Thursday, August 21, 2014

Honestly, The Honest Kitchen

     A couple of weeks ago we were excited to win a 2 lb. box of The Honest Kitchen from My Kid has Paws.  If you aren’t currently a fan of Rachel and her Corgi Rooney, you will be after a visit.  I signed up to get them delivered right to my email, so I never miss a post.  Anyway, the day after we won The Honest Kitchen folks contacted us.  We were given a choice of flavors to choose from and after reading the benefits of each, we decided on the Grain Free Force.  It is a gluten-free dog food recipe, prepared with free-range chicken and fresh produce like potatoes, celery, and green beans.  Force is moderate in protein and fat so it’s perfect for adult maintenance, senior dogs, and dogs who need a lower calorie diet.
    I had met The Honest Kitchen chef representatives at Blogpaws 2014.  They were very
We loved our samples from The Honest Kitchen.
friendly and knowledgeable about what does and does not go into preparing their line of dehydrated recipes.  We were able to fit a number of samples into our luggage.  Since it is dehydrated, the pouches were easy to pack.  I have been using it as gravy for the boy’s dry food to make it the samples last longer.
Bentley: “Pierre and I enjoyed the taste of The Honest Kitchen sample packs.  The problem was my mom.  I love her to the moon and back, but the girl just doesn’t excel at math.  The samples had the mixing instructions, but she added too much water.  We didn't complain since it was poured over our regular kibble, making it extra delish!  I was still yearning for a bowl of 100 % Honest Kitchen.”
Pierre: “We both breathed a sigh of relief when a nice box of The Honest Kitchen Grain-Free FORCE with free-range chicken arrived at the front door.  A bigger box means more food which means maybe Gramma can mix it properly.”
Bentley: “I stood right beside her as she mixed warm water with these flakes.  It seemed like it took three hours, but it was actually only three minutes before our meals were served.  Let me just say right here and now that Mom did a fabulous job of mixing the food to water ratio.  It is printed right on the box, even I could mix it in a pinch.  You know in case we are lost in the woods with only a flashlight, a box of The Honest Kitchen, a measuring cup, and our wits.”
The food is so simple to measure, mix, and serve.
Pierre: “That is certainly reassuring.  Do you want to know what fills me with even more confidence?  It’s the fact that our Honest Kitchen is a completely balanced whole food recipe.  It is made here in the USA, but there is a map showing where all of the ingredients originate.  Not a single speck comes from China.  In fact, 67% of their ingredients come from North America.”
Bentley: “I saw that percentage on the map.  The Honest Kitchen’s treats with fish are made from line-caught 100% wild Haddock from the waters of Iceland.  Their organic kelp, cabbage, carrots, and green veggies are from Europe.  They get organic coconuts from Tropical Thailand, 7% tasty fruit like bananas and papayas come from Asia.  Of course, 12% of other stuff including sweet potatoes, organic quinoa, and apples arrive from South America.  All of the ingredients meet U.S. Food Safety Standards for humans!  They offer several free publications about their products, a Little Book of Proper Food, and a New Pup Pack. ”
Pierre: “Get out of town!  Seriously, the whole family could survive on Honest Kitchen.
"Now, THAT is how it is supposed to look!"
Let's send in our application for Naked and Afraid or Survivor!  One of us can choose a small box of Honest Kitchen as our survival tool.  Nobody has to know that a ten-pound box will make us forty pounds of food.  The announcer would say, “The alliance of the team Barking from the Bayou is doing amazingly well.  We have not seen them eat a single bug for sustenance.”  We’d look all cool when they showed our campsite while everyone else would look like they’re starving.”  *Closes his eyes as he imagines the scene*
Me: “Pierre!  What have I told you about staying on task during a review?  What does Naked and Afraid or Survivor have to do with The Honest Kitchen?”
Pierre: “Duh Gramma.  It’s about winning with The Honest Kitchen on our side.”
Bentley: “Great comeback, Pierre.  The Honest Kitchen is a family owned business that has twelve dogs join them in their office each day.  The humans are a group of foodies that love creating meals and 62% of them tasted our “Force” blend of food before we did.  Two even said it was quite good with some hot sauce.  Since Mom and Dad put hot sauce on everything, they’d probably love it.  Hmmm, maybe that Survivor show might not be such a bad idea.  I gotta nix the Naked and Afraid show because; well…it’d be Mom and Dad.  Those are images that we could never un-see.”  *Snickers and snorts
"It is delicious and we lick our bowls spotless."
Me: “Boys!  We aren’t going on any reality television show.  Let’s discuss how the dehydration works by removing the moisture from fresh ingredients.  It’s an ancient method of naturally preserving food without chemicals or irradiation.  The Honest Kitchen uses dehydration so gentle; it actually protects the natural pigments in their fresh ingredients.  That is why the green beans actually stay green.  It makes a very colorful bowl of food.”
Pierre: “I am a big fan of wet food.  I love gravy, broth, or anything to add a little liquid pizazz to mealtime.  Gramma made us our first bowls of Force Grain-Free Chicken and I was in love.  There are times where I can be a bit picky about what I eat.  It almost embarrasses me to say, but I scooted my bowl across the rug trying to lick any taste of Force that might remain on my empty dish.”
Bentley: “Then, he comes over and starts trying to put his tongue in my bowl.  I had to snicker
Heart-shaped treats in the perfect carrying tube.
at his dogged determination.  Do I look like a guy that would leave food in my bowl?  It was so delicious, that I requested my dinner an hour early.  Mom knew that I wasn’t hungry, but I really wanted more Honest Kitchen.  She is determined to keep us on a regular schedule, so she declined my meal on demand request.  I was going to continue with my famous starving dog routine, but she had a secret weapon.  That’s right, she offered me a Quickie!”
Pierre: “Say WHAT?!?  Why did she offer you a Quickie and not me?  I love Quickies.  Those high-proteins, low-carb pure fish treats are only 1.1 calories per treat.  That means I can get several Quickies in a single afternoon.  They are heart-shaped, aromatic, enticing, and just perfect to get me in the mood for training.  The 2-ounce eco-friendly tube makes Quickies the ideal treat to carry in our to-go bag.  Psst, they're also awesome for reality survival shows.
"Quick; grab as many as you can!"
Me: “Boys, it seems as if I should somehow correct y’all for that, but for the life of me, I can’t put my finger on exactly why.  I will say that of all the brands and types of dog foods that you boys have tried, this is the first one that y’all sat at my feet and whined while it was being prepared.  I hope that Pierre will eat the rest of his dry food when our Honest Kitchen is gone.  We are definitely going to have to become Honest Kitchen customers.”
Bentley: “YES!  That is exactly what I wanted to hear!  Is it really expensive?”
Me: “It’s not unreasonable.  A ten-pound box costs $79.99 and makes the equivalent of a forty-pound bag.  It comes in four-pound and 2-pound boxes, which of course, cost less.  I believe we would want the large amount for home, but the smaller box would be great for traveling.  It will definitely be our “on the road” food.  I can honestly say that I love The Honest Kitchen.  They even have recipes and a couple of special Halloween treats that will go in our Boo Bags this year!”
Pierre: “We want to thank Rachel and Rooney from My Kid Has Paws for the opportunity to win their Honest Kitchen giveaway.  XXOO”
Bentley: “Yes we do and we really thank our new friends at The Honest Kitchen for their terrific food and treats.  Let’s give our applause paws rating.  One is our lowest and five is our highest paws available.”
FIVE PAWS for our FORCE flavored Food and Quickies Training Treats
We received a two-pound box of The Honest Kitchen FORCE as a prize from My Kid Has Paws.  The Quickies were a sample from the BlogPaws conference.  There was no monetary compensation.  We chose to review this product because the boys loved it.

