Monday, December 12, 2016

BFTB NETWoof News December 12, 2016

Bentley Basset Hound: “Hello and welcome to BFTB NETWoof News for the week of December 12, 2016. Count on us to fetch you the good news from the world of animals along with the U.S. weather forecast. No fake news reports here. Isn’t that right, Pierre?”
BFTB NETWoof News Top Story of pig surviving fire

Pierre Westie: “That is correct, my friend. You can trust us…we are dogs and here is our top story. Last week we reported on the rescue efforts in Gatlinburg, Tennessee after those devastating forest fires. I am happy to report another story of survival in the affected area. One family barely escaped with their four dogs as fire devastated their home. They were forced to leave Charles, their 200-lb. Vietnamese potbellied pig behind. Their 15-year-old daughter was heartbroken at the thought of losing her pet. When they returned to survey the damage, they were relieved to hear a faint ‘oink.’ The pig kicked dirt on the flames as they came near him and survived the fire by lying in a mud pit. He is being treated for smoke inhalation and singed hooves but is expected to make a full recovery.”
BFTB NETWoof News story: two dogs fall in frozen pond
Bentley: “I’ve always heard that pigs were super smart. I guess that proves it. Now, I am not comparing the survival skills of pigs and dogs but a couple of dogs in Minnesota had to be rescued after falling through the ice on a lake. Firefighters in a canoe were able to save them by paddling in part of the lake that was not frozen. The dogs were returned to their owners and are doing well. Let this be a lesson to everyone. You can’t judge the thickness of ice from the top.”
BFTB NETWoof News about a Pit Bull puppy hero
Pierre: “I can’t imagine falling into icy water. No, thank you. I’d rather be a hero like Apollo the Pit Bull puppy. At only 5 months old, he saved his owner’s girlfriend from an attempted rape. The teen had decided to take the pup for a walk in their Brooklynn neighborhood when she felt someone grab her headphones. It was a stranger who proceeded to push her to the ground and tear at her pants. Apollo sprang into action and bit the assailant on the leg. That gave the girl time to escape the attack. Apollo was not injured and police are searching for the bad guy.”
BFTB NETWoof News report on cat's paws becoming stuck in frozen snow
 Bentley: “That is the way to take a bite out of crime. Our last report is a warning about leaving your pets outside during the harsh winter weather. While it doesn’t usually get too cold around here, some places get downright frigid. A stray cat who sought refuge under a car in Zlatoust, Russia when the temperature dropped to -31F found that out the hard way. The kitty fell asleep and awoke to find its paws frozen to the ground by 6” of hard snow. The couple discovered the cat under their car and immediately took action to help. Using buckets of warm water, they were able to safely remove its paws from the icy surface. Once free, they wrapped the cat in a warm blanket and waited for the vet to make a housecall. After an anti-inflammatory shot, the rescued feline began walking after a few hours. We are happy to report the cat has found its new forever home nearby and doing great. This is also a great reminder to honk your horn before starting it if you park outside.
How about the weather forecast, Paisley? We heard you got to experience some snow first-paw!”
BFTB NETWoof Weather with Paisley the Weather Lab
Paisley: “It was incredible! As a Weather Lab, I have forecasted snow in many areas of the United States. As y’all know when you grow up on the bayou, snow doesn’t happen very often so I was puppy the only other time I've seen any. Let me just say, it was cold and windy so I wasn’t too sure of it until I got to playing and catching snowflakes in my mouth. Then, I took my parents and our baby out for a walk. It looked like we were walking in a winter wonderland. We could have some more snow mixed with rain later this week in the Pacific Northwest. This snow is nothing compared to what our friends in the northern states of Montana, N. Dakota, and Minnesota are experiencing. They received a lot of snow and there is more predicted to fall this week. Temperatures will be below 0° for several days in that area, so please bring your pets indoors or provide adequate shelter. The north isn’t the only ones dealing with snow. As you can see, the Mountain states will be enjoying more of the white stuff too. The sunny states of California and Florida will have scattered showers and clouds this week but they will remain warm along with the southwestern states. The Gulf Coast will be fair with a few showers. East coast states will have some rain and cooler temps. This is the time of year where our weather is vastly different from one area to the next. Always tune to your local weather station for updates and warnings. And remember, never eat the yellow snow.”
Bentley: “Thank you, Paisley. Y’all stay warm and kiss the baby for us. There is a bunch going on here at Barking from the Bayou. Tomorrow marks our 3rd blogiversary and we will announce the winner of our wooftastic giveaway! You still have time to enter or fetch your free daily points by visiting Inside Our Giveaway. Later this week, we have information on a new app, a Dr. Harvey’s update, and more fun than you can wag your tail at each day. Until then, take care and be sure to grab yourself some happy.”    
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  1. Paisley looks adorable in her pink winter coat!!

  2. We are thrilled to have the cold air and fresh snow! This is the winter we know and love! Can't believe you have the story about the dogs from MN. We walk there sometimes, it's only like 15 mins from our house. Have a great week!

  3. I'm glad for Charles and I'm glad that help was there for the dogs and for the cat under the car...

  4. So many great news stories, Boys! I am so glad that kitty in Russia was found and now has a forever home. How things work out sometimes is pawtastic! And just a little BOL at Paisley dressed in that poofy winter coat! Too funny!

  5. Always love your happy ending stories. Good news for Charles, the "Ice Dogs" and the Russian kitty. We got snow last week and are now waiting for the Polar Vortex to arrive this week. Ahhhh...winter as usual. Good thing there's lots of Christmas baking to get done!

  6. Love all your good news in an era of fake news. We don't trust so many sources, but we have no problem with yours.

  7. We saw a pug walking on a leash with a dog. The mom said piggy thought she was a dog
    Lily & Edward

  8. Great news ! Paisley looks very cute with his winter outfit. Stay warm, buddies ! Purrs

  9. That was a smart pig, I am glad he survived. And glad the kitty has a forever home now.

  10. Oh no, winter has barely started and there's already stories of dogs going through the ice. I don't think we can make it through a winter without a few of those around here (along with people too!). It's been pretty cold so hopefully this year everything will be frozen up good so no one can go through!
    Great stories, and looking forward to your fun week ahead!
    Jan & the crew at Wag n Woof Pets

  11. As
    CHARLOTTE wrote in her Web... THAT is SOME PIG

  12. What great stories. We just know Miss Paisley loved playing in the snow.

  13. Wow, what a great broadcast full of rescues this week! Pigs are definitely smarties and I love your happy ending stories. We got a whole bunch of snow and cold weather here!
    Grr and Woof

  14. So I guess no BBQ there in Tennessee, BOL BOL.

    I just couldn't resist.

  15. Oh, I would loooooove some snow guys! sigh....all I gots is some wet feets and furs. sigh. Wells, at least the plants are happy! Anyhu, FABulous newscast, and I want to give a HUGE high-paw to those hero doggies!!! WoooHoooo!
    Ruby ♥

  16. Hahahaha paisley I love your jacket! We need that here as it's going to be very cold


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