Monday, November 17, 2014

BFTB Channel 7 NETWoof News for 11/17/2014

"Guess what is happening tomorrow on Free Kibble."

Bentley: “Hello friends and welcome to another episode of BFTB Channel 7 NETWoof News.  It has been a chilly and fun week around the U.S.A.  We are going to cover some fuzzy feel-good stories to warm your hearts, but I’d suggest thick socks to warm your feet.  Pierre, what is our top story today?”
Pierre: “I think we should start by telling our audience about the special honor you are receiving.  Since you don’t like to toot your own horn, I’ll do it for you.  Many of you know about the Free Kibble site that we have on our sidebar.  If not, let me tell you about it.  When you click on the cute icon, you’ll be magically transported to a fun site where you can help shelter dogs and cats.  You get to answer a trivia question about dogs and/or cats.  Whether you are correct or not, Free Kibble donates a scoop of food to shelter pets.  They even have a page where you can click to donate a scoop of litter to a shelter.”
Bentley: “It is such a cool thing and it costs absolutely nothing to participate.  We click every day; it only takes a second.”
Pierre: “If you look on the landing page, they show a photo of a dog or cat with the title “What Makes You Happy?”  Guess who is going to be featured there tomorrow?  My co-anchor Bentley!  Be sure you drop by to see his photo and help feed some shelter pets.”
Bentley: “It is an honor to be on Free Kibble.  Now, let’s look at our other stories for the week.  Hoss, a German Shepherd missing from his home in Michigan for over 500 days, including last winter’s polar vortex, has been found.  It seems another dog named Holly became lost and good Samaritans mistook Hoss for her.  They had both been missing almost a year and a half.  Although he was skittish after being on his own for so long, rescuers continued feeding stations to lure him into a humane trap near Chicago.  He is now back at home and even though he lost about 10 pounds and has contracted Lyme’s Disease, he is otherwise healthy.”
Pierre: “This story is for our feline friends.  A kitten was found on the streets of Denver nearly frozen to death.  The vets at the Denver shelter said it didn’t look good for the little orange tabby, but they refused to give up trying.  She was covered in snow and not moving; they weren’t even sure that she was still alive.  Her temperature would not even register on their thermometer.  After putting her on a bed of heating pads and warm bottles, they administered a warm fluid IV and used hair dryers to help warm her.  It took a few hours, but the tabby is purr-fect now.”
Bentley: “Leaving kittens outside in freezing weather can quickly lead to a cat~astrophe!  Pierre, you know how you have always wanted to say that if given one wish it would be for world peace?  Well, today is your chance!  It is World Peace Day.  I have always said that War is Not healthy for Dogs or Other Living Creatures.  What do you have to add?”
Pierre: “If I was competing for Miss Mister America, World Peace would be my go-to answer!  To quote the amazing John Lennon, “All I am saying is give peace a chance.”  If dogs ran the world, there would be no wars.  Make treats, not war is my mantra!  Bentley, be a champ and give us the sports news.”
Cello catching some serious "air."
Bentley: “I’m very excited to announce that Cello the German Short-Haired Pointer has once again made us proud to call her a friend.  She attended a dock diving event at the Easton Waterfowl Festival in Easton, MD.  True to her awesomeness, she placed first in both the Extreme Vertical and the Big Air events.  This photo is not from the weekend’s competition, but it is her leaping at another dock diving event.  She won a big ribbon and other goodies.  If you aren’t already following Cello and her little brother Hooch on Instagram, you can click here to begin.  Woo Hoo!  This next story is one that I’m sure you want to share with our audience.”
Pierre: “Aww, thanks.  I didn’t want to sound like I was bragging, but I did want to be the one to congratulate my Bailie.  She has been working super hard and finished her Beginner Tracking Course on November 1st.  She had to complete a kind of blind track that was around 600 yards long.  I am so tail-wagging happy for her.”

"My friend Bailie aced her Tracking Class!"

Bentley: “I’m happy for her too.  She is a great girl and Emma told me how awesome she did on her final exam.  You can click here to see little Bailie in action.  How is the action in our weather?”
Pierre: “Well, just like you advised last week, it is cold.  The bayou has been grey, drizzling, and cold for the last few days.  I have had to use my smile as an umbrella more than once.  To be honest, it doesn’t work.  I’m out in the yard smiling like a Cheshire Cat and still come in and have to toss and flip on the carpet.”
Bentley: “A smile is great, but a raincoat is better.  There are a lot in our audience that will need a big smile, heavy coats, and an ice scrapper.  Winter Storm Bozeman continues to move eastward dumping snow over the Plains, Midwest, South, and the Northeast this week.  Over a foot of snow has fallen in the mountains of Idaho, Montana, and Colorado.  Our advice is stay cuddled up with your best furry friend for warmth.  Please remember, if it is cold to you, it is cold to your pets.  Please bring them inside your home.”
Pierre: “Brrr, the thought of a foot of snow makes me shiver!  You all stay warm and be sure to join us the rest of the week for more fun and information.  Oh, don’t forget to enter for your chance to a luxury car seat cover from 4Knines.  You can click on the ‘Current Giveaways’ tab under our header.  Back to you Bentley.”
Bentley: “Thanks Pierre and thanks to our readers for joining us today.  Please share our news with your friends via social media.  As always, if you have news that we can share, don’t hesitate to contact us at  We are always sniffing out stories that you care about.  Have a fantastic week and be sure to grab yourself some happy.”


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  1. Bailie is so excited to be mentioned in the news! She can't wait to get her title in the spring! You all have some great news. We love those free kibble for less fortunate dogs sites so I will paw on that one for sure! Stay warm. You should come to MN, we would train you boys to enjoy single digit temps and lots of snow. It is fun, you just need to move around to stay warm and the best part is a good cuddle when you come back inside.

  2. Thank you SO much for featuring Cello! We are so proud of her and how she did this season! Thank you for always acknowledging her accomplishments! You are the best!

  3. what a great idea - the free scoop. Thanks for keeping u up to date guys

  4. That dock diving thing looks super cool!!!
    I will definitely be checking out the trivia kibble questions to help out too!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  5. BRAVO BENTLY..... we will check you out tomorrow... We LOVE when our furends are featured some place.

    We heard on the Weather Blabber station last night that there were TOMATOES Flying around in Luzzy Anna. Hope they were FAR FAR from your place...

  6. Wow...another full week of news!! We can't wait to see you featured on Free Kibble tomorrow Bentley!! OH...and Dory is having a Gala for Christmas/her Birthday on December ask your gals soon so they can get their dresses!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  7. Thanks for the news roundup. We click Free Kibble all the time. What an easy way to help those animals in need. :)

  8. Great news stories, guys! We love to hear the stories of lost dogs being found and kitties being rescued from the cold. And how nice to share Bailie's good news!
    We're getting snow turned to sleet turned to rain here today....miserable is the only word to describe it!
    Lots of wags and woofs from the crew at Wag n Woof Pets

  9. Another excellent newscast! We don't have any tips but we will be making more appointments tomorrow!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  10. Doggies guys, that was a lot of stuffs going on....took like 87 minutes to read all that...will check back for the Freddies Kibble post

    The Mad Scots

  11. Congrat's Bentley on being showcased tomorrow on Free Kibble.

  12. Lots of news shared today! Congrat's on being featured by Free Kibble, that's quite an honor! I loved the story about Hoss, stories like that are so heartwarming - if your beloved pet gets lost, don't give up, you just never know!
    Love & Biscuits,
    Cathy, Isis & Phoebe

  13. I play free kibble too, you look handsome as a sheriff, we congratulated Bailey, what a great accomplishment.


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