Friday, May 8, 2015

Meet PetSafe ~ A #BlogPaws Silver Sponsor

   In only three weeks, 500 bloggers will converge on the Sheraton Music City for three days of learning sessions, networking, and meeting brands.  It is exciting to have the opportunity to meet and talk to your favorite brand representatives.  One of our first stops is going to be the awesome Silver Sponsors, PetSafe®.  We have several brands that we are very loyal to and one of them is PetSafe.  I’m going to share our three favorite products that are always found here on the bayou.
1.  Pogo Plush® Slap Happy is paws down Bentley’s go-to toy.  It has everything that he loves in a toy, shakable legs, soft to bite, stuffless, and a great squeaker.  We call our toy “Slappy” and if you ask Bentley where Slappy is, he will go and get it.  This is much easier now that we have two of them.  Truthfully, we have had three but after almost half of a year being pulled, wrestled and squeaked Slappy #1 was killed.  Santa Paws brought Slappy #2 and there was once again joy.  The problem is both Bentley and Pierre love Slappy.  (Bentley wants it stated that he did not murder Slappy #1, but is willing to testify against the guilty paw-ty))  There was only one thing that we could do.  Pierre got his very own Slappy for his birthday.  We also have the PetSafe Sheepskin Ball that squeaks and is the perfect size for Bentley.  He walks throughout the house squeaking it in his mouth. I’m pretty sure that we will be buying two of these.  (Pierre wants it stated that the ball was a gift for HIS birthday and Bentley hogs it)  I need to talk with the PetSafe representatives to make sure there will be Slap Happy toys for years to come.
2.  Our next favorite thing from PetSafe is something near and dear to Bentley’s heart.  It’s their Indigo Fresh Floss Bones and Sticks.  It will be hard to get him or Pierre away from that display.  There are only a few treats that get those two inside during a barkfest.  Indigo Dental Sticks is one of them.  I can hold one up in the air for them to see and the squirrels, the neighbors, and the other dogs completely disappear.  (They both want it stated that these other barkable things don’t actually disappear.  It’s all about prioritizing) You can read our review of them here.  Yes, it will be difficult to move them along from our PetSafe friends.
1.  This last product is something new to us.  It is the Gentle Leader Headcollar.  I love it and Bentley is getting used to it.  Let me just say it, Bentley can be a pistol to take for a walk sometimes.  He uses his low center of gravity to pull me where he wants to go sniff.  He also uses it when he decides that he has walked far enough.  That will be when he stops.  It’s like in the movie ‘Forrest Gump’ when he was running across the country.  He just stops.  I have tugged, pleaded, and fussed.  He has pulled, sniffed, stopped, and won.  Until now.  A member of a Basset Hound group on LinkedIn recommended it to me.  I’d become so frustrated with harnesses that rubbed his underarms or collars that gave me zero control.  The Gentle Leader fits over his nose and behind his ears, but it is not a muzzle.  If you can control the nose, you can control the Basset Hound.  That is the trick to this Headcollar.  I went from having very little control over our stops and starts to having a terrific walking partner after only a few lessons. (Bentley again wants it stated that he has always enjoyed our walks and I shouldn’t whine) We haven’t perfected it and I will be doing a more in-depth review after we have had more experience with the Gentle Leader.        
   So, if you are attending BlogPaws 2015, be sure to stop and meet the PetSafe brand.  If you aren’t attending but are looking for an incredible dental stick, the perfect squeaky stuffless plush toy, or a collar that will help you take the lead, visit PetSafe.  They carry an entire line of great pet products.   
*Please Note: The Music City Sheraton can only guarantee available room reservations through Monday, May 11th.
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  1. All three of these products look amazing. I look forward to learning more about PetSafe at BlogPaws in a few weeks. Hurray!

  2. WE LOVE PETSAFE!! Cody reviewed a few things of theirs, they are pawtastic and your post is too!

  3. We love PetSafe and Bailie spent a lot of time at their daycare last year and may again this year. We have to see how it goes with Mom and two of us. Last year it worked well switching dogs mornings and afternoons for sessions and being all together early mornings and evenings.

  4. We love the gentle lead!!! been using it for quite some time, although I need to get a new one for Koda, as it doesn't fit his face quite right, and when he tries to pull it goes over his eye.
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  5. I love this teeth cleaners... they remind me a little of magic wands, they are tasty and the toothbrush can wait a while :o)
    easy rider

  6. We saw a dog wearing a Gentle Leader the other day...

  7. Great review, PetSafe sounds awesome! Looking forward to them at BlogPaws.

  8. Mine would adore the Slappy. They love their toys.

  9. thanks for showing us the gentle leader. Mom's human son has a little schnauzer puppy and she pulls like crazy on walks. Maybe something like that will help
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  10. Ma tried puttin' that on me once...freaked me OUT! Ma thinks that I didn't want it on my snooter cause it messed up my curly furs. Yups, that's probably it. ☺ So glads it's workin' out for HER. I say HER cause nows you can't do whatevers you want....sorry dude.
    Ruby ♥

  11. I'm really excited about this conference! I think that it is going to be a great time. The sponsors are great this year. There are a lot of people that I'm looking forward to meeting.
    -Purrs from your friends at

  12. PetSafe does have a lot of cool products! Shiner had one of those Slap Happy toys once... she unfortunately shredded it the same day lol. But it is a very cool toy and she had a lot of fun with it.

  13. Paws up for PetSafe! We love their products.

  14. I look forward to meeting them at BlogPaws. I love the treat pouch I got from them. The Gentle Leader saved my life with our beagle Kobi. He was such a puller, and that was the only thing that ever slowed him down (until he got much older and then we didn't need it any more).
    BTW, we got our package today, and we're so excited about all of the goodies. I'm always excited when there's something in there that's for me and not the dogs. :) Luke just had to have the Orangutan toy and he and Sheba have been playing with it all evening. They can't wait to get into the treats and the Honest Kitchen food. Thanks so much again!
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  15. PetSafe is great! We have a fountain, and two automated feeders, and they are all wonderful!

  16. Some great products, you are going to have so much fun.


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