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Bentley: “Welcome to BFTB NETWoof News for the week of June 15, 2015.  I am your news hound Bentley and this is my co-anchor, Pierre.  We team up to sniff out the news that you need to know.  As always, our awesome Weather Lab Paisley has the forecast.  We always try to bring you the happiest of news, but sometimes we must share something sad.  Isn’t that right, Pierre?”
BFTB NETWoof News June 15

Pierre: “You are so right and today is one of those occasions.  As we all know, although we dogs are amazing and awesome, we still haven’t figured out how to live long enough.  It is always hard to say good-bye to a friend.  It’s with deep sadness that we must report on the untimely passing of Blogville’s Official Chef and friend to all, Sasha the lovable Shih Tzu.  Just the smell of her squirrel pizzas had all of us drooling.  Silly Sasha will be deeply missed by her Mom Anne as well as all of our Blogville community.”
Bentley: “She was one of a kind.  To shift gears to a happier subject, we can announce that the Golden Retriever Figo the service dog that jumped in front of a mini school bus to save his blind human is recovering.  The poor fellow suffered trauma, tissue damage and a slight break to his front leg.  He did well during surgery although the veterinarian bill was a lot.  It fills us with joy to announce that an anonymous donor has paid all of Figo’s vet debt.  You humans amaze me at your generosity sometimes.”
Pierre: “Now, that is good news to start off our week! We are always thankful for the kindness of strangers.  Speaking of kindness, did you know that some funeral homes are now using dogs to help mourners?  It’s true.  They are using dogs to comfort friends and families during their grief.”
Bentley: “Wow!  That would be a tough gig, but I can see where it would be helpful.  Our last news story makes me chuckle.  A new fashion trend in Japan is to cut their dog’s hair in the shape of a cube.  Of course, my hair would never be styled that way.  I’m thinking you’d make a pretty good candidate.  What do you say we give it a try…you know for the sake of fashion.”
Pierre: “Are you trying to say that I’d make a good blockhead?  I may be slightly offended.  It is not a look that I will embrace.  Don’t try to shape my hair while I’m asleep either.  You don’t fool me after all this ain’t my first rodeo.”
BFTB NETWoof Sports
Bentley: “Funny that you should mention rodeo.  Blogville is having their first rodeo on July 9th.  You can get all of the information on the Mayors Murphy and Stanley’s page.  It is going to be a hoot, so pull up your boots and join us.”
Paisley: “Hey y’all!  I am going to enter the Mutton Busting with my pal Mabel.  That means that I get to be a rootin’ tootin’ cowgirl!  Yee Haw buckaroos!”
Pierre: “Oh that is a sight that I can’t miss.  How is the weather looking for this week?   Are we going to miss any showers? Teehee! I love a good segue.”
BFTB NETWoof Weather report
Paisley: “That was great, Pierre.  Hopefully, some of the storms will miss us.  The Red River is finally dropping a little and we sure don’t need any more rain.  Texas is going to get more and so are our friends from Missouri all the way to the east coast.  Denver can’t seem to catch a break either.  Even more rain and bad storms are expected there.  The bright spot is the west coast.  California is sunny with temperatures 5° to 10° higher than normal.  Y’all try to stay safe and cool this week.  Back to you, Bentley.”
Bentley: “Great job as usual, Paisley.  Thank you all for visiting today.  Don't forget to click here and enter our Luv & Emma's towel giveaway! On behalf of the BFTB News crew, have a fantastic week.  Take the time to grab yourself some happy.”
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  1. I wuz real sad to read bout Sasha.

  2. Sad news about Sasha, such a sweetie
    Loves and lickykisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  3. I'm so sorry for Sasha and her family... together with all peeps&pets of Blogville... we will miss the sweetest chef...
    easy rider

  4. Our hearts are broken for Anne...Sasha will be so missed by everyone.

  5. It was so sad to hear about sweet Sasha. If only we dogs could figure out how to live longer so we could stay by our humans side.

  6. Thanks fur all the good news today. But our hearts are breaking for Sasha's family as well as all the Blogville residents who will never forget her.

  7. WE are SOOOOOOO Sad about Sweet Silly SUPER CHEF... Sasha... She was a FORCE in Blogville... you are right.... her Squirrel Pizzas were just like HER... THE BESTEST EVER.... We have heavy hearts...

    We heard about Figo... what a super thingy to have done... We are PROUD of it.

  8. Wow, what a brave dog!!! That was some good news. So sorry to hear about Sasha though :(
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  9. it is a day of sadness for sure - we will all miss sasha so much

  10. We sure were sad and shocked by Sasha's passing. She was such a special friend

    Cheers to Figo!! What a true hero!

  11. It sounds like there really are some good people left in the world ;)

  12. Sasha will be sadly missed. I love Figo for his dedication to his job and his owner!

  13. So sad to hear the news about Sasha!

  14. Condolences to you for your friend Sasha. So sad when our fur-kids leave us-it always seems way too soon.
    Very excited to check out the rodeo-I'll be polishing my cowboy boots up real purdy. ;)

  15. We are just so sad about our dear friend Sasha and so proud of Figo!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

    Pee Es
    I am happy to hear that Paisley is gonna try the Mutton Bustin! We got some pretty wild sheep lined up to ride - should be fun!
    Cowgirl Mabelene

  16. Didn't know Sasha, but squirrel pizza sure sounds good. I wonder if I could make one for Bailie's birthday. Rats, first I would have to catch a squirrel and I don't know if I can get one in a day's time.

  17. Sorry for the loss of your friend. A rodeo, how cool!

  18. I didn't know Sasha, but it's always tough to hear about someone losing their pet, even if I never met them. The news about funeral home dogs was interesting, I had never heard of that before.

  19. We didn't know Sasha, but it is always sad when someone loses a furry friend and loved one. May she RIP.
    Jan & the crew at Wag 'n Woof Pets

  20. Great news round up. We were very sad to see the news about Sasha.

  21. I am so heartbroken abouts our Sweet Pal Sashy. She is gonna be missed soooooooo much. Her squirrel balls were the bestest!!
    Yuppers, it's gonna be HOT this weekend Paisley! Maybe some of that rain could make it's way over heres!
    Thanks for the pawsome news report guys!!! As always, better than the TV heads!
    Ruby ♥


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