Thursday, May 15, 2014

What Can You Learn at a BlogPaws Conference?

   Have you asked yourself what you can gain by attending a BlogPaws conference?  I am finally settling back into my routine after the whirlwind three-day event.  I have to admit it took me a few days to sort through all of the swag, pamphlets, business cards, and my notes.  My husband is sorting through the photographs.  It was a wonderful time and my brain is full of valuable knowledge about improving my blog.
   Today is Thoughtless Thursday hosted by friends Ruckus the Eskie and Love is being owned by a Husky.  It seemed like the perfect time to share some of the things that I learned during the packed three-day event.  Instead of just doling out lots of information, I’m breaking it down to ten blogging tips and ten fun tips.
Ten Important Things That I Learned:
1.  Add my link to all comments.  I did this on every comment for a while but thought it might not be important.  If you don’t link back to your blog, it makes it very difficult for new readers to find you.  *Social Learning session with Tom Collins and Kimberly Gauthier

Flat Bentley and I met Manny the Frenchie
 at the Nose-to-Nose awards.
   2.  When using hashtags on Instagram, you can add up to 30 in the comments.  Then, you can delete them and add different ones to reach a larger audience.  #manny_the_frenchie  I have been trying this and have gained more followers.  If you aren’t currently following me, I’d love it if you would.  I’ll follow back!  *Be an Instagram Star session with Manny the Frenchie
   3.  Google loves Google links.  It is important to add links on your post.  Whenever possible, link to your own past posts.  *Social Learning session with Tom Collins and Kimberly Gauthier
  4.  Zooeyia is a way to describe the health benefits that pets provide their
Dr. Kate Hodgson was captivating.
human companions. 
Pets are good for your health.  Research shows that pet owners who suffer a heart attack are 4x more likely to be alive a year after their attack.  *Keynote speaker Dr. Kate Hodgson, DV, MHsSs, CCMEP
5.  Children are more likely to live in a home with pets than with their biological father. I found this to be an amazing statistic and rather disturbing.  *Keynote speaker Dr. Kate Hodgson, DV, MHsSs, CCMEP
6.  Post headlines should be clear rather than clever.  Here is one of the examples presented:  Clever~ “Roll Over Rover”  Clear~ “Why Does Your Pet Roll Over?”  Clear headlines are more likely to turn up in Google searches.  Creating Engaging Content with Rose Hamilton & Shawna Schuh
7.  Five tips for writing engaging posts or the five P’s.  Get Personal, Be Practical, Pack a Punch, Be Proactive, and Ignite Passion.  Creating Engaging Content with Rose Hamilton & Shawna Schuh
8.    The perfect length of time for a video is less than a minute, but ninety seconds at the most.  Readers don’t have time to watch long drawn-out videos.  If you want your video seen, make it short and engaging.  Creating Engaging Content with Rose Hamilton & Shawna Schuh
9.  What you cannot protect or copyright.  Ideas, lists, facts, trademarks, titles, slogans, procedures, or U.S. government works.  Copyright for Bloggers presented by Paul C. Jorgensen, attorney
10.      It is not okay to use pins from Pinterest on your blog.  This was definitely a “My Bad” since I am a Pinaholic and love to post pins.  As a result, I deleted two posts and removed all of my cute pins from my home page.  It is best to use your own creative works.  Top Legal Issues Every Blogger Faces presented by Carleen Coulter, attorney and blogger

Ten Fun Things That I Learned:

