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BFTB NETWoof News June 6, 2016

Bentley: “Hello and welcome to BFTB NETWoof News for June 6, 2016. I am joined at the anchor desk by my co-anchor Pierre Westie and Paisley, the best Weather Lab on the Bayou. We report the good news that pet lovers can use while leaving the doom and gloom to our human counterparts. What’s our top story, Pierre?”
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Pierre: “Today’s top story is an example of science at its finest. Florida-based SynDaver Labs has created the SynDaver Synthetic Canine. The goal is to put an end to terminal surgery labs. In case you aren’t familiar with this horrid procedure, it involves veterinary students practicing operating and other procedures on shelter animals who are then euthanized. The Synthetic Canine would also take the place of canine cadavers from the shelters. The skinless “dog” is anatomically correct with patented living tissue, a beating heart, circulatory system and fully functioning bodily systems. Isn’t that incredible?”
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Bentley: “It really is an amazing invention and I hope that it is available nationwide soon. This next story was related to us as it was happening by one of our BFTB fans in New York. Nearly 300 small dogs were found living in deplorable conditions in a New Jersey home. There were 20 dogs rescued that are pregnant and one actually gave birth to a litter as the dogs were being evacuated. That is the bad news we had to share to give you the good news. Calls have been flooding The Associated Humane Societies in Tinton Falls with donations and offers to adopt. Most of the dogs are Pugs, Yorkies, Bulldogs, and Chihuahuas. They will be available to go to loving homes at the Humane Society, the Monmouth County SPCA and St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center. For more details, click on the Hoarding Help link in the news sources at the bottom of our newscast.”

Pierre: “We’d like to thank ‘A’ for that report. Our last story is about a dog, a ball and a world record. This story came to us from another friend, The Poodle (and Dog) blog. She always has the most interesting stories and this was no exception. Guinness World Records has confirmed that Sailor the Poodle has won the title of Fastest 10m on a Walking Globe by a Dog in only 33.22 seconds. This wasn’t even Sailor’s first World Record. He did hold the record for Fastest Time to Climb 20 Stairs by a Dog on Hind Legs. He did that in only 18.19 seconds. I admit to not even knowing those were real things, but congratulations! Maybe we should try to get us a world record, Bentley. Is there a world record for barking non-stop at squirrels?”
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Bentley: “My ears and I hope there isn’t. I love this time of year because dog sports are great during the summer months. I want to brag about my sweetie, Emma from My GBGV Life. She earned her Level 1 Interior Nose Work title over the weekend. That gives her three out of the four elements needed for Level 1. I hope that she “nose” how proud we are of her and her mom.
Pierre: “The warmer weather also means that our friends, The Liver Killers are back to dock diving. They had an awesome weekend at the Keystone Dog Dock event at SteelStakes. Cello won 1st place in Cadet Division Extreme Vertical and 3rd place in Elite Division Big Air Finals. Lager won 5th place in Top Gun Extreme Vertical and 3rd Place in Senior Big Air Finals. Hooch is recovering from an injury and only jumped once a day. His two jumps this weekend earned a new Personal Best Big Air at 24’11” and then he jumped an incredible 24”8” to win 1st place in Elite Big Air Finals. They can really rock the dock!”
Paisley: “I am so glad to see Hooch is back to his handsome healthy self. *Swoon He can really fill out a swimsuit.”
Bentley: “Ahem; how is the weather forecast looking, Paisley?”
BFTB NETWoof Weather forecast map
Paisley: “Oh my goodness, I didn’t mean to gush. Our weather is going to have some of our viewers very happy. The northwest will cool down and the west coast will be warm with some clouds. Nevada and Arizona will have their normal dry heat but the temps are hitting triple digits. It is early to be seeing those temps. Texas will get a chance to dry out this week but more rain could hit this weekend. Scattered rainfall will continue along the gulf coast and Florida. The east coast will have a well-deserved mild week while the northeast will have a few lingering spots of rain the first part of the week. The northern state will be sunny and mild. The Plains will have scattered showers. Overall, it will be nice weather for most of the United States. That’s it for the Weather Lab.”
Bentley: “We can appreciate some sunshine for a week or two. On behalf of the entire BFTB news team, I thank you for stopping by to see us. Don’t forget to tell your friends and co-workers about us by tweeting our link or sharing us on Facebook. I hope that you visit us each day as we share some great reviews, fun photos and dog tips to make your life easier. Have a safe week and don’t forget to grab yourself some happy.”  
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  1. Congrats Sailor! I'm glad for this synthetic canine... I remember the time we had to "work" with guinea pigs. I said no and got no credit for this part of anatomy, but till today I know it was the right decision.

  2. OMD! The terminal surgery story is terrible! I've never heard of such a thing, but that needs to stop yesterday! I'm pretty proud of my new title, can't wait to get a spot in another trial and compete again! Those dock diving dogs are so fun to watch. What a great sport for summer too!

  3. The Liver Killers are honored to be featured in the best newscast around! Thanks so much! Hooch said he jumped just a hair under 25 feet to show off for his girlfriend Paisley :)

  4. So much great news, congrats Emma!

  5. Thanks for the link. Poodles don't make news very often so we were very proud of Sailor. It just shows that sometimes pups that are hard to live with just need work to do and they become good citizens.

  6. Anyone hurting animals makes me sick and hurts my heart so I am happy there is an alternative to the surgery. Yay to smell the records and events pups!!

  7. OH B. P. & P.. you give us the bestest news and weather. We love Monday.
    We heard about Emma's Big Milestone...
    We are sad that the dogs were hoarded.... butt HAPPY that they are out of there now and headed to new Homes that are Safe fur them.

  8. Great news stories. So happy all those doggies were rescued
    Lily & Edward

  9. Great news report, as always my friends. So happy they rescued those dogs from the hoarder!

  10. 300 dogs!!!!!! so happy they have been rescued and we sure hope they get good homes
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  11. OMD....Those dogs rescued are from the same county where our Mama used to live in NJ!! We are so very glad they were rescued and are sending Mama over to see if we can help! Thanks so much for another great week of news!
    Dory, Arty, Jakey & Bilbo

  12. Thank you for the news report for another week.

  13. Oh no, I can't believe I got so busy I missed Emma getting her title! Thanks for letting us know! I'm also glad to hear that the dock diving is starting up again...I love that, and love hearing about how well the Liver Killers are doing. I can always count on you guys for the important news.
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  14. Always good news from you guys. Big congrats to Emma and kudos to you for sharing it. ღ


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