Thursday, July 10, 2014

KLOUT Perks and Your Special Dog Prizes

   Are you familiar with the social media-ranking site Klout?  It is headquarters are in San Francisco, California and offers service worldwide.  Joe Fernandez and Binh Tran founded the website and mobile app in 2008.  Their slogan is “The standard of influence.”  It ranks its users according to online social media influence and gives you a “Klout Score.”  This score can range from 1 to 100.  It is determined by the size of your social media network and measures how other users interact with your content.  Currently, my Klout Score is 64.  The cool thing about Klout is that it rewards you with Klout Perks!  I have qualified for several and have chosen two of them.  I posted about my first one here.  My latest Perk is fantastic!
   We received a box full of wonderful products from one of our favorite companies,Hill’s Pets.  When I say our box was full, believe me.  Inside we found a 4-pound bag of Hill’s Science Diet Perfect Weight adult food, two cans of Chicken & Vegetables Perfect Weight, a 9 oz. bag of Hill’s baked Light Biscuits, a measuring cup, a red retractable leash, and a Ruff-N-Tuff No Tip No Slipstainless steel bowl.  That is what I consider a major Perk!
   If you aren’t already a member of Klout, I recommend that you join today.  Besides the awesome Perks you get great content to share.  After all, everyone loves to have some Klout on social media!

Bentley: “I love the great Hill’s products that Mom received.  Since she is the human and Klout is important to her, we let her write that portion of our review.  She wanted to share it with y’all and we like to keep her happy.  Now that she is through, it’s our turn!”
Pierre: “I noticed that she forgot to mention that the new leash is mine.  You got the one with the” I ♥ my Basset Hound” on it from ILeesh.  Fair is fair, right?  *ears back and tail wagging*
Bentley: “Sure, you can have the new leash.  I’m nothing if not generous!  *cheesy smile*  Having said that, I am hard-pressed to share some of the goodies that we won from our friend, Your Special Dog.  Mom entered a contest on their blog and won!  We now have some incredible treats from Taylor Rivera at For Tails Only ~ Wagging Tails Boutique.  Together they hosted a terrific giveaway.”
Pierre: “You’re right, Bentley.  Gramma opened the box and both of our tails were wagging.  She pulled out a box of Himalayan Yak Nuggets, some Grin Dental Health sticks, and a bag full of cookies.  I wasn’t too sure about the last thing she pulled out.  It was labeled “Crack.”  I’ve never seen crack before, but it didn’t look like it could be smoked or that it was illegal.”
Bentley: “Everything smelled so delicious.  I was drooling all over the floor.  The Crack isn’t the illegal kind, although I can see how it could become addicting!  I could embrace being a “Crackhead” with this tasty delight.  Bubba Rose makes this Crack in two flavors.  We have the cheesy bacon, but it comes in peanut butter, too.  There are two planks that can be broken into 50 small training treats each.”
Pierre: “Whew!  That’s a relief, because I’d have hated to turn my own Gramma into the D.E.A.  She doesn’t really look good in orange and she’d get some hard time for dealing in crack.  It is incredibly tasty though and I had a tough time even getting a piece with your big head snarfing it.  I loved the Himalayan Yak Nuggets, too.”
Bentley: “I can’t believe that you were actually going to turn my mom over to the cops!  Talk
"It's okay to say YES to this Crack!"
about ungrateful, sheesh!  I’m not surprised that you loved the yak, since you are always yakking yourself!”  *snickering*  I don’t have to tell you how much I love Grin Dental health sticks.  Fresh breath is a must with the ladies, as I keep telling you.  *blows into paw and smells*  Mine is always kissable.”
Pierre: “I don’t yak; it is simply voicing my opinion.  My personal opinion on the cookies is they are terrific.  It’s a huge bag, so there is plenty for both of us.  Share and share alike, I always…say.”
Bentley: “We sure do thank our friends at Your Special Dog and Taylor Rivera, Independent Handler with For Tails Only ~ Wagging Tails Boutique.  If you haven’t visited both of these cool dog lovers, stop by and tell them Bentley and Pierre sent you!”

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  1. You guys won so much goodies , happy that Bentley and Pierre got addicted to the product from our giveaway

  2. Wow! Now that's a perk! Klout is a great site :) Bentley and Pierre seem really thrilled with what they got! I have gotten a few perks, but never anything really great. They haven't ever offered me anything for my cats.

  3. I just love Klout and I must say I am a huge advocate for them! The Hill's Perk was awesome! Glad you enjoyed it too!

  4. WOW that is quite a big haul of goodies, lucky dogs! I had never heard of Klout before...this means I'm going to for sure have to have Momma check it out, pronto!

  5. What great perks indeed guys! and we think the idea of Klout is great..and gee poor mum almost dobbed in to the cops bwahahahaahh :) hugs Fozziemum

  6. Wow cheesy bacon flavour, we loves those things :-)

  7. I've been on klout for about two years now. I sometimes get into it and use it, but just don't have the time for it all. We have seen the perks but never actually used them. Good for you getting such great stuff!

  8. I had never heard of Klout before...looks like a good idea though

  9. Oh I agree, I love the photos! I can see it in your eyes how tasty it is!

  10. Bentley,we were MOLing at your crack photo, too funny fur sure!!! Did it crack?

    Have a pawesome day

    Basil xox

  11. Great photos, love the crack! Will have to check that place out, never heard of them. Have a great day.

  12. I love Klout! We recently received the Hill's goodies as well. Unfortunately, the items weren't quite fit for giant breeds, but my local shelter was very happy.

  13. Hmmm, never heard of Klout before! Thanks for the info, i'll have to check it out!
    Looks like a great giveaway you guys won!!! Never heard of "that" crack before! BOL!!!!!
    Thanks for linking up with us!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  14. We are not familiar with them at all so thanks for telling us. And when you say a box full, you REALLY mean a box full! Nice job!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  15. BOL!!! 'crackhead' BOL!!! Oh, you guys CRACK me up!!! BOL!!!! (okays, now I might be crackin' myself up!! I do that alot....) That is some pawsome swag guys!!! Holy Kibble Bits! You gots some amazin' stuffs!
    enjoy that crack...
    Ruby ♥

  16. I have never heard of Klout either. Getting goodies like that might persuade me to join. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Wow, so much awesome stuff, you are two lucky dogs!!
    I had never heard of Klout, but might have to look into it!
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  18. wowzers treat heaven

    retro rover

  19. Never heard of Klout before! Thanks for the great info! :)

  20. M, You know, your boys are the luckiest boys in the whole wide world! Congrats Bentley and Pierre, and I will be checking out Klout!

  21. Yum yum. The grin dental health is pretty cool :)

    Thanks for sharing on Thoughtless Thursday!

  22. Oh I got that perk too but only for cats! They were out of the dog one when I signed up... thinking about giving it away sometime because it's a pawsome package! I've gotten another one in the past and use those bowls as food bowls for my rats. And the crack treat's name is just hilarious lol.


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