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BlogPaws Conference 2015 ~ Pet & Partner Friendly

    Congratulations, you’ve decided to attend the BlogPaws conference this May in Nashville!  You’ve made the decision about whether you’re bringing your dog or cat, but what about bringing your husband?  Is your spouse, best friend, or partner still trying to decide if they want to join you at this year’s BlogPaws conference?  I completely understand.
   I made the decision to attend the BlogPaws 2014 conference in Las Vegas, because I want to take my blog to the next level.  In order to become a serious pet blogger, there is so much to learn.  All of the people that I had met online in the BlogPaws community were so helpful.  I knew attending the conference and speaking to these bloggers face-to-face would be invaluable.  The line-up of speakers and classes were amazing!  I really wanted my husband, Skipper to join me.  After all, it was Vegas and the hotel was incredible! 
   We looked over the itinerary to see which classes that I needed to attend.  Then, we looked for some that we were both curious about and marked those.  They really offered something for every interest from social media to book publishing.  It didn’t take long to decide there would be plenty of things to interest him.  We are both glad he attended.
   I asked him to answer a few questions about his experience last year.  I hope that if you are still trying to decide on one ticket or two, this will help.    
Did you enjoy your first BlogPaws conference?
“I did.  There was always something going on and it was so well organized.  I’m looking forward to going this year.”
Which sessions did you find the most interesting?
“That’s a hard question, because I really liked all of the ones that we attended.  The legal sessions were great.  There are so many things that you have to be aware of when you publish a blog or a book.  The copyright laws, the guidelines for running a contest, and the Pinterest rules are all important.  We learned how to stay out of trouble from a legal aspect.  Of course, the Instagram class with Manny the Frenchie was fun and so was the creating engaging content session.  Seriously, all of them were very helpful.”
What surprised you the most during our time?

“It was our first BlogPaws conference, so there was a lot that surprised us.  The fact that I didn’t have to open my wallet once during the entire stay was surprising.  When they say the ticket includes everything, they mean everything!  The food was delicious and I was stunned at the amount of swag we received.  Our welcome bag was filled with incredible pet products and the brands handed out samples.  It is a good idea to bring a semi-empty suitcase!  Considering everything that we learned, the meals, the hotel, and all of the swag, I think the price was a bargain!” 
You aren’t a blogger; did you ever feel out of place?
“This could count as another thing that surprised me.  Everyone that we met and talked to were so nice.  There were a few people that we spent time with and it felt like we’d known them forever.  It was the friendliest crowd that I’ve been around in a long time.  The pets served as an icebreaker for most people.  Many of the dogs were more recognizable than their people.  Everyone was there to learn and have a good time, so it is a comfortable atmosphere.”
You took pictures for me at the conference.  What can you recommend for others that want to capture the conference in photos?
“There are photo opportunities everywhere that you look.  Most of the photos I took were indoors, although there are many chances to go outside for shots.  If you enjoy taking pet pictures, be prepared to do a lot of clicking.  Even carrying Flat Bentley, we posed for a bunch of group pictures.  I always kept my camera with me.  You never know when the perfect shot will present itself.  The Sheraton Music City will provide a great background from what I can tell.”
What would you tell someone that is still trying to decide about
attending this year’s conference?
“It will be a good experience that you’ll be eager to repeat.  There are so many things to learn that will help you become a better blogger, a better pet parent, and takes the mystery away from social media.  The time flies by, you stay busy the entire time.  If you aren’t in a class, meeting the brand representatives, or visiting with other bloggers, then you are being served delicious food!  I understand so much more about what you do and I enjoy being able to help.  I’ve even become a regular visitor to many of the blogs that we met.”

   As you can tell, Skipper had a great time joining me.  I’ll need him even more this year since Bentley will be coming.  Whether you bring someone with you or attend alone, you will leave with many new friends.  I would definitely recommend staying at the Sheraton where the conference is being held.  If you do want to return to your room during the day, it will be so much easier if you are staying on site.  It is also pet friendly, so that is another positive! 
   You can see the program schedule for this year by clicking here.  Every session and speaker is incredible, so you have to decide which will be the most beneficial to you.  We are still trying to decide on a few of them.  I've printed the schedule and highlighted the classes that I absolutely can’t miss.  It is so exciting!  Check out this video teaser for what is in store of us!

