Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Natural Balance L.I.T. Treats

   We were thrilled to meet and speak with the representatives of Natural Balance Pet Foods at the BlogPaws 2014 conference.  Flat Pet Bentley even had his photo taken with their skateboarding Bulldog mascot, Tillman.  Recently, we were invited to try some of their fifteen brand new treats.  They launched this exciting line of healthy dog snacks in June.  Among the delicious products are their functional L.I.T. Immunity Support Jerky, L.I.T. Hip & Joint Jerky, Jumpin’ Stix, Mini Jumpin’ Stix, and Mini Rewards.  Each one of these is available in three different flavors.  You can feed Natural Balance Pet foods and treats with confidence.  Every production run is tested for nine known contaminants.  Their “Buy with Confidence” link on their website allows you to enter the product date code on your bag and you see the actual laboratory results in real time.  Whether you are choosing a healthy food or one of the amazing treats, at Natural Balance you can have “The Food for a Lifetime.”  Bentley, Pierre, and I are extremely happy to share our feelings about these yummy treats.

Me: “Boys, it’s time to tell our friends about your new Natural Balance L.I.T. treats!” 
*Mad paw dash into the living room.
Bentley: “Okie dokie Mom!  We’re ready to rock ‘n roll.  I was just in the kitchen taking stock of

Tillman and Flat Bentley met at BlogPaws 2014 conference.

these new treats.  Our friends at Natural Balance sure did send us a wide selection.  I think it’s because Tillman really liked me as a Flat Pet!”
Me: “Yes, that’s probably why.  *snicker  Whatever the reason, they sent us five bags of some of the healthiest treats on the market.  Y’all are lucky dogs!”
Pierre: “We are indeed, Gramma.  Some of the flavors that we received are brand new tastes to us.  Take these scrumptious Jumpin’ Stix Venison and Sweet Potatoes.  I love sweet potatoes.  I’ve never had venison, but I am a big fan now!  What is venison, anyway?’
Bentley: “It’s deer, Pierre.”
Pierre: “Aww thanks Bentley.  You’re dear to me too, but it’s not necessary to introduce me.”  *blushing

"Mom, may I have some now?"

Bentley: “Good grief, I’m not introducing you!  I’m trying to tell you that venison is deer meat.  You do know what a deer is, don’t you?”  *rolling eyes and shaking head
Pierre: “Of course, I know what a deer is…I was just seeing if you knew.  Anyway, I love the Venison and Sweet Potatoes Jumpin’ Stix.  They are soft and had me jumpin’ for joy.  It is great for my hips and joints, which is important when I’m jumping or dancing the cha-cha.  We have a bag of Chicken and Sweet Potato too!  Gramma is being all savey-savey with those for some reason.  They’re made with high-quality proteins and are formulated with glucosamine and chondroitin.  They never use corn, wheat, artificial colors, or flavors.  That’s important to me.”
Bentley: “That’s why these treats have L.I.T. in their name.  It stands for Limited Ingredient Treats.  Did you try the Mini Rewards Lamb flavored treats?  They are bite-sized and only have a tiny five calories each.  It’s perfect for when Mom wants to pretend that she can train us.  *full-fledged belly laugh  Anyway, I’ve never tasted lamb before.  It is really yummy…or should I say, not baaaa-d!”
Pierre: “Good one dude!  *paw slaps  We are gonna have to take our act on the road!  Maybe Tillman needs an opening act!”
Me: “Let’s finish this review before y’all start selling out stadiums with your comedy act.  We

"Pierre, you distract them.  I'm gonna rip this bag open!"

