Monday, February 13, 2017

BFTB NETWoof News February 13 2017

Bentley Basset Hound: “Hello and welcome to BFTB NETWoof News. It has been an exciting few days so here is my co-anchor Pierre with our top story.”
BFTB NETWoof News Top Story features NY Pet Fashion Show
Pierre Westie: “The Big Apple was the place to be this week if you are a pet fashionista. The catwalk was filled with incredible fashions featuring both dogs and cats at the Hotel Pennsylvania. They were joined on the runway by their human companions wearing costumes that represented several countries. The New York Pet Fashion Show celebrated its 14th year with the theme, “Global Couture for Animal Rescue.”

BFTB NETWoof News reports DNA saves dog from Death Row
Bentley: “I guess my invitation was lost in the mail. You know I am nothing if not a fashion hound. 
   Our next story involves an elderly man’s service dog, Jeb. A judge had ruled that the dog was responsible for killing a neighbor’s dog and sentenced him to death. His owners couldn’t believe that their gentle dog who helps his owner get up if he falls, loves his three canine roomies, seven cats and even a bunch of chickens would hurt another animal. Instead of accepting the judge’s verdict, the family used the same forensic technique that has freed many innocent humans. That’s right; they used DNA taken from the victim to prove the wounds were not inflicted by Jeb. 
   The family is happy to have Jeb back home after nine weeks on death row but the ordeal has left their once lovable dog fearful and extremely underweight. We send our best wishes to Jeb and hope that with time and love he will be back to the great dog he was before the false accusations took their toll.”
BFTB NETWoof News feature a report that dogs can tell when a person is a jerk
Pierre: “The cold truth is that dogs and other animals have very few legal rights in the human court system. We are considered property in the eyes of the law. It is time to change the way we are viewed because we are definitely part of the family. 
   A recent study shows that we are able to tell when someone is being a jerk and we don’t like it. James Anderson of Kyoto University in Japan tested dogs and monkeys to see how their behavior changed when humans were helpful or rude.
   The study had the dogs watch their owners struggle to open a container as one actor helped, another acted without emotion and the third refused to help. The dogs didn’t really differentiate between the helpers and those who stood idly by but when it came to the person acting like a jerk, the dogs noticed. After watching their human struggle, the dogs shunned treats offered by the mean person but gladly accepted treats from the other two actors. The monkeys had a similar reaction.”
BFTB NETWoof News on hero cat saving family from fire
Bentley: “That means if you offer a dog a treat and they refuse it, you might need to take a good hard look in the mirror. 
   Our last story is another hero cat that is credited with saving its family from a devastating fire. This super cat pawed the adults’ bedroom door open and woke the mom up by biting her on the arm. Thanks to that nip, the family was able to escape the building home without injury.”
Pierre: “We should have added biting to the wake-up tips on our Ultimate Guide for Training Humans. Let’s check with Paisley, our ace Weather Lab for tips to this week’s weather forecast.”
BFTB NETWoof Weather with our Weather Lab Paisley
Paisley the Weather Lab: “Hello everyone! We are excited here in the Pacific Northwest to have a few sunny days before the rain comes later in the week. California will have some more rain in the northern area. I know that y’all are getting tired of it so hopefully, the sun will come out soon. The northern states will be fair and cool.
   If you live in the northeast, you can expect low temperatures with possible snow. The southwest will be sunny and in the 70’s while the south should prepare for early to midweek rain. The middle of our country will be breezy and mild but moving east, you can expect cooler weather with showers. Don’t despair, spring is just around the corner and flowers will begin poking up through the ground. As always, should inclement weather threaten your area, tune into your local weather station for updates and warnings. Reporting live, this is Paisley and I’m wishing you a pawsome week!”
Bentley: “Another terrific job, Paisley. We are looking forward to Valentine’s Day tomorrow. All of our friends in Blogville will be at Murphy & Stanley’s Kits, Kritters, & K9s Day K-oss. We can hardly wait for the fun! 
   Our week on the Bayou will be filled with love along with some great tips for pet parents.
   OMD! We want to give a big thank you to PetNitro for naming Barking from the Bayou one of the 50 Best Dog Bloggers of 2017. It was such a terrific honor! You can see our beautiful badge on our sidebar.
   We hope y’all have a wonderful week and be sure to grab yourself some happy.”
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  1. I'm so glad for Jeb... and I'm so glad we have this dna-thingy...
    I think my invitation for the fashion show got lost in the mail too... or lost in france like bonnie tyler said :O)

  2. I'm having my own fashion show wiv all the WONDERFUL jumpers my dearest DogMother is knitting for me.....and wiv the FREEZING weather we have at the moment I need them!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  3. That cat was amazing! I wonder if the bite left a mark!
    Maybe we are too cool to go to the fashion show as we weren't invited either!

  4. So happy that DNA saved the dog. What a terrible thing that almost happened there! Looking forward to the festivities tomorrow!

  5. We are so glad Jeb was saved through science! See ya'all at the pawty!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  6. Poor Jeb, we hope he gets back his confidence and good health. We are always sad that dogs are thought to be merely property.

  7. I'm so happy for Jeb and his family! The legal system really needs to revisit how we view the furry members of society.

  8. Congratulations, best Global Dog Blog!!! Love Ya'll!!

  9. Thanks for those great stories! We always enjoy reading them!

  10. Poor Jeb and his family, so glad he got cleared how awful to go through that. Congrats on your blogger award I'm super excited I was named to, never had that happen before.

  11. Poor Jeb! I'm glad it all came out OK in the end, but hope he can get back to his old self soon. I'm sure the love of his family will heal him.
    Great stories this week, guys, and congrats on being chosen one of the best dog blogs!
    Jan & the crew at Wag 'n Woof Pets

  12. We're glad for the poor Jeb, and paws up for that amazing kitty ! Purrs

  13. MOWZERS, DNA and science to the rescue!!

  14. You two are news hounds for sure. Our paper was late late late over the weekend so we appreciate getting caught up
    Hugs madi your bfff

  15. Very happy to hear the DNA proved Jeb was innocent. I hope he fully recovers from his ordeal and goes back to helping his upright. Big canine congrats on the Best Dog Bloggers to Follow in 2017! And such a well deserved recognition. Way to go, guys! ❤️

  16. I am glad Jeb was saved through DNA-that must have been an awful 9 weeks for his family.

  17. Thank goodness that DNA saved that dog. Too bad his confinement messed him up. It will take all the love of his family to make he feel safe again.

  18. Wow, fashionables at a hotel Pennsylvania! I should have been there with my bandana collection. Bol. Love your news....bestest part of my Monday.

  19. Poor Jeb! OMD, I am so glads he was saved, butts dang! I'm sure with lots of loves, he will hopefully gets back to normals soon. Paisley, can you PLEASE stop makin' it rain gurl!!!! I've had just abouts enough of wet furs to last a lifetimes!!! ☺
    Ruby ♥

  20. We think it's about time someone used scientific means to prove a doggy innocent! Yay for Jeb!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo


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