Monday, September 21, 2015

BFTB NETWoof News 9-21-2015

Bentley: “Greetings and welcome to this week’s BFTB NETWoof News. My co-anchor Pierre and I have sniffed out the news that you need to know. We will also have this week’s forecast from our Weather Lab Paisley.”
BFTB NETWoof news set with three dogs
Top Story photo courtesy of VashonIsland Pet Protectors
Pierre: “Our top story this week is one that really hit home for us. An 11-year-old Irish Springer/Spaniel mix named Tillie showed once again the loving devotion we dogs possess. She and her best friend, Phoebe, a Basset Hound escaped their home in Vashon, Washington during a company party. Someone inadvertently left the door ajar and Phoebe’s nose led her astray. Unfortunately, the hunt ended with her falling into a raven where she was trapped for a week. Tillie stood guard over her the entire time, only leaving to make an attempt to alert a nearby neighbor. After a few days, the man contacted a local rescue worker from Vashon Pet Protectors who came out and found the dynamic duo. They enjoyed a reunion full of hugs and kisses from their grateful pet parents. Besides being hungry, the two were in remarkably good health. They enjoyed a burger dinner and caught up on some sleep. We are happy to report that their new GPS collars on the way!”
Bentley: “You can always count on me to keep an eye on you. If you do ever get lost, can you stick close to home? I’d hate to miss a week’s worth of meals and belly rubs.  This Basset Newshound needs a good ten hours of serious sleep on my bed to be at my best.”
Pierre: “Don’t worry about me. I am not going anywhere that doesn’t have air conditioning and the internet. Did you know that we are celebrating two important celebrations this week? Why don’t you tell our viewers all about the first one?”
Bentley: Of course! We want to remind everyone that this is National Dog Week. That means y’all need to do something special for your faithful companions. It doesn’t have to be anything extraordinary; a tasty treat, an extra walk, or a game of fetch is all your dog asks for in return for being your best friend. It’s the greatest trade-off ever.”
news set with Deaf Dog Awareness Week and sign for I love you

Pierre: “I couldn’t agree more. It is also Deaf Dog Awareness Week. You’d be surprised at the number of our canine comrades who are hearing impaired. We have met a couple of deaf dogs and they are terrific. Many deaf dogs end up in shelters because people don’t know how to train them. If you are interested in learning more about the subject, two of our good buddies write about living with deaf dogs. Check out Deaf Dogs Rock and Dog & His Boy for expert advice. Tell them BFTB sent you.”
Bentley: “It is a busy week for dogs! We want to let our friends affected by the fires in Valley and Butte, California know that several rescues are housing pets that were left behind. A mandatory evacuation didn’t give some a chance to gather their dogs, cats, and other animals. Many people were away from home and couldn’t get back to save their pets. Other pets became frightened and fled. They are making every effort to reunite these families. If you or someone that you know has been displaced and separated from their pets, please refer to this page from the AKC with links to rescues and resources.”
Pierre: “Those people sure could use some rain without the lightning. What are their chances, Paisley?”
BFTB weather set with three dogs

Paisley: “Hiya guys! Did you know that autumn officially starts this Wednesday? That means cooler temperatures are on the way and there’ll be lots of leaves to run through. As far as the forecast goes the chances of rain over those fires is slim. California will continue to be hot and dry. I wish there was better news because the fires are spreading quickly. The system that is bringing flooding rains to the southwest just won’t move in the direction of those flames. Our northeast coast will welcome the new season with cooler temps in the area while Florida and along the Carolinas will see the possibility of soaking rains later this week. The middle of the country will catch a break with the wet stuff, but they are going to remain hot. Here along the bayou, our outlook is cloudy with the possibility of showers later this week too. Everyone should keep an eye to the sky and always check your local area forecast to be prepared. Back to you, Bentley.”
Bentley: “We are ready for some cooler temperatures here. In the meantime, we will be here each day and look forward to sharing more stories, reviews, and laughs with our readers. Y’all have a fantastic week and remember to grab yourself some happy.”
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  1. Oh I had no idea it was national dog week!! Thanks for the heads up loves!!

  2. We are loving cooler temps and fall weather up here! Can't wait for snow too, but that won't be for another two months or so. Every week is dog week around here, so not expecting much of a difference! Have a great week!

  3. Ooh! We didn't know it was National Dog Week! Thanks!!!

  4. Yep. Good to hear it's National Dog Week. Also, sending prayers for those affected by the fires! Great report.

  5. Excellent news report, as always. Yet I wait for the day that you report Florida will not have any more rain! I am sick of it and some places north of us are flooded. If only we could send the rain to California to put out those fires.

  6. Ahhh Tilly and Phoebe story is something else!
    Lily & Edward

  7. Pierre, we have a fairly famous deaf Old English Sheepdog in Denver, Cloverton the Deaf Dog who know American sign language. He's a great dog and does a lot of benefit work for MS. Deaf dogs can lead amazing and productive lives and Cloverton proves that! Good job, guys.

  8. What a great happy ending for Tillie and Phoebe!! That must have been pretty scary for them!
    Thanks for another week of wonderful reporting!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  9. Thanks for the news fellas, We'll have to do something special for National Dog Week!

  10. Great story about Tillie and Phoebe! Appreciate all the news you guys provide!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  11. Lots of good news and good stuff going on this week...yay! We hope things settle down in CA soon and they get the rain they need. It's been unusually dry here in the NE too this summer/fall, but nothing like what they have to deal with.
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  12. As a deaf kitteh, I can totally get behind Deaf Dog Awareness week! ~ Maxwell

  13. There should be a parade for National Dog Week, don't you think? Also, we wanted Paisley to know summer has returned here.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  14. We'd be looking for some of that rain over here in the West. Those pesky fires are really destroying people and pets lives!! What a great thing the local rescues are doing for the pets and their people! Thanks, as always for your updates! We had no idea it was National Dog Week but Teddy and I plan to make sure our hoomans know it!

  15. Excellent news report, such great stories today! It could just be me, but I couldn't click on the link to see the AKC links to rescues & resources? What a great week of celebrations, National Dog Week and Deaf Dog Awareness Week!!
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  16. so much going on this week I had no idea, thank you!


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