   Do you still need an extra incentive?  We have a free evening to discover the city and just like last year, BlogPaws has chosen another fantastic venue…Nashville!  Grab your partner and come kick up your heels and paws with us!
   If you have any questions about the BlogPaws conference, don’t hesitate to ask.  You can leave a comment below or join me in the BlogPaws Conference 2015 Newbies Group.  Don’t let any unanswered question keep you from attending this year.  You can use my discount code and save 10% on your tickets.  Just enter BP15-Amb-Melissa-10 on your order form.

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  1. Great event and great venue. It sure sounds like it is going to be fun. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. SOunds like great funs, can't wait to hear how it went
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  3. It sounds lots of fun. My bipeds say it's too far away!

  4. Sounds like so much fun and very helpful too! us Aussie need to get on board with these things..we are after all down under hahaahah :0 loves Fozziemum xxxx

  5. It does sound like a wonderful event. I wish I could go! Thanks for all the great information and tips!!

  6. Well you know we are going, Mom will be going for the third time. We can't wait. Your post today reminded me to get my sidebar badge. Thank is now on my sidebar ;)

  7. It really sounds like you and Skipper had a great time. It is great to hear the the conference organizer make the event accessible and useful for everyone. Maybe I'll get out to the next one.

  8. That was a super good read! Bring your dog, cat or your husband lol :o) I wish I could visit blogpaws once, that would be great. but probably I would prefer a cardboard -Easy and a cardboard husband lol
    easy rider

  9. Sounds like so much fun, on of these years we are hoping to make it!! :)

  10. My husband will be traveling with me this year, since it's actually close enough for us to drive this year. I am pretty sure a couple of dogs will be attending with us, too, but we're still working that out, and trying to work out logistics and finances. I'm planning on being there, though!

  11. Ahhhh sounds like SO much fun!!!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  12. My hubby went with me last year to Las Vegas, and he'll be traveling with me to Nashville this year, too. He attended the awards dinner on the last night, but while I was attending sessions and hanging out with my fabulous pet blogger friends, he found things to do around the hotel and the general area. It was a great time for both of us, and we're excited about the conference in May! Nashville is one of our favorite cities!

  13. WE always hear such Wonderful thingys about BlogPaws... can't wait to hear about this year's event.

  14. Wish we could!

    The Mad Scots Peeps

  15. It sounds wonderful! If only it wasn't so expensive. BTW, we can confirm the rumor that there is a certain citizen of Blogville who will do something so shocking on the dance floor at the Heart 2 Heart Dance that everyone will stop and stare in amazement.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  16. This is fab. Dar has been to all 6 BlogPaws Conferences with me and so has Dex. Love this post and sharing!

  17. I am SO excited about going! My hubby won't attend...not his cup of tea...but for us that works out so that he can stay home and take care of the pets. Luckily I have a friend who wants to take the road trip with me! She will probably attend just one day of the conference, but she is looking forward to meeting people and pets too! We can't wait!
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  18. This will be the mom's 3rd BlogPaws. She says the Vegas one was lots of fun and she's looking forward to Nashville.

  19. Wanted to go so bad. Maybe one day
    Lily & Edward

  20. Thanks for all the great info, Melissa. I've never been to a BlogPaws Conference but now I'm thinking about it!

  21. I'm going to BlogPaws 2015 and can't wait. I'm trying to decide if I should take BJ. If he stays home, my dog sitter stays at my apartment so he is where he always is. I was jealous of all the dogs at last years' conference.

    My doubts - BJ is 15+ and in good health. He doesn't like all dogs (especially Chow Chows) and sometimes barks or snaps at them, so I'm hesitant to bring him because of that. On the other hand, he loves people and plays with dogs he likes and I would love to have him with me. He will be allowed in the cabin on the flight; if he weren't I would not take him.

    That is my dilemma. I have to decide soon because of the flight arrangements.

  22. It's really fun to hear a spouse perspective. I've often thought of trying to twist Gloman's arm!
    : )

  23. interesting! We've never thought to get our dad to go too!

  24. One year I would like to go, I loved reading your answers, you got me curious now on the legalities of pinterest and giveaways.

  25. Yay! I'm excited to get to meet Bentley this year! (and see you again, of course). I am bringing my Mom to the first day this year. She isn't a blogger but after the last couple years, I know her love of everything pet related will make her very welcome. Plus, she *does* have an instagram...maybe this will inspire her to use it more!

  26. Thank you so much!! This was perfect and definitely helped with our decision. I'm purchasing Denton a ticket as well. We'll see if Shasta is able to travel in a plane (he does great in a car and is very social but we haven't tried the carrier so keep paws crossed)! Can't wait to meet you all!


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