Rocco, Jan’s Funny Farm, Basil the Bionic Cat, and Love is being owned by a Husky.  We welcome all creatures great and small.  We have no rules in place at all.  Hop in line and have a ball!  


  1. Bahaha! Poor Pierre lol :) sweet boy!! He does look stunning when he's all prettied up :)

  2. Have entered! Really want to try the lip balm. And Shiner hates her baths!

  3. Bath time means leg it time over here. We hate baths full stop. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Oh My God, those bath photos are great, love Pierre's. Great review!

  5. Mm uses a kelp shampoo and conditioner for herself - she says she loves the smell of the sea, We bet this is is wonderful stuff

  6. You did a great job on your review Melissa, Bentley and Pierre!
    I am so glad you liked your kelp products as much as we did!
    The balm worked wonders on my huskies dry feet!
    I am thinking I should probably leave the giveaway to your other readers, since I have had the pleasure of using this already.
    So good luck to everyone!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  7. Great review and that looks like some furry posh shampooz - but it's not fur cats!!! MOL

    Happy Friday my furriends

    Bestest purrs

    Basil xox

  8. Bentley! I can't believe you enjoy getting a bath! I don't like baths at all. Well, at the groomer I enjoy them but at home I protest! I like the more natural odor, not that perfumey smell I get from a bath. Good to know you are all cleaned up for now, soon you will smell like a Bassett again, and that would be more for my nose :)

  9. I'm one of those dogs from a foo-foo breed who isn't very fond of being groomed, but I love my groomer. BOL! I tolerate the grooming so I can visit my groomer. I'm ok with the blow dryer, it's the nail clippers that I dislike. BOL!

  10. I love taking a bath, it just takes a long time for me to dry off! :)

  11. It sounds like the K9 Kelp products were a hit around your house. :)

  12. Dat's wunnewful. And even tho' meez a kitty meez knows dat all da giwly doggys du like a nice clean smellin' dogyy boy. ☺

    Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses ♥♥♥


  13. Here is Maggie getting her bath:

    I used Oatmeal shampoo for her beautiful hair. I miss her so much......

  14. That sounds like some really great stuff! We really liked the picture of Pierre taking a bath. :)

    Thank you for co-hosting the Pet Parade!

    Have a wonderful weekend, friends.

  15. He doesn't like it but he tolerates it.

  16. sounds fabulous! Would love to win so I could try it out on Max. Happy Pet Parade!

  17. OMD, you guys are too funny!! I am now convinced that this must be some pawsome stuffs! Butts, I agree with Pierre...who likes washin' all that good stink away??? Not me! I work VERY hard at gettin' just the right stink goin', only to have the peeps wash it off...not fair at all!!
    Anyhu, sounds like some great stuffs
    Ruby ♥

  18. My dogs all hate baths. But love to swim. I love your bath pictures, quite cute!

  19. You two boys do the best reviews!! I wouldn't say our dogs "enjoy" their baths, but they don't hate them either. I know that we love when they are all clean and shiny. These products sound great.
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  20. Hey, we EAT kelp...did it taste good?

  21. Looks like you're onto a winner with K9 Kelp products!

  22. Both of my babies love their bath time. It is easier to get my kids out of the bath.

  23. My dog loves water in any form he can get it. So yes, he loves baths.
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  24. Artie loves getting a bath, but Kouga hates the water.

  25. My dogs tolerate their baths, but I don't know that they enjoy them. ;)


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