Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Smooches and Adoptable Pooches

♥ Every dog deserves Smooches ♥
Me: “Bentley…Pierre, who wants Smooches?  Come on sweeties; I have Smooches for my two big boys!”
Bentley: “Gosh Mom, way to embarrass me in front of my girl Emma.  You know that she visits me.  How manly is it if I come trotting over for smooches from my mom?  Geez.”
Pierre: “I’ll take a smooch Gramma.  Can I crawl up on your lap for some nuzzles?”
Me: “I don’t have any Nuzzles, but The Honest Kitchen does make them.  They are the low calorie gourmet duck and cherry cookies.  Smooches are these hand-baked wheat-free cookies made out of love!  See, it’s printed right on the box from the company’s founder LucyPostins.”
Bentley: “Whoa…what’s this about cookies named Smooches?  That’s totally different.  I was just joking about not wanting your Smooches.  Hee-hee-hee.  Move Pierre, I need to sit by my beautiful loving mom.”  *Major puppy dog eyes
Pierre: “Aww, look the cookies are shaped like little hearts.  That makes me happy.  It also
Love should be the first ingredient in The Honest Kitchen Smooches Cookies!
makes me happy to know that each cookie is created with free-range chicken, barley flour, eggs, and organic coconut oil.  We can talk Gramma into giving us more than one of these.  They are a teensy tiny 2.3 calories per treat.”
Me: “I would be happy to give each of you a Smooches cookie for a real smooch.  You know the kind that is a kiss and cuddle combined.  I won’t tell your Sweetie, it’ll be our secret.”  *wink, wink ~ smooch, hug
Bentley: “Okay, that’s enough loving until after the treat.  I can smell the molasses, cranberries, and parmesan cheese.  This is about to get slobbery if you don’t hand over a delicious Smooches cookie.  I’m not being ugly; it’s just having them so close and not in my mouth is shifting my taste buds into over-drool.”
Pierre: “Hey Gramma, look at me.  I’m turning a circle for you.  Here watch…I’m sitting up for Smooches.  Okay, listen…bark, bark, and bark.  It’s me speaking!  Papaw will you give me a cookie?”
*Papaw gives Pierre a cookie.  Pierre loves his Papaw.  ♥
Bentley: “Seriously?  Did I just see Dad give Pierre a Smooches cookie because he sat up and turned a circle?  Dang, I don’t like being a show-off, but here it is…there, are you impressed?  Toss me one of those delectable hearts.”
Me: “You didn’t do anything.  All I saw was you sitting there staring at this box of cookies.  What was the trick?”
"I'm going to need bedtime Smooches."
Bentley: “What?  You cut me to the quick.  I was reading the information on the box.  Not all dogs enjoy reading the ingredients, but it is important.  You might want to note that The Honest Kitchen never adds corn, wheat, soy, or GMO produce to their products.  I think that knowledge deserves a Smooches cookie.  *Chomp, chomp  Guess what else I read.  Besides these Chicken and Cranberry Smooches, and the Duck and Cherry Nuzzles, The Honest Kitchen also makes bite-sized Buffalo and Blueberry cookies for pups of every size called Pecks.  You should probably go ahead and place an order for those today.”
Pierre: “That’s a great idea Bentley.  I’m thinking maybe instead of the 8 oz. box for $7.99, Gramma could just buy the 16 oz. boxes for $12.99.  A penny saved and all that stuff.”
Me: “I’m so happy that you both love the taste of these healthy snacks.  They aren’t too hard or crumbly, so there aren’t little crumbs all over the floor.  I like that and I like how the people at The Honest Kitchen think.  Everything they make is human grade quality.  There are about 26 employees and 12 dogs that work in the offices of The Honest Kitchen.  I think that shows they are true dog people.”
Bentley: “Dog people are the happiest people in the world.  I am definitely a fan of The Honest Kitchen dinners and treats.  This could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship.”
Pierre: Yes, The Honest Kitchen describes these Smooches as a lingering moment infused with a lot of love and that’s something they think every dog deserves.”
Me: “Did I mention how much I love the way they think?  That is a great segue to our second part of today’s post.  Before we move on though, let’s give your paws up on our The Honest Kitchen Smooches Cookies.  One paw is bad and five paws are awesome!”