need to talk about the Immunity Support Salmon Jerky.  They also have chicken and duck flavors, but I know how much you both enjoy salmon.  I love giving y’all healthy snacks with more than 80% of the high protein you crave and the antioxidant vitamins C & E that will help keep your immune systems working at top performance.  These are made without anything artificial, too.  How cool is that?
Bentley: “It is very cool Mom!  Not funny, but really cool.  Sit next to me and maybe some of my funny will rub off on you.”
Me: “Well, that’d be better than your hair rubbing off on me!”  *Hahaha!
Bentley: “See?  It only took a minute and you’re getting funnier!  Now, let’s talk about the Natural Balance Hip & Joint Duck Jerky.  We haven’t tried them yet.  Like the Jumpin’ Sticks, they have all the good ingredients to help maintain strong hips and joints.  These have about 38 calories each, so dogs watching their weight need to limit how many they chomp down each day.  Yummm, duck!”

"We received a truckload of Natural Balance L.I.T. Treats,
so we're gonna share!"

Pierre: “Hit the floor Gramma!  Bentley said DUCK!”  *crouched on floor with paws over his head
Me: “Get up Pierre.  Bentley said duck like the fowl, not duck like we are under attack.”
Bentley: “He actually ducked!  That fluffy pup quacks me up!  Get it?  Duck/quack!  Stop me before I come up with another.”
Me: “Yes, please stop.  You’re making my tummy hurt from laughing.  Here’s the thing, we have five bags of treats.  That is a lot for two dogs watching their weight.  I’m thinking that we should give a couple of these bags to some of our readers.  Since you already take hip & joint supplements, we can offer the Hip & Joint Duck Jerky along with the bag of Chicken and Sweet Potato Jumpin’ Sticks.  How does that sound to y’all?”
Pierre: “It sounds like we get to hold another Rafflecopter giveaway!  I love sharing things with our blog friends.  It makes me feel like Santa Paws or the Tooth Fairy.”
Bentley: “I’m sure that I could eat them all, but *sigh okay, I’m down with having a giveaway.  Let’s give our paws up on these Natural Balance L.I.T. Limited Ingredient Treats.  Like always, one paw means that we didn’t like our review products and five means that were the best!”

Me: “If you would enjoy a bag of Hip & joint Duck Jerky and a bag of Jumpin’ Stix Chicken & Sweet Potatoes, just fill out this easy Rafflecopter giveaway.  One winner will be selected Monday at 12:00a.m.”

Barking from the Bayou received five bags of Natural Balance L.I.T. Treats in exchange for an honest review.  There was no monetary compensation.  We only agree to review products that we believe in and would like to share with our audience.


  1. Yummy! Haven't heard of these treats yet. I can't remember if Shiner has had venison yet.. maybe though!

  2. Oh sound like great products , great review

  3. Wow those sound like some pretty tasty treats for you! It is so nice of you to share and surely your doggy friends will appreciate it!

  4. Those treats sounds really yummi, drool :-)

  5. Wow you sure did get a truckload of treats! We love them at our house too and had fun meeting them at BlogPaws!

  6. An excellent review guys and certainly something to add to the next shopping list.

  7. They look and sound delish, my gang loves venison and you had me lol with your deer explanation!

  8. Great review. I love learning about new and cool treats for the pups! Thanks so much!

  9. My guys especially like the Natural Balance rolls. Those cut up into nice treat size squares.

  10. Cool giveaway!!!!
    Is it open in the U.S too?
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  11. I for one would pay to come see you guys perform your comedy act!! Once again, you did a very entertaining review, and I think your funny actually did rub off on Mom, Bentley! These treats sound great, and how generous of you to share as well!
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  12. Super yummy, and I love that there are so many flavors. Miss Lee is a huge fan of salmon. :-)

  13. Thanks for sharing these new products! We have used Natural Balance food as training treat before, the training bites could be a great addition to our food reward options.

  14. Now these are on my 'to try' list!

  15. WOW! you guys hit a jackpot. These are new treats flavor. Hope you guys are enjoying it. Golden Woofs

  16. Always like when a company is very transparent when it comes to health and safety!

  17. Our doggies love their treats! Lucky you to get to try those treats!

  18. My dogs love venison anything!


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