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  1. Yummy! Shiner has tried Zeal I think and we have some of those Quickies we need to finish off too. Congrats on winning such a pawsome prize!

  2. Well yummy and we like the name Quickies as does it mean you have to feed them to us as quickly as possible? Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Mom doesn't do grain free or soft food for us either. We are okay with that since we love our current food. We did have a tube of those quickies at BlogPaws, they were super yummy, but the kind we had were real smelly. Honestly, the Honest Kitchen has great stuff, but not so much in the direction we are eating. Glad you boys enjoy it!

  4. wow - that sounds like a freat food - seems more and more companies are going to the freeze dried now.

  5. We like the sounds and looks of this foodables...

  6. I have never heard of quickies! They sound like a great snack!!!! Sounds like the boys really loved their honest kitchen too! haha! Wonderful review, as always Melissa, Bentley and Pierre!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  7. I keep wanting to give this food a try. Mauja loves anything freeze-dried!
    - Paw waves from the Pyrs at It's Dog or Nothing

  8. We love The Honest Kitchen. I'll be running a giveaway for a 4lb box of their new duck formula, Halcyon, next week!

  9. Looks like Bentley and Pierre are lovin the food!
    xxMikko and Jax

  10. We haven't tried any products by Honest Kitchen yet, but we did just receive a box of their treats to try and review. They sound like such a great, quality company.
    BTW, I don't watch reality shows, but I think I would tune in to Survivor if you were all on it!
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  11. Looks yummy, we'll have to have mom look into that! Great review, thanks for sharing!

  12. Lucky dogs! I've heard of Honest Kitchen foods before...but I've never been so lucky as to taste any of it!

  13. Quickies are a favorite here. Even my chickens love them!

  14. The Quickies sound like they might be a good treat to have around. Thanks for the review.

  15. What a fabulous review, I don't think I heard of them.

  16. Oh wow. Honest Kitchen sounds DELICIOUS!!!! We don't get anything like that here in South Africa unfortunately :(
    Wally & Sammy

  17. Thank you so much for the shoutout!! I am so glad the boys liked it. I know Rooney certainly did!


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