Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Is Your Doormat Tired?

I am a Chewy Influencer and received this Apache doormat in exchange for an honest review. Barking from the Bayou only shares products that we love and think our readers will enjoy. Chewy and Apache Mills is not responsible for the contents of this post.
Bentley Basset Hound: “Do you remember last month when Mom showed off her desk calendar from Chewy.com? Well, you are not going to believe what else she found.”
Pierre Westie: “A doormat?”
Bentley: “Not just any doormat. She ordered an Apache Mills Masterpiece Woof Woof Ecomat™.  It is Apache Mills' mission to help the environment by using recycled materials in their products. This mat is actually made from the recycled rubber of scrap tires.”
Pierre: “It really is a tired doormat! You could never tell from its vibrant colors and cheerful messages. Did you check out the durable recycled rubber base? That should keep you from falling, which is always a good thing. It is 30” x 18” so there is plenty of room for us to try to wipe our paws and go in the door at the same time. You know, how we like to bottleneck the backdoor. Anyway, this mat is earth-friendly and I am all about keeping the environment clean.”
Bentley: “And Mom is all about keeping the house clean so our Apache Ecomat will sure save her a lot of work. The multi-level surface traps the dirt and debris that we would normally trek into the living room. This polyester fiber surface is stain resistant and to clean it, all you need to do is shake it, sweep or hose it off.”
Pierre: “Chewy sure is making life easy for Mom. She can shop for herself, her friends and us all in one convenient place. Let’s go slip our Christmas wish list next to her laptop. I’m sure she will be back looking at more stuff on Chewy.com in a few minutes.”
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  1. We want a door mat that says "What, you again?" hehehe

  2. I like it!!! ... and ours saw to many unwelcome visitors, so we need a new one....;o)

  3. We ordered a doormat too, but a different one for inside and haven't received it yet. They have some pretty pawsome items! Wipe those paws, boys!

  4. We love that doormat! We're gonna go check it out to see if there's one for cats. :)

  5. Very pawsome..in fact, we think Mama might have just ordered one!
    Jakey, Arty & Rosy

  6. I love this! We must check it out! Thank you, Bentley and Pierre☺

  7. Wow! That door mat looks nice, and really tough. That means you won't have to "retire" it for a long time.

  8. Great doormat. Our house doesn't lend itself to doormats....sigh.

    Must say, we love your sleigh being pulled by 'gators....especially the 'Rudolph' one.

  9. That looks like a nice door mat!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  10. Wow, we didn't know Chewy had doormats! I love it!! We have lots of doors, so need lots of mats - all pet related, of course. :)
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  11. It sounds pawfect!
    3 bum swings! 3 more!💜
    Wooftastic looking too!

    Nose nudges,

  12. Such a cool and vibrant welcome mat. 😄


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