Thursday, February 23, 2017

How My Dog Likes His Steak

PrideBites steak toy is perfect to sink your teeth into and save 20% with code MKCLINTON
PrideBItes PAWtner affiliate disclaomer
Bentley: “Hello and happy International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day. I’ll admit that I love a tasty dog biscuit as much as the next canine but when given a choice, I prefer steak. Can I get an ‘arroooo’ for steaks?
PrideBites steak toy is thick and drool-worthy. Save 20% with code MKCLINTON
   You are probably wondering where I got such a drool-worthy steak so I won’t keep you guessing. It is one of the many cool toys available from my pals at PrideBites™. This one is prepared just the way I like it…squeakable, floatable, durable and machine washable. That not something your local steakhouses can claim!
   I love my steak to be tough and PrideBites toys are made to withstand 55 lbs. of pull pressure so I feel confident nobody can pry this from my grill. Their toys are stuffed with soft foam and vet approved for indoor or outdoor play. Those are just a few of the reasons that they won the ‘Best Dog Toy of the Year” from Pet Business Magazine within a month of their 2012 debut.
Bentley Basset Hound loves his PrideBites steak toy.
   Most pet parents would expect a toy this well-done to be crazy expensive but they'd be 'mis-steaken'. You can fetch a steak for your best friend for a rare $9.99. That is before you sink your teeth into our 20% PAWtner discount. Simply add MKCLINTON at check-out and treat your pup to some PrideBites fun!”


  1. that steak looks tasty... and it's a fabulous toy to open the bbq-season :o)

  2. We only have toys from PrideBites with our faces on them and mom is a meany and won't let us play with them! We need to check out the steak!

  3. Oh, I would love a steak too! Enjoy, but don't eat the squeaker!

  4. Living in a vegetarian house, that's about the only kind of steak we'd ever find around here! BOL
    Your fur-iends,
    Sam & Elsa🐾

  5. They make the cutest toys! I don't think they'd hold up to Luke though, but maybe we'll try one some day.
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  6. BOL!
    3 bum swings! 3 more!

    Nose nudges,
    CEO Olivia

  7. Did you take the squeaker out yet?

  8. Oh you had us at steak!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  9. Whew a toy!! I was about to hop on a flight to come beg your mom to adopt me I am one meat loving diva
    Hugs madi your kitty friend

  10. What a fun toy. The only thing better is if it was real. :)

  11. haha a steak you can have over and over.


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