Monday, June 29, 2015

BFTB NETWoof News June 29, 2015

Bentley: “Hello and welcome to this week’s BFTB NETWoof News.  It’s the news that you can use start the day with a smile.  I’m joined by my co-anchor Pierre Westie and our ace Weather Lab, Paisley.  We try not to report the bad news, but humans keep doing bad things to each other and helpless animals.  On behalf of all the dogs and cats everywhere…stop it, please.  The solution is really simple, just be nice.  Sorry, I didn’t mean to be a Bummer Basset.  Pierre, what’s our top story?”
BFTB NETWoof News week of June 29th

Pierre: “This week’s explosive story is the big 4th of July holiday this weekend.  There will be a lot of families grilling and lighting fireworks.  This brings up some safety issues for pets.  I tend to bark at fireworks.  Every. Single. One.  Bentley on the other paw, is pretty sure that we are under attack from enemy forces.  Did you know that more dogs are lost on this holiday than any other?  It is good idea to follow these safety tips:
1.   Make sure your pet has proper identification. A microchip is a great idea.
2.   If your dog gets nervous, try The Anxiety Wrap or some other anxiety reducing method to calm them.  *We are also big fans of the PetSmartLove 4-in-1 Harness with the simulated heartbeat. 
3.   Play your television or music a bit louder than usual.
4.   Divert your pet’s attention with games or a long-lasting chew.
5.   When cooking outside, always watch your pets around the hot grill.
6.   Don’t give them the bones from the meat that you grill.
Bentley: “I cannot believe it is time for fireworks again.  I may have to double up and use my Anxiety Wrap and my harness.  Some of those explosions sound too close for comfort.  Keep it safe out there, friends.  I think that I’ll stay indoors and read a good book.  Blogville has a new library and we all have our new cards!  Miss Sally Ann the head librarian is issuing them.  You just need to send a photo along with your name to get your official Blogville Library Card.  Click here for the address.  Sally Ann is very helpful and we all know that reading is FUN!”
BFTB NETWoof News Library Cards

Pierre: “A good book and a pile of pillows on a summer afternoon is a beautiful thing.  This next story is about ugly.  Actually, it is about this year’s World’s Ugliest Dog contest.  Quasi Modo, a Pit Bull-Dutch Shepherd mix won the title on Friday.  The dog was abandoned at an animal shelter before being adopted by his veterinarian owner.  Quasi Modo has a spinal defect that gives him the appearance of being hunch-backed.  His shape along with his winning personality helped him fetch the $1,500 prize!”
Bentley: “Wow, being ugly can really pay!  Speaking of winning, let’s take a look at sports.  Our buddy Hooch has jumped an Elite Division jump in the Senior Division finals.  Hooch is only one-year old and will be competing with his big sister Limon”Cello” at the Dock Dogs World Championship in November.  Hooch jumped an astounding 23’2” to win first place.  He wasn’t satisfied though, he earned a personal best with 23’8”.   We are so proud of them both.”
BFTB NETWoof Sports June 29

Paisley: “Isn’t Hooch just the dreamiest?”  *Puppy swoon
Pierre: “Hello, Paisley.  Are you ready for the weather report?”
BFTB NETWoof Weather June 29

Paisley: “Oh, yes sir.  I’m ready to tell ya’ll that you should all close your eyes and think about that freezing cold winter.  Think about how your nose froze and you had to layer your clothes.  Okay, hold that image because it is going to be hot as all get out this week.  Those of y’all up in the northwest are breaking heat records.  There’s not much relief for the east coast either.  I hope that little cool down over the weekend didn’t trick you.  It’s going to be hot for the next week.  The center of the country will probably see some more storms.  I know you are sick of the rain, but it is just that time of the year.  Those of us in the south and along the Gulf Coast know that we will be hot with a good chance of mosquitos.  Bentley, back to you.”
Bentley: “Great job, Paisley.  Due to excessive heat warnings, we have to issue this PSA (Puppy Service Announcement) 1. Make sure your pets always have access to fresh water. 2. NEVER leave them in your car.  3. Do not assume they can swim, always watch them around swimming pools.  4. Enjoy your walks in the morning or evening when the sidewalk or streets are not so hot. End of PSA.  We hope that you visit us through the week for reviews, contests, and fun.  Take care of yourselves and be sure to grab some happy!”



  1. Great news and tips!! We are staying cool indoors with our air. Xoxo MaddiethePug

  2. Congrats Hooch! I hope no one runs away or is in trouble when the big fiework goes on... paws crossed that all peeps&pets can enjoy a wonderful 4th of july.
    easy rider

  3. Great advice, especially as its actually gonna get HOT here
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  4. Always love your Monday news! Good advice about fireworks and overheating. We are lucky that neither Ruby nor Pip when he was alive were bothered by fireworks. I think they make me more nervous than the dogs. LOL!

  5. Thanks for the news, Bayou Crew! I saw that about Hooch and Cello. Pretty amazing, right? Have a great start to your week!

  6. Great tips as usual - we are hoping they do not go crazy with the fireworks around where are now living - they don't bother us but Mom hates it when they go on all night and keep her awake :)

  7. Terrific news and advice on July 4th fireworks. Since we stick fairly close to home, we keep our eyes open for stressed pups running the neighborhood in terror. Hope everyone of you has a safe and happy 'howliday' this year!

  8. Great tips for fireworks- thanks for posting! Also, thanks a bunch for posting about Cello and Hooch! We are super excited to have BOTH dogs going to the World Championships!

  9. Once again, your news has brightened my Monday!

  10. Wow, thanks for mentioning the library. Y'all news reports are very informative, and I think that doggie news casters are the cutest.
    Sally Ann

  11. A $1500 prize - wow that ugly gig sure paid off didn't it.

  12. Thank goodness we have A/C. 101 yesterday and today. Then a big cooldown (yea right) to 97
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  13. It never occurred to me that pets would get lost so often on this holiday, but it makes total sense, being frightened from the noises. Thanks for the heads' up!

  14. That is awesome on the dock diving! I love water, but not jumping into it like that. We often think about winter as we are not fans of summer and the heat.

  15. Great job guys (and gal!)! Mama and Daddy are starting to play music at night so Jakey can't hear the silly fireworks...Poor Jakey...this is "heck week" for him!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  16. Another great news report. Thanks for the updates. We wish the warm sunny weather would head our way soon.

  17. Wow, Hooch is pretty impressive! Those are good tips too. You can report on a 2016 Blogville Retreat if you'd like!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  18. Wow, more awesome news from the pups at the bayou hahaha!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  19. We're looking forward to that heat here, we haven't had much summer yet! Check with us next week though....we might be less happy about it!
    Thanks for all the important news, guys and girls!
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  20. great news cast, so much great information!

  21. Hi Y'all!

    Cool! A library card! Best idea I've heard yet! We'll have fireworks up and down the river all weekend long. I'll have plenty of time for reading.

    Y'all come on by,
    Hawk aka BrownDog


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