Thursday, July 9, 2015

The Anxiety Wrap Review

If your dog suffers from anxiety over thunderstorms or fireworks, the chances are it was a long weekend for you.  As much as I enjoy watching fireworks, Bentley hates them.  He will take his potty breaks before the explosions start and that’s it.  The same goes for thunderstorms. He hears thunder when it is thirty minutes away.  I know this for a fact because he wakes me up with frantic pawing on our bed. We go sit in the living room and in thirty minutes…Ka-BOOM! That is when he goes to make sure his dad is awake too.  Pierre joins us but goes back to sleep totally unfazed by the apocalypse happening above us. If you ask Bentley, he will tell you that we are always lucky to be alive afterward.  
The Anxiety Wrap

Our 4th of July weekend included fireworks and thunderstorms. It was the perfect opportunity to test our newest weapon in the battle of the nervous Basset.  The Anxiety Wrap® activates key pressure points where dogs experience stress.  These include the neck, chest, shoulders, midsection, and their hindquarters. This wrap has a patented design that relieves your pet’s stress with acupressure over their entire body.
Basset wearing The Anxiety Wrap

It was a relief to find a wrap that’s lightweight, breathable and made from a stretchy material.  Living in the south, most wraps are too hot for Bentley. We put The Anxiety Wrap on him and he wasn’t constricted or hot. When this calming wrap came on the market back in 2001, it was the first of its kind. They actually invented the category of pressure wraps! You can select from seven size options. The Velcro fasteners on the garment and wide stretchy bands on the patented leg straps make your wrap adjustable for a perfect fit.
Basset Hound in the grass wearing The Anxiety Wrap

Tufts University tested The Anxiety Wrap and scored it 89% effective in a clinical study. The main test for me is whether it would help Bentley. I am overjoyed to report that it was 100% effective. As soon as he let us know the storms were coming, I put the wrap on him. We noticed that he was more relaxed with no panting or pacing. The rain left, but the pyrotechnics soon started. Our neighborhood really put on a show. He didn’t react to the firecrackers being set off in front of the house. It was a shock when he followed Pierre out in the backyard to use the bathroom while the fireworks were exploding overhead. We sat in the living room watching television and Bentley climbed up on the couch between us and went to SLEEP! It was the first time that has ever happened on a 4th of July and it was wonderful.
The Anxiety Wrap logo
The Anxiety Wrap is one of the latest additions to the famed family of The Company of Animals products. The 35-year-old company was founded by pet behaviorist Dr. Roger Mugford. We will also be reviewing their new Quiet Dog that helps control barking.  That will be tested by our resident barker, Pierre. I hope it works as well because I am thrilled with The Anxiety Wrap.
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*We received The Anxiety Wrap in exchange for an honest review. Barking from the Bayou/ will only share products that we personally use and believe our readers will enjoy. The Company of Animals is not responsible for the content of this post. All opinions are mine.
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  1. Totally need this for BabyBelle. Girl she was a wreck this past weekend. Ugh I hate fireworks!

  2. OK. Comment disappeared?? Let's try this again! I am so glad that the Anxiety Wrap worked for Bentley! I did not have the same experience with LadyBug. Since she is my rescue, I cannot help but think that perhaps something she experienced before she came to live with me is triggered with thunderstorms and fireworks. I will keep on looking!

  3. Great idea, glad to hear you can get something to help frightened pups.
    Me...well Mum says I'm just too DAFT to be frightened!!!!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  4. that sounds interesting, maybe it is a way for Sofie of dogdaz too... Bet her mom would be happy if it would work...
    many thanks for a super helpful review
    easy rider

  5. thankfully neither are boys bat and eye at fireworks or thunder - they just blissfully sleep through it all :)

  6. Impressive! Say, do they make these for husbands?

  7. Sam has a thundershirt and it does help calm him during a t-storm. And during the fireworks.

  8. Mom really wonder if it works :)

  9. I've never tried one of these on any of my dogs. But I'm just impressed at how people can come up with such a revolutionary product!

  10. We didn't suffer in this house. We had the TV blasting do loud we didn't hear one
    Lily & Edward
    Pee s mom is now deaf

  11. I didn't know about The Anxiety Wrap. Everyone writes about the Thundershirt. I do love The Company of Animals; great brand. Wish I knew about this before July 4th. Thankfully, my two aren't freaked out, as in hiding under the bed shaking. They do bark a lot, though, and it def was a longggg night that evening. Thanks for turning me on to this, MK! Appreciate it!

  12. So glad Bentley's 4th was not so traumatic. I am not familiar with The Anxiety Wrap but will keep it in mind for the future.

  13. Oh that's a different one. I have the Thundershirt for Koda, but haven't tried this one.
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  14. We didn't know about this either. We hope it can help lots of doggies. I don't get anxiety unless my ball is stuck someplace BOL!

    Your Cowboy Dood Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  15. So, if you ear the anxiety wrap and your thundershirt, do you feel totally invincible?

  16. We tried this for Cricket and riding in the car, but we didn't have much success with it. I believe they work with a lot of dogs though, and I gave it to a friend to try on her dog for thunderstorms. I actually need to check with her and see if it's working.
    Lots of wags and woofs from the crew at Wag n Woof Pets

  17. Makes sense that it would work. Cool product!

  18. We're glad the wrap was a success!

  19. We're happy you found something to make you not worry about those boomers. We aren't bothered by them but we know some of our friends have a real bad time with them.

  20. so glad it worked for him. I never heard of it so thanks for sharing.

  21. I would love to win this for our foster dog, Ami. Ami is afraid of storms, fireworks and other loud noises. Thank you for the chance to win.


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