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BFTB NETWoof News June 18, 2018

Bentley Basset Hound: “Hello and welcome to this week’s BFTB NETWoof News. We have some great reports along with sports and weather. Let’s get right to our top story with my co-anchor Pierre.”
BFTB NEWS set with two dogs anchoring
Pierre Westie: “Thanks! We are used to reporting on dogs doing many remarkable things, so it seems fair that we would run across the occasional mishap. That is what happened in Iowa when a Pit Bull/Labrador mix named Balew was roughhousing with his person on the couch.
When his dad, Richard, pushed him off his lap the dog naturally jumped right back up on him. Balew inadvertently disabled the safety on the gun in the man's belly band and stepped on the trigger. The gun went off striking Richard in the leg. He was treated and released from the hospital. Balew laid beside him crying because he had hurt his best friend.”
BFTB NETWoof News set with two dog anchoring and porcupine storyboard
Bentley: “I think the lesson we want to take away from our top story is not to play with your pup when you have a loaded gun in your pants! That could have been so much worse.
  As long as we are learning lessons, let’s take a cue from two Texas dogs that found out porcupines are not very friendly. Both dogs’ faces were filled with quills after their encounter. It took the vet and his team over an hour to remove the painful spikes. It is not unusual this time of year for the vet’s office to see 2-3 cases of ‘dog meets porcupine’ a month. A porcupine can have as many as 30,000 quills and is not afraid to use them!”
BFTB NETWoof News set with two dogs anchoring and cat on green screen
Himalayan Cat Photo Credit: Joseph Morris
Pierre: “Ouch! That makes my nose hurt just thinking about it.
   We always like to include some cat reports and this week we have a big story. Actually, it is the story of a big cat.
   Someone found an approximately 10-year-old Himalayan mix wandering the busy streets of Pasadena, California. They took it to the Pasadena Humane Society and SPCA. Nicknamed “Chubbs” this kitty weighs a whopping 29 lbs.
   He was in rough shape when he was found with masses of painful mats in his once-gorgeous coat. The volunteers at the humane society spent hours shaving through the snarls but Chubbs is looking fur-bulus once again. He has also been put on an exercise program. They are looking for Chubbs' owner, but he does not have an I.D. tag and isn’t microchipped. Until he finds his forever home, he will be living in the shelter’s office because he doesn’t fit in their cat kennels! You can see the real Chubbs and follow his story on the Pasadena Humane Society’s Facebook page.
BFTB NETWoof News set with two dogs anchoring and raccoon on green screen
Raccoon Photo Credit: DeviantArt/Eegaas
Bentley: “If you saw the hashtag #MPRRaccoon last week and wondered what it was, here's the scoop. A raccoon became an internet sensation when he decided to climb one of the tallest buildings in St. Paul, Minnesota. It all started when the raccoon was spotted by a Minnesota Public Radio (MPR) worker spending a day trapped in an area over the first floor of the Town Square building. Workers tried to rescue it by leaning a 20-foot piece of lumber against the building. The coon had other plans and made its way to the UBS Tower instead.
   The mayor began working on a way to rescue the masked critter without putting it in any danger. It was seen taking a nap outside an office window on the 23rd of the tower’s 25 floors. The raccoon appeared to be making its way down as day turned to night but changed directions. It was finally captured in a live trap at 2:30 a.m. After being checked over, it was released back into the wild in an undisclosed private location.”
BFTB NETWoof Sports with two dogs anchoring and pug on green screen
Thanks to Idaho Pug Ranch for this adorable photo of Mabel with her awards
Pierre: “On this week’s sports, we are shining a spotlight on our friend, Mabel from The Idaho Pug Ranch. She and her mom have been training in agility. They are doing awesome! 
   On Tuesday, Mabel passed the Agility Course Test 1 for her ACT1 Agility Title!! Then over the weekend, she finished her Rally Intermediate Title by winning FIRST PLACE out of ten dogs with a nearly perfect score of 96. We are so incredibly proud of y’all. Keep up the excellent work.
   We are also happy to announce that Mabel and Hazel from the Idaho Pug Ranch are the winners of our Flagology garden flag and doormat giveaway! They recently got a wheelie house so they will be able to stake their claim when they go camping. Congratulations on all of your wins!!”
BFTB NETWoof Weather with Paisley the Lab
Paisley the Weather Lab: “Hello! Let’s take a look at this week’s forecast. As you know, summer begins on Thursday but most of the U.S. has already had a feel of the heat. 
   Our friends in the New England region are going to be setting records with scorching temps. Most of the country will be experiencing storms including the south, central and northern states. The Florida panhandle will be muggy while the West Coast will be nice with some morning fog in southern California.
   Always check with your local meteorologists for any storm warnings or updates. I hope that everyone manages to stay dry and cool this week. Many cities have implemented cooling shelters. Be sure to check on the elderly and make sure pets have access to plenty of fresh water.”
Bentley: “That wraps it up for this week’s BFTB NETWoof News. We appreciate you stopping by to visit and invite you back all week for fun reviews, great photos, and pet parenting tips.
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   Have an incredible week and be sure to grab yourself some happy.”  
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  1. oh poor Balew... butt it's not your fault... your human better should have ants in da pants than a gun...

