Tuesday, November 4, 2014

November is Adopt a Senior Dog Month

 Reason To Adopt A Senior Dog Countdown #27 
Nobody wants to be alone and unloved in their older years.
That is true for dogs too.

   November has been designated as National Adopt a Senior Dog month.  As Bentley said on yesterday’s BFTB NETWoof News, seven is not old to a dog.  You could be enjoying another seven years together.  An older dog makes a great companion for an older human that may not be comfortable getting a rambunctious puppy.  In his sixth year, Bentley has learned so much.  We are currently working on “turn around” and he loves getting it right.
   Today, for Tuesday’s Tails I am featuring older dogs that should have years of love left to share.  Please consider bringing a senior dog into your heart.  Remember, if you can’t adopt, foster, if you can’t foster, volunteer, if you can’t volunteer, please share these and the other dogs and cats on this blog hop on your social media.

 I also wanted to thank Mark and Marina from An Act of Dog for their incredible work.  This week I received the lovely smiling Katrina Night Light.  Her smile brightens our living room.  Although she did not know love in her time on earth, Katrina is very loved now.  The light is absolutely gorgeous.  It will make a perfect Christmas gift for any dog lover.  If you missed my post An Act of Dog ~ Museum of Compassion, please take a moment to familiarize yourself with their mission.  It has made a huge impact on me.  I think it will affect you too.

   Finally, it is Election Day across the country and in Blogville.  It is your
right and obligation to cast your vote and have your voice heard.  Whether there is rain, snow, or any other problems, please try to get to your voting precinct.  Since the weather is always bright and sunny in Blogville, if
you are a blogger, make sure you get over to Sarge’s place and cast your super-secret ballot TODAY!

Our Tuesdays are also special because we join Dogz ‘n Pawz and Talking Dogs as they host Tuesday’s Tails.  This blog hop features shelter pets from around the globe that need forever homes.  Please visit and share these deserving dogs and cats on social media.  To see the dogs available at PetSavers in Shreveport, click here.


  1. We so wish them good luck. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. We wish all the dogs will have a forever home soon. They deserve it so much.

  3. We hope many dogs get adopted!!!!

  4. Hope those beautiful doggies get a home soon. What a beautiful painting of Katrina.

  5. Love that nightlight! Heading out to vote a little later this morning, but in the meantime will be sharing those sweet seniors.

  6. We pray that all Seniors will have a wonderful home.

    WE VOTED.... we went to Sarge's place and VOTED and then had some of Sasha's Pizza and Cake and Snacks...
    Do you Duty... VOTE fur Blogville's Mayor... and then get FREE FOOD... From Sasha's Food truck... for doing your duty.

  7. Every doogie deserves to be loved and have a wonderful home - no matter what their age is

  8. Seniors are wonderful, Katie is one of them, but for our lifestyle, Mom really needs active energetic dogs. We will all be seniors one day and that is fine, but until that point, we are a high energy family.So many people don't want to be active with their pets, so seniors would be ideal for them as they don't need as much exercise.

  9. Thanks for sharing info about adopt a senior dog month. We have brought several senior dogs onto our house and it has been a great experience. I hope Dolce and Bonnie find a home soon.

  10. Thank you for sharing these beautiful seniors. We can tell they have lots and lots of love to give, and we hope they find loving forever homes very soon.

  11. We just got back from voting, and I just shared these two precious seniors. It feels like I accomplished something today! :)
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  12. Oh they are so adorable :) Sharing
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  13. Bonnie and Dolce are adorable. I hate it when senior dogs don't have a forever home. Too sad:( Sharing both of them.

  14. Older dogs are every bit as loveable. And WE love that you shared them!

  15. Senior dogs rock! I hope they find great homes soon. Sharing them!


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