Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Poo Happens or Takin' Care of Business #ChewyInfluencer

   The person who claimed that nothing is certain, but death and taxes obviously never had a dog! Pet parents all know that poo is one of life’s certainties and it is our responsibility to clean it up. It’s not the most glamorous part of having a dog but there are ways to make it much easier. Thanks to, we have discovered the perfect dog waste bag for our new home.
Basset Hound smelling a box of dog waste bags
We are Influencers and received Frisco Dog Waste Bags in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own and is not responsible for the contents of this article.
   We used to have a huge backyard and pooper scooping was part of life. It wasn’t until we began to unpack here that I realized my beloved pooper scooper was left behind! Luckily, our new backyard is small so picking up the boys’ business is easy. That means we were using a lot more waste bags than we did before. That’s where Chewy saved the day and our pocketbook!
Woman picking up dog poo with Frisco dog waste bag
   I was grabbing two bags from their leash attachment each time they went out to poo. It was inconvenient and I was going through rolls at a fast rate. That’s what makes Frisco™ Pantry Pack Dog Waste Bags perfect for us! They come in a box with a convenient dispenser and can sit in a cute basket at the back door. I just grab one when we head outside so I am always ready if poo happens and it usually does! These bags are big enough to hold both of the boys' poop.
Tossing a dog waste bag in garbage can.
   Frisco bags are durable, extra-large (9”x13”), and are available in scented or unscented. We chose the scented since we dispose of them in our little poo can outside. I really love that they are leak-proof too. is the exclusive seller of Frisco Dog Waste bags. You can buy the 300 count Pantry Pack for only $8.49 or they sell leash dispenser bags, refills, and bags with handles so there is something for every job! Take it from me, Frisco means business when it comes to your dog’s business.
Dog toys, pillows, treats and frame
   We want to send our friends at Chewy a special thank you for our house-warming gifts! Bentley and Pierre were so happy to see a Chewy box that wasn’t full of our stuff. The U-Haul was filled with lots of blue Chewy boxes. I know the boys thought they had hit the motherload when we unloaded the moving van! They were disappointed we had "recycled" their Chewy boxes until today’s box arrived chocked full of goodies for them!


  1. they look much more solid than ours... its the worst to get decorated hands while no water or a puddle is in sight ;O)))

  2. You look just like my mom bending over and picking up my bidness, Miss Melissa. I wonder how many bags we truly use in a years' time? Great review!

  3. We just ordered another spare roll, and it was half off! Love these bags.

  4. You can never have enough waste bags. Never.

  5. I luffs that both Mum and Dad have a pooh bag in all their pockets, jeans, coats, bags etc
    And they regularly sendup in the washing machine!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  6. These bags look perfect for multi-dog households. We use a rake and scoop and dump it into a bucket right now and that works pretty well for us. But we always have bags on hand too and these sound good for next time we need some!
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  7. Ohhhh Mom used to have those nice green poooop bags when she walked our neighbors Border for me she has a super duper pooper scoop....she wishes my litter box has high sides on it cause I sling litter when I dig, her words not mine.
    Hugs Madi your bffff

  8. Great review ! It's so nice of Chewy to send you those gifts ! Purrs

  9. These sound like great bags! and how nice of Chewy!
    hAZEL & Mabel

  10. How nice of Chewy to send you such a special gift. :)

  11. Chewy rocks! What a wonderful gift.

  12. We love te idea of putting the bags in a basket by the backdoor!! These look like a great poop bag! Thanks for the great review!
    Jakey, Arty & Rosy

  13. Good things come in Chewy boxes! I won a big box of these bags, I look forward to trying them out.
    Love & biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  14. Excellent review Melissa! How cool is that you got a housewarming gift!!

  15. oh no sure glad you got these nice bags after leaving your pooper scooper behind.


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