I am not being compensated for helping spread the word about The Honest Kitchen Smooches.  We received an 8 oz. box to sample and review.  M. K. Clinton Barking from the Bayou only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers,  The Honest Kitchen is not responsible for the content of this article.

We are joining Sugar the Golden Retriever and Kol’s Notes for Tasty Tuesday’s blog hop.  Join them and the other tasty bloggers on this hop.  Tuesday’s just got tastier!

Tuesday’s Tails
   Last Saturday I did something that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time.  I volunteered with my local PetSavers shelter for Pet Adoption Day at PetSmart.  It was so much fun getting to meet and walk the dogs.  I believe that two of the pups found new forever homes that day.  The other volunteers were all very nice and welcoming.  I really knew they would be, because dog lovers are good people.  I will definitely be joining them again.
   The two dogs that I’m featuring today were at PetSmart on Saturday.  Since they are now my friends, I really want them to find forever homes.  ☺  Please share their photos on your social media.  Thanks so much.

   Thanks to Dogs ‘N Pawz and Talking Dogs for hosting Tuesday’s Tails in an effort to find homes for shelter dogs and cats everywhere.


  1. A bigger box of treats is so a good idea. The bigger the better we say. Good luck to Batman and Spencer and we are so pleased you enjoyed your time volunteering at the shelter. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. HI Y'all!

    Oh but that Batman fellow is such a cutie. Can't let my Human spy him! I enjoy being the center of attention. Batman will definitely be the center of any home. Who could refuse that cute face?

    That Spencer fellow will be a most appreciative fellow...all he needs is a loving family. He looks sad; is that 'cause y'all aren't sharin' your Smooches?

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  3. honest kitchen I s agreat company

    retro rover

  4. Smooches are pawsome in both forms...real smooches and then the cookie type. We have had these before I agree, they are scrumptious!

  5. Batman and Spencer sound like wonderful dogs that deserve a couple of great homes. Also, I am glad to hear that you had a good time volunteering with PetSavers. Volunteering for adoption events is usually a lot of fun. Sharing.

  6. Batman and Spencer sound like great companions. I've really got a soft spot for shy dogs so Batman just tugged at my heartstrings. Hoping they find wonderful forever homes soon. Sharing.

  7. Smooches? I'll take some!!! Those look super tasty!
    I have shared these beautiful pups as well! Love Batmans name!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  8. The Honest Kitchen makes some SUPER treats! I am so glad you both got some Smooches! BOL Happy Tasty Tuesday.

  9. those do sound like a great treat.

  10. Those treats sounds yummi. Slurp drool. :-)

  11. Smooches doggy treats????? I'd better not tell Smoochie, he might get a bit paranoid!!! MOL

    Thanks fur sharing 2 pawesome hops today my wunderpurr furriends, purrs Basil xox

  12. Paws Crossed fur Batman and Spencer...

    OMD those treats are CUTE and Delicious too... What a combo.

  13. It's Sugar's favorite Honest Kitchen treats :-) Guess what's our post today :-) ENJOY! Happy tasty Tuesday. Golden Woofs

  14. Hey Bentley & Pierre!
    Wow, those smooches look delish! I like the slobbery kinds too. BOL Oh, my Mom wants to adopt those cute pooches....but I won't let her. :) We hope they find a loving forever home soonest.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Pol Comm

  15. Woof! We love Smooches at our house! Will be sharing your great review, plus those adoptable cuties.

  16. The dogs want to thank all of you for reminding the Momz that we need to get some more Smooches!
    Batman and Spencer are adorable....sharing and hope they find homes very soon.
    Jan & the crew at Wag 'n Woof Pets

  17. What a cute picture of Bentley on his bed :)

  18. We love those Smootches cuz we keep telling mom "Give us a smooch!" BOL! We sure hope Batman & Spencer find furever homes FAST!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley
    Join us for our "Mystery Kiss" episodes on Sept. 23, 25, 27, 29, 30 and Oct 1!

  19. I love smooches and I'm sure my gang would love the editable smooches. Hope those lovely dogs find a home.

  20. Those Smooches look tasty! Sharing those two precious dogs. Hope they find homes soon.


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