Monday, September 7, 2015


Bentley: Happy Labor Day to our friends that are celebrating today! Welcome to BFTB NETWoof News where we have a nose for news. I am joined at the anchor desk by my partner Pierre Westie and Paisley, our BFTB Weather Lab. What’s today’s top story, Pierre?”
Labor Day newscast with Labrador, Westie and Basset

Pierre: “We want to remind everyone to keep an eye on their pets during today’s activities. Curiosity could lead to a burnt snout or paws around the grill. I mean, who can resist a sizzling hot burger or steak? Not this dog! Make sure that you keep the alcoholic beverages out of our reach too. I’m not ashamed to admit that I will try to take a sip of unguarded wine. #NotProud We want our humans to stay vigilant on the flea and tick preventatives.
Bentley: “Those are all very important reminders. This next story could be filed under one of our most bizarre for the year. Authorities in Chile have taken a two-year child into protective custody after a neighbor noticed it suckling from her pregnant dog. The baby had been abandoned and was discovered with the dog at a mechanic’s workshop about 1,200 miles north of the capital city of Santiago.”
Pierre: “Wow, I don’t even have a witty comeback for that story. On a happier note, Blogville is hosting a Sadie Hawkins Dance with Dory. That is when the girls ask the boys to the dance. This is one reporter that is hoping he gets an invite. What about you, Bentley? Are you hoping ‘you-know-who’ will ask you to accompany her? Hee, hee, hee.”
Bentley: “Pierre! Geez, you really know how to embarrass a guy. I do want everyone to make our Halloween Hop down on their calendars for October 31st. We will have more details later, but I know there will be prizes!”
News desk with sheep before shearing and after

Pierre: “I didn’t mean to embarrass you. I didn’t think that you’d be so sheepish about it.”
Bentley: “Funny that you should mention sheepish. We have a report about Chris the Elusive Sheep. It seems that he hid each time it was a shearing season. The result was 89 extra pounds of wool on his body! He was sheared under anesthesia due to the massive amount that had to be removed. At the end of the process, there was enough wool to make 30 sweaters. We are happy to report that the much thinner Chris is waiting on a new home.”
Paisley: “Hiya guys! That poor sheep must have felt baaaah-d! Haha! Is it time for the weather yet? I think there is finally some good news in the forecast!”
Pierre: “You are right on time, Paisley. We will have sports next week after we get the results of various competitions being held this holiday weekend. The BFTB team will be at the Weiner Dog Races today at our local horse track. I wish our friends Frankie & Ernie were racing, but I’m sure there will be a great group.”
Weather news set with three dogs

Paisley: “I can tell you that the weather is going to cooperate with us here in the south. We will have rain later in the week because it is actually going to bring a cool front to us. The Seattle area will have some rain as will the middle section of our country. The majority of the states will have beautiful weather with a cooling trend later this week. Happy Labor Day!”
Bentley: “Thanks, Paisley. I know the cooler temps are a welcomed relief around here. We wish all of you a wonderful week. Please come back and visit with us each day. If it’d be easier, just add us to your email or follow us on Bloglovin’. (See upper right sidebar) We want to wish our friend Oz the Terrier a very happy 11th birthday! If you drop by and leave a birthday wish, his mom will donate $1 to their local rescue! That is a super way to give back! Until next week’s news, y’all stay safe and don’t forget to grab yourself some happy!”
Pierre: STOP! I interrupt this program with a special news bulletin! We have our three lucky winners of Dr. Harvey’s Power Patties!
Congratulations to:
Cathy A.
Brittany P.
Lauren M.
  We will be in touch to get your drool-worthy treats on their way!

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  1. I will look for a sadie hawkins clawstume, by now no girl asked me... do you know why?
    A howl-o-ween hop sounds great, I love love love howl-o-ween!

  2. Thanks for the news. That sheep was some story, we saw it on the TV! I'll be grilling burgers today...I highly suggest you stop by, wink, wink... Happy Labor Day.

  3. Thanks for the birthday wishes, pals! And congratulations to your Dr. Harvey's winners! They are going to LOVE those Power Patties!

  4. Have a great Labor Day! Thank you for the news report and the reminders to keep safe!

  5. Thank ya for the news report and take time to enjoy labor day!

  6. Have a great Labor Day. Thanks for keeping us up on the news.

  7. Great show ever'body! Yes that furst story was an odd one fur sure! BUTT it does show you how wonderful doggies are!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  8. another pawsome news round up guys - you are all so professional

  9. Y'all are definitely on it this week! Hmmm...we wonder if you got that invite you were hoping for, Bentley?
    Jan & the crew at Wag 'n Woof Pets

  10. OMD, where do you find these interesting stories?! We love em!! Our paws are crossed for you Bentley! Hope you get asked by the one!! :-)

  11. Count me in for the Halloween Hop!

  12. Awesome!
    Hope you had a great Labor Day!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  13. Yay, congrats to the winners on some cool swag! As always, another great newscast, guys. :)


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