Thursday, July 24, 2014

Rand Hill Paracord

   I have recently connected with several new people on LinkedIn.  One of these connections is Frank Coolidge, the owner of Rand Hill Paracord.  After corresponding with him, he offered to send me one of his six-foot dog leashes to test and give an honest review to my readers.               
  We’ve never had a paracord leash or collar, although I’ve seen them on several blogs.  I eagerly accepted his generous offer.  The leash arrived Saturday, which was only a day or two after I responded to him.  Bentley was so proud when I opened the package and showed him his new super cool leash.

Bentley: “It’s true!  My tail began to wag and I did a Basset Hound happy dance right there on the kitchen floor.  I was ready for Mom to clip that baby on my collar and give it a test walk.”
Pierre: “I took the liberty of reading the information that came enclosed with your new paracord leash.  Did you know that paracord is rated for 550 pounds?  Gramma could walk an elephant on that leash!  She should certainly be able to handle you with it.  Plus, it is mold and mildew resistant, so if it gets wet, no troubles!
Bentley: “My leash came with a super strong Nickel Plated Metal Swivel Snap Bolt Clip.  There is no way that I’ll be able to pull loose if I want to chase some crazed squirrel.  *sigh  I guess that’s probably for the best.  You know how I get when I pick up a scent trail.
Pierre: “Yeah, that’s true.  I’d hate to see Gramma and Papaw freak out if you escaped on our walks.  It would totally ruin the ambience of a leisurely stroll.  I also learned that paracord is a lightweight nylon rope that was originally used in the suspension lines of U.S. parachutes during W.W. II.  Why don’t we tie a sheet onto your leash and jump off the house?  I’m thinking that we would float gently to the ground!  How cool would that be?”
Bentley: “Okay, that is so not going to happen!  First of all, how would we get on the roof?  Second, we don’t know how to tie knots.  Third, Mom would never let us use one of her sheets.  However, I’ll tell you what else we could do if the need ever arose.  I could use my leash to strap you down, so you didn’t blow away.  How would that be for a plan?”
Pierre: “Hmmm, I think maybe you had just better stick to using your leash for walking.  Did you see all of the other cool stuff that Rand Hill Paracord makes out of this Hercules type material?  They have an Etsy shop featuring more leashes, really stylish collars, and bracelets in a bunch of different styles. People can even order them in support of their favorite causes like cancer, autism awareness, and diabetes. They even have key chains!  I’ve been wanting my own house key for a while.  It’d be great to have a paracord key chain.  Gramma could even order you a collar and herself a bracelet in matching colors.  You two could be Twinkies!  She would be so proud of that.”
Bentley: “Let’s keep that in mind for a great gift idea.  That would be much better than the matching tee shirts that I heard her mention.  Rand Hill is also on YouTube and Amazon.  Of course, they have their own website, too.  I saw Mom perusing the collars last night.  They all come with nickel-plated metal side release buckles and cast D rings.  You know that I’m a dog that needs a sturdy collar.”
Pierre:  “That’s because you can be rather…how can I put this?  Stubborn, yep, stubborn is the word that I am searching for to describe you.  Gramma tells you to keep walking when you’re busy smelling someone’s mailbox and you just plant those ginormous paws of yours, not budging.  Not that she’d ever yank you, but if she had to, she’d need something super sturdy!  Just sayin’.”
Bentley: “There is a lot of information to be gathered on
mailboxes.  Mom understands that and allows me to sniff around for a bit.  The point is, my new leash works great on our walks, and the orange and black colors bring out the colors of my coat.  The girls are going to howl when I pass by them.  For a company that has only been in business since April 2013, they sure do know how to make a leash look great.  Once my friends see me strutting along wearing my leash, they are all going to want one of their own.  Since Rand Hill features several styles ranging from $11.00 to $28.00, there is a leash in every dog’s price range.”
Pierre: “Guess what?  Hmmm, can you guess?  Give up, already?  Okay, I’ll tell you.  We can have our own fundraiser by selling their bracelets in our school colors!  We could make a fortune!”
Bentley: “That’s a great idea!  There is just one teensy tiny problem with your plan.  We don’t go to school.  But, for people that do, it is a lot better than selling candy or magazine subscriptions.  Mom said she wishes they were around back when she had to do all of those fundraisers when she coached cheerleading.”
Pierre: “Well, maybe we can suggest it to people that do have fundraisers.  Hey, I just did!  Can I give my paws up on your new leash?  I have thoroughly inspected it.”
Bentley: “Of course you can.  We are partners, aren’t we?  Remember, it’s one paw for our lowest score and five for the highest.”
Pierre: “After a brief conference, we have given Rand Hill Paracord five paws up!”

Disclaimer: We received one Rand Hill Paracord leash in exchange for our honest review.  There was no monetary compensation.  Barking from the Bayou only reviews products that we believe in and want to share with our audience.  All opinions expressed are our own.

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  1. love that leash,and it looks good on you too!xx Speedy

  2. those look great - one our blog buddies Mollie - he mom makes them and matching collars too. They are great for short haired dogs but tend to matt the fur on we long haired ones

  3. Paracord seems to be the new trend in collars and leashes. Mom likes to have me with red, but orange is also a good color on me. Happy walking!

  4. Looking very dapper Bentley and you are so right all the doglets will swoon when they see you. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. That is a super looking leash, kinda out does the ones I do, I have to get practicing ;) It is a fabulous color and the fund raiser bit is great. Thank you for sharing about this company.

  6. What a cool leash! Using them for fundraisers is a great idea!

  7. That is one COOL leash! Is it my favorite!? Just remember, no jumping off anything higher than the sofa, pals!

  8. Very creative way to have a conversation and share information at the same time! Thanks for sharing on TT!

  9. Pretty snazzy new leash Bentley!!! Wow!
    Love the colors! Loved your review!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  10. Those leashes look great! I am always on the hunt for sturdy equipment for my little Houdini, Ruby.

  11. What a great leash! I have to learn to like walks…Maybe with a leash like that, I would!

  12. We just got our first paracord collar and leash and we love it! It would be great to have another source for them, since I can definitely see us getting more now.
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  13. I have read about these!! Maybe I will try one now ! Thanks!!

  14. Nice colors on those leashes. Being an avid knot tier myself I am aware of the amount of time and energy it takes to make on of those and have it look good in the end. Rand Hill's looks like the do good work.


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