Tillman loves his skateboard!
  1.  Tillman the Skateboarding Dog actually LOVES to ride his skateboard!
We were treated to a demonstration from the adorable Bulldog riding his board.  He jumps on and uses two paws to get going.  Then, with a huge grin on his face, he sways to keep his balance as he rides both downhill and uphill.  He and his owner are also very friendly.
Mia the capybara
  2.    Mia the Capybara finds Flat Bentley tasty!  We tried to pose for a photo with her and she reached over and bit into his ear.  Note that the photo isn’t featured, it blurred because I had to save Flat Bentley’s life!  In fairness, the owner warned me that Mia would try to eat him
3.    Bentley has excellent taste in his favorite sweetie.  I was so thrilled to meet Emma,
Bentley's sweetie Emma is an
absolute doll!
Don't they make a cute couple?
Bailie, and their mom from My GBGV Life.  We have written each other for the past few months and formed a cyber-friendship.  It was wonderful to make it official in person.  All three of them are fabulous.  Maybe we can have a Nashville love connection when Bentley gets to meet his sweetie Emma next year!
    4.    It was easier to recognize a blogger’s pet than the actual bloggers!  Several times during the conference I would hear, “It’s Bentley!  I know him!”  I was the same way with many of the pets.  We just see them more than we see the human behind the blog.
5.    Pet lovers are the happiest and nicest people.  I have always known this, but the friends at BlogPaws proved it repeatedly.  I think it is because they are happier since they are receiving unconditional love 24/7 from their pets.
6.    Sugar is sweet.  I am referring to Sugar the GoldenRetriever.  She accompanied her mom and dad to the event.  She was definitely a superstar.  I have more to say about Sugar in tomorrow’s post.
7.    When BlogPaws says you will receive swag, they are serious!  We
Bentley & Pierre were thrilled
with all of our swag!
brought one suitcase with very little in it so we could bring back our goodies.  I had no idea that it would be so many incredible gifts, dog treats,dog food, and other really cool products.  The airline actually put a “heavy” tag on our checked swag suitcase!
8.    People love to dress their pets in fancy clothes. There were some unbelievable costumes debuted.  I felt like one of those women who always say,“Oh, I want a daughter so that I can dress her cute! ”It caused me some serious girl puppy envy!  I am now on the lookout for Bentley a cowboy hat and vest for Nashville.
The view from our room at the Westin Lake Las Vegas
    9.    The Westin Lake Las Vegas is an incredible place to stay!  If you ever get to visit Las Vegas, it is one of the most beautiful hotels.  The landscape is stunning, the food is ridiculously wonderful, and the staff is extremely friendly.  I’m estimating it is about thirty minutes from the strip but it is worth the extra drive.
    10.  I will never miss a BlogPaws conference!  I have only been an official pet blog since December 13, 2013.  This is my first experience at one of the BlogPaws conference and it is just as awesome as everyone had said.  If you weren’t able to attend this year, start saving your money for Nashville in 2015.  Once you pay for your ticket and travel, the conference doesn’t require any other out-of-pocket money!  The swag alone is worth the price but the information that you receive is priceless!

Enjoy these other thoughtless posts!


  1. WOW! What a good time you had! And what interesting information! I have never really understood the "hashtag" thing, but will have to try it. Duh, I feel like a dork not knowing, LOL

    Let's talk soon!
    Hugs, Leiah

  2. Pawsome! Sounds like you learned so much! The post headline thing does make sense. I'm not great at coming up with super clever post headlines anyways... but when I do, I sometimes will throw them out for something more clear. It definitely makes sense. It was always easier to remember the pets rather than their owners when I worked at the vet hospital. :) After all, they are the stars of our blogs!

  3. Really great post! You are lucky to have a photographer along to catch all those shots. Maybe I need to bring a dog nanny or a photographer as my hands were often too full to capture fun shots! We are going to Nashville, but none of us want to talk about any car rides right now. It will only be one long day, so not as bad.It was great meeting you both...Emma sends love to Bentley and Bailie sends you a virtual huggle.

  4. Sounds like you had a great conference.

  5. Great info!!!!! Thanks for sharing this today! I've already learned a thing or two and I didn't even go! Thank you! LOOK AT ALL THE STUFF YOU GOT!!!!! WOWZA! That's totally PAWsome!
    You must have had such a good time! I have seen that skateboarding dog on videos so many times, I can't believe you got to see him in person, that's great!!!! Wonderful photo of the lake too.
    This was a great post!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  6. Mommy really wants to go to BlogPaws next year. Maybe she will be able to! That was the hotel that mommy and hu sis were going to stay at when they were going to Vegas over Christmas but hu sis got sick and they didn't get to go:( Good to know that it is a nice place! So glad you had so much fun and thanks for sharing those tips!

