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Feeling Fabulous with #PetSmartGrooming

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   There are two things that I take very serious when it comes to my dogs. I want the best veterinarian and the best groomer. Being a White West Highland Terrier, Pierre needs regular grooming appointments. I have always taken him to the same groomer. He was used to them and they did a good job. When there was a change in owners a few months ago, the service was not the same. I thought it was the perfect time to search for a new dog groomer. My city may not be the most dog-friendly place, but there are dog salons everywhere. The trick is finding one that I trust. Enter PetSmart® Grooming Salon. I had seen their work with other dogs while shopping and at adoption events. I decided to give them a call and it turned out to be a terrific decision.
   I made my appointment over the phone because I wanted to discuss the options available and ask some questions. Now that I know what fabulous dog groomers they employ, I will be able to book future groomings online. The website even allows me to choose my groomer and select from a variety of grooming packages. You can find a PetSmart groomer in your area by checking here. We chose the Top Dog℠ add-on which includes a premium shampoo, milk bath conditioner, cologne spritz, teeth brushing, and a bandana. They will give you a Pawgress Report with all of the services that were performed. It is the perfect way to make your dog feel extra special! You can also get text alerts or emails to let you know when your pet is ready! Of course, you are welcome to wait and watch. They accept walk-ins for services, but to minimize the waiting time, it is best to book an appointment.
   Chris was our groomer and he made us feel at ease from the moment I opened the door. It was obvious how much he loves his job. He has been a PetSmart groomer since completing his 30-day academy training and the additional 400 hours of hands-on training back in 2008. All of the groomers are required to take additional coursework where they learn about dog anatomy, signs of stress and common medical problems. He was so friendly and was happy to answer all of my additional questions about his training. For instance, did you know they have to do an internship where they groom 100 dogs? That is because there are 5 categories of dogs and each has to be groomed differently. They have to groom 20 in each of those categories.
   At my other groomer, I dropped Pierre off and he was whisked off to a back room. I had no idea what was taking place. At PetSmart, you can watch your dog’s grooming. They will take them to the back for their bath and blow dry. If you have any concerns of the type drying they will use, feel free to discuss it with your groomer. Pierre was blown dry which is what I do at home. In case you have never seen what happens after you drop your pet off to be groomed, I will take you through the steps with our groomer Chris along with Pierre.
Westie being de-matted
After greeting Pierre, he began combing out mats. The matting becomes worse if they aren’t removed before bathing.
Westie getting his underside shaved
He gets his “private parts” shaved, then it is off for his bath and blow dry. They also cleaned his anal glands.
Westie about to be groomed
Wow! He looks so much better already. He was bathed with a whitening shampoo. Chris gives him another good brushing to ensure he won’t have any tangles. He spoke in a calm soothing voice the entire time.
PetSmart groomer using thinning scissors
Then, he used thinning scissors on Pierre's sides. PetSmart sells everything they use for grooming in the store.
Groomer shaving Pierre Westie's back
Chris began shaving Pierre’s back in a standard Westie cut.
Groomer trimming Pierre Westie's face
A trim around the eyes makes seeing so much easier!
Groomer trimming hair around Pierre Westie's ears
The hair on his ears gets so long that it makes cleaning them difficult. They were taken care of with some expert scissor work.
Pierre Westie having his feet groomed
A pedicure for the hair on his paws and nail grinding is part of the process.
Groomer and Pierre Westie
It looks likes Pierre has a new friend!
Before and after photo of Pierre Westie
PetSmart offers a "Look Great Guarantee." You can see from this before and after picture, Pierre definitely looks great!

 A few reminders before your appointment:
*All pets need proof of current rabies vaccinations.
*Rabies vaccinations need to be administered at least 48 hours before grooming.
*They cannot perform services on pets 8 weeks or younger.
*You can’t go behind the double doors separating the Salon lobby from the grooming area. This is a safety issue.

   I realize that everyone’s pet is different and so is their experience with grooming. I was extremely happy with Chris at my local PetSmart. Pierre and I will definitely be visiting him for our future grooming needs.
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  1. They did such a great job!! He looks so handsome!!!

  2. Pierre you look fabulous! I agree with you a good vet and a good groomer are very impawtant things. We failed with a groomer once and the WHFT got a poodle-cut... the whole family was speechless...

  3. He looks great! That is my favorite sort of haircut to do!

  4. Pierre is looking AWESOME!!! What a fantastic job they did on him! It's wonderful that you were able to photograph every step along the way. It does make me extremely nervous when they "disappear in to the back room". It makes me feel very unsettled! I'm so glad Pierre had such a great experience.

  5. Oh Pierre, you look like a million dollars after your grooming. Wow, that is amazing and the best part is that he never looked stressed over the whole trimming. That was fun to see.

  6. What a great transformation, wonderful job done.

  7. Pierre, you look amazing :) Thank you for sharing your experience with PetSmart. They really seem to be doing things right!!

  8. Pierre, looks like a great makeover! Very handsome!

  9. Looking good pal!!! Wow!!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  10. Wow, Pierre looked like a white fluff ball there after the bath, the groomer sure did well finding the Westie again. Congrats to you, Bentley! I think like you and sent Bailie to the groomer for my post. I didn't want any embarrassing photos of me on the blog either. Poor Pierre having his privates mentioned online, LOL!

  11. OMD! on the before & after photo :-) It's my 1st to see a male groomer. It's hard to groom a Westie and he did a pawsome job. Golden Woofs

  12. Wow, Pierre.... looking good! And your Mama sure got some great shots thru the glass! Our post went up today too - come by and check it out. :)

  13. Pierre looks wonderful! So happy you had a great experience.

  14. He did a wonderful job with Pierre!!!!!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  15. Great job, Pierre looks amazing! We split our time between Phoenix and New York and use PetSmart grooming in both cities for our dogs. The groomers are great at both PetSmarts.
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  16. What a difference! It sounds like them pay a lot of attention to detail too.

  17. Yes, quite a difference in the before and after pictures.

  18. The best groomer we ever experienced worked at Petsmart....unfortunately, the closest Petsmart here is over 3 hours away. They did a pawsome job with your "do" Pierre!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  19. They are awesome!
    But I give Maddie and BabyBelle pug spa at home. Lol

  20. We're glad you found such a great groomer. Pierre looks so handsome!

  21. He looks fabulous! I do my own grooming (Nola and Lucky don't need anything beyond baths/nails/ear cleaning, Pike is fine with a brush out a few times a week and occasional shaping of his paws, and I hand strip Olivia), but love to watch the groomers whenever I'm at Petsmart.

  22. Pierre looks awesome!! I think it's great that you can watch what's going on...perfect for pet parents that might be nervous.
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  23. Holy CAT, Pierre! You look PAWEsome!!

  24. I love Pierre's new look. He's so handsome and stylish ;)


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