Saturday, May 16, 2015

The BlogPaws Effect

   A couple of weeks ago I was thrilled to participate in my first webinar with Rachel Sheppard, Jon Roska, and Tadas Deksnys.  It was part of an Inside Warehouse discussion titled, “Is Revenue from eCommerce going to be the Next Big Thing for Pet Publishers and Bloggers.”  The answer is “Yes.”  You can’t really have a discussion about pet publishing and blogging without mentioning BlogPaws.  I had several slides relating to how brands interact with bloggers.  Businesses both big and small are looking to bloggers to promote their products.
   How can you be ready to take advantage of this market?  I suggest you follow the same path that I took a year ago.  What did I do?  I made the decision to invest in myself.  I made the decision to attend my very first BlogPaws conference.  I had only been blogging for six months.  I knew that it was something that I loved and wanted to be a success.  That meant learning how to improve my social media skills.  The way to accomplish that is what I refer to as “The BlogPaws Effect.”

   Prior to 2013, I did not exist on the internet.  I began my Facebook page for my book series as a way to connect with my readers.  I began Barking from the Bayou on December 3, 2013.  My personal and Barking from the Bayou Facebook pages were started a couple of months ago.  It is fun, but I need to know more.  Thankfully, there is a session this year with Jodi Stone and Jessica Rhae Williams.  You can get some tips and great ideas on this YouTube Google+ Hangout “Engage Your Readers & Tips for Growing Your Facebook Following.”  I hope my Facebook numbers multiply over the next year.  I am also planning to be at the Pinterest session with Susan Wenner Jackson.  She is one of the speakers on another BlogPaws Cares & Shares Googles + Hangout.  You can also hear Jill Caren and Bill Schroeder’s tips. 
   The advice I tried to adhere to is choose one or two social media formats and do those really well.  Over the past year, I have concentrated on growing my Twitter and Instagram accounts.  Here are my social media numbers (followers) from May 2014 to May 2015:

*I did not include my Facebook since it is new but I currently have 280 followers on Barking from the Bayou.  If you aren’t following, please join us!
   I am also very proud to say that I surpassed 400,000 page views this week.
The BlogPaws conference taught me an incredible amount in three days.  I have been able to monetize my blog and build my brand with the tools I gained in Las Vegas.  If you can find a way to attend this year in Nashville, I strongly encourage you to be a part of this conference.  The tickets are almost gone so do not put it off any longer.  It’s time to make an investment in your future and BlogPaws has great returns!  (Use my code to save: BP15-Amb-Melissa-10)

   *Speaking of returns, I want to share another magazine that is featuring the quote from my second book, The Returns 2 ~ Showstoppers.  This is a page from Natural Muscle magazine and features the very accomplished fitness cover model and motivational speaker, Thomas Delauer.  He is not just a fitness lover; he is a dog lover extraordinaire.  Thomas credits his dogs for teaching him how to be a better person.  You can read his article here


  1. I wish I could visit such a session, I would like to learn what I can do better or what else I could do to make my blog (or better Easy's blog) more attractive :o)
    easy rider

  2. BlogPaws definitely jumpstarted our whole internet presence! Can't wait to see what we learn this year!

  3. Too bad we live in the "wrong" country to join the Blogpaws conference :)

  4. You have made SOOOOOOO many furends.... in a short amount of time.... GOOD fur YOU!!!!

  5. How cool to be quoted like that, especially in media that you wouldn't expect!
    I am taking all of those social media sessions at the conference is one thing that I really need to do better with. I'm excited about learning more and growing my numbers like you have.
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  6. Can't wait! Mom is finishing up "flat" me today. Thanks for the flat pet info.

  7. You are rising fast!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  8. What a great experience working with you on this webinar! I look forward to seeing you in Nashville!

  9. I so wish I was going! I need to watch the G+ hangout that Jessica did sometime soon. I have it bookmarked.

  10. This is fantastic! I really want to attend next year after we pcs and settle down our lives!

  11. Wow, you've done really well in such a short period of time. Good for you!

  12. This is so incredibly inspiring! It's beyond impressive that you've accomplished so much so fast. I'm proud to call you a friend. Thanks for showing that this can be done. 

  13. WOW, you've had some extraordinary growth in such a short time - kudos to you on this accomplishment! This will be my second conference and I'm hoping to come away w/ a lot more tips & info on how to achieve more growth on my blog.
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  14. How cool is that to have your quote in a mag with a hunky guy with dogs!!! Congrats on your many page views. You rock!

  15. Wells, that's cause you guys are FABulous!!!! And everyone knows it! and...Ma LOVED THE EYE CANDY!!!! BOL!!!
    I thinks she's gonna go check out the Hunky dudes article nows...☺
    Ruby ♥

  16. Yay, concats on the growth! That's pawesome!!! (and wowzers on the quote - heeee!)

  17. I agree, very inspiring!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  18. Big congrats on the stat numbers! Nearly as impressive as the buff dude. ;) So wish I could attend the conference, sadly it's not in the cards this year, but who knows for the future. Have a super conference!


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