  7. Wonderful post that captures the essence of BlogPaws! It was wonderful to meet you, your husband, and Bentley! :)

  8. Wow - I should go next year just for the swag! lol

    That is a great list of blogging advice - some of those I've learned through experience over time (e.g., accurate titles, not clever ones - though sometimes I still can't resist) and others I really agree with as a reader (I won't sit through videos over 2 mins for the most part - if I see they're super long, like 10 mins, I won't even start them unless I am super bored/procrastinating). And for photos, unless I'm going for a punchline with a gif, I do prefer to use my own photos in my blog - something else that's also increased over time. But that's because I like the personal touch and I think my dogs are awesome. And when I'm a reader on other blogs, I love to see photos of the dogs (especially Bentley!).

  9. Woofs to you :-) Pawsome recap post. We just got back n saw many clicks from this post, Golden Thanks for the mention n can't wait for your post tomorrow. Golden Happy to meet and hung with you guys. Golden LOVE flat Bentley. Golden Woofs, Sugar n mom :-)

  10. Wow....great stuff. Some of those tips I knew, but others I didn't. It seems like such a great combination of learning and meeting the great people behind the blogs we love. I definitely am going to try to go next year!
    Some comment plugins make it easy to link up to your blog, and if they don't, the only reason I don't leave a link in my comment is because then it can send your comment to the spam queue.
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  11. This is such a great recap post! I'm sorry I missed this year's conference...but I will definitely be in Nashville next year! :) Glad to see you and Flat Bentley had fun.

  12. I so wish we'd been there, thanks for the post, loads of things to think about

  13. This is wonderful stuff. I didn't make it to Blog Paws but you have definitely put it at the top of my list for next year. Now to figure out how to put that link in my comments . . .

  14. Looks like Bentley and Pierre will be swimming in goodies for awhile! Glad you had such a great time. How does one even pronounce zooeyia? So many vowels. I shall look it up after posting this!

  15. This was absolutely fabulous!! You sure covered it all!! FANTASTIC JOB!!!! It was also great meeting you!

  16. forgot to mention, I would LOVE it if you would post this in the thread I started in the Newbies Group about sharing conference experiences in a blog post. I was going to but my link for this is an email link........hoping you don't mind sharing!

  17. What a fantastic recap!!! I had a GREAT time too! ...and next year will be so much fun in Nashville!!!
    : )

  18. We are already saving!! Thanks for the fun facts!!

  19. I agree with all of it except adding your link in your comments. Personally, I find it offensive when someone leaves a two word comment on my blog and then leave a signature advertising their blog that's five times that length. But the rest of it, I totally agree on! I'm definitely planning on attending next year!

  20. Bentley and Emma are a wonderful couple! Many thanks for sharing so much great tips. To add your link is a great idea and I will follow your advice to make videos shorter than one minute.

  21. Thanks for sharing what you learned. That's a lotta swag!! Looks like it was at a really lovely spot too! Would love to meet Sugar!

  22. Loads of info to absorb in here. Good reference. Thank you for being my eyes and ears since I wasn't able to attend!

  23. What a great recap! Nothing like being there in reality though :( It would have been so wonderful to put names to blogger's faces. Living in New Zealand my chances of getting to a Blog Paws conference are next to nil but dreams are still free!

    I also don't agree with leaving a link to your blog in comments. I like the 'comment luv' plug in, don't know if it's available to Blogger blogs though. Plus your name is generally a link to your blog. Adding an actual link kind of seems like begging to me, lol! If your own comment is interesting people will find you :)

    I just cannot get to grips with Instagram. I've tried a few times and can't seem to get anywhere or find anyone. Love Pinterest. Interesting about not being able to use Pins on your blog. I would have thought as long as there was a link back to the original pin or website it would be OK.

    I'm very jealous that you got to see Tillman in the flesh and actually riding a skateboard! He's such a legend :)

    Looking forward to reading your recap of Blog Paws 2015 already!!

  24. Wow what a great time and you learned lots and thanks for sharing.

  25. Thanks for sharing so much of what you learned. My person says she wouldn't trust me at BlogPaws and there's no way I'm gonna let her go without me.

  26. Great post! I bookmarked it so I can refer to it when I have time to retain it, hahameow!


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