  2. We are so proud of Mabel. She is a superStar and congratulations to the girls for winning the Flagology giveaway!

  3. We are real proud of our racoon being so independent and hard to capture! Poor thing must have been really a mess by the time they captured him. As for guns in the pants, we don't like guns anywhere as they always pose a danger. Good nothing more serious happened.

  4. Thanks for updating us on all the news!

  5. Great news report - so much better than what comes through on the boob tube:) We heard about that brave raccoon. And that gun owner needs to start using his noodle more so that doesn't happen again.

    We are thrilled to hear the news about Mabel- she is a champion!!!

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  6. double ouch...Richard is lucky he is still Balew's Dad if you get my drift.
    Chubbs is 29 lbs. I hope they weighed him again after they got all the mats shaved off.
    Our Huggy Puggy Mabel is a rising star!!
    Hugs madi your bfff

  7. Great news cast, have a great week.

  8. Great stories. Oh Balew! Accidents happen
    Lily & Edward

  9. Thank you for the great stories! Wow, Rocky Raccoon sure is moving up in the world!

  10. We saw that silly raccoon on the news! Thanks so much for sharing my accomplishments, Mom and I had a real fun week. We are also excited to get our flagology flag and doormat. Mom ordered them last week. Thanks so much for having the giveaway
    Hazel too

  11. Sorry someone got hurt for the gun mishap. It's like the detective who was dancing in Denver, did a back flip and his gun fell out and shot an onlooker. 🙄 Some people don't just use good sense.

  12. Are we evil for laughing at dogs shooting owners?

  13. Poor Balew! We hope he can let go of his guilt, since that was definitely not his fault!
    We have to admit,Paisley, we are enjoying our scorching temperatures right now. It's been too cool here, and we are happy to finally be getting summer weather! :)
    Jan & the crew at Wag 'n Woof Pets

  14. Lots of great news this week...Especially the shout out for my gal Mabel!! What an athelete!!

  15. You always find the most interesting stories.

  16. OMD, there are so many things to say abouts the furst story, i don't knows where to begin! So, i told Ma, let's just move on.....I loved the story on our Mabel!!! WoooHooooo! AND they won the contest??! double WoooooHooooo!!!! That is FABulous!!! CONGRATS all around gurls!!!
    Ruby ♥

  17. Mom and I enjoy all the content on your bloggie, Miss Melissa! It was the photos of Bentley and Pierre that first drew us to your site and we always luv seeing them, but we also appurr-ciate the variety of posts you have! Yours is a grr-eat dog bloggie! Kisses. -Valentine (& Mom) of Noir Kitty Mews

  18. Another pawsome post my furiend.

    HuMom heard 2 porcupines talking yesterday. They were hanging out on a tree branch.
    That is one big feline! 3 bum swings! 3 more!
    Racoons can climb just about anything?!
    Congratulations Mabel! Wooftastic work!
    Thursday is also my Barkday! 3 bum swings! 3 more!

    Nose nudges,
    CEO Olivia


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