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How to Dispose of Pet Waste at Home

   There is nothing like enjoying a summer evening sitting on your patio. I love ours and couldn’t wait to start enjoying it. That means no dog stink. You might remember when we first moved, I wrote a review on Frisco Dog Waste Bags that come in a convenient box for home use. With a smaller backyard, it is important to pick up the boys’ poop as soon as it happens.  
How to Dispose of Pet Waste at Home
small garbage can
   This little garbage can is what I bought to dispose of the used bags. The white bag you can see is a scented trash bag. When it is closed, no problem, no smell but when you lift the lid to add another bag…UGH! There had to be a better way.
The Pet Genie Pet Waste Disposal System
   I began searching online for a type of container like the Diaper Genie™ used for baby diapers. That led to the discovery of the Pet Genie. It is exactly what we needed. How did I not know this existed? As soon as I did, I logged into to see if they sold them. Duh…Chewy has EVERYTHING for pets! There it was in all its glory. The new Pet Genie for under $30.
Inside look of Pet Genie
The magic of the Pet Genie
Locks away odors using the Push-N-Lock system
• Holds waste bags, puppy training pads, and pet diapers. *It can hold a dozen used puppy pads at a time.
• Uses a strong, 7-layer bag with barrier technology to keep odors and germs away
• An interior clamp offers extra protection against smelly odors
• Helps control pet odors so your home smells fresh
• Easy to use and empty
• It REALLY works!
The Simplicity of the Pet Genie 
Pet Genie and its Refill insert
The Pet Genie comes with one refill that contains a seven-layer bag that has 14’ of film. To begin, lift the top and inner lids of the Pet Genie. Pull the film up and out of the refill. Push the film a few inches through the center hole and tie the bottom. These are not perforated bags. It is one continual film sleeve. Feed the knotted end of the liner through the clamp system. The refill fits snug in the top. Open the bottom of the unit and pull the knotted film down until it reaches the bottom and close it back.
Hand putting poop bag in Pet Genie
After you have bagged the business, open the top and push the bag through the clamp system. There is no stink!
*You can also push the “Press Here” button with your thumb to release the clamp and drop the bag in with your other hand.
Using the Pet Genie's built-in cutter
When it is time to empty your Pet Genie, push the center button on the front and open the bottom half. Pull the film sleeve down a few inches. There is a handy cutter inside, so you simply cut the sleeve using a sideways motion. 
Tying a knot in sleeve of Pet Genie
 Tie off the top of the full bag and take it out of the pail. Tie a knot in the open end of the film and pull it down to the bottom. It is super easy. Did I mention that it works incredibly well?
woman sitting on bench
To prove my point, I put our Pet Genie close to where we sit drinking our coffee and iced tea. There is zero smell. It is the most incredible pet waste disposal system that I’ve ever seen. I always dreamed about something that would store the poop bags until garbage day that didn’t stink to high heavens. I am excited to know that I didn’t just have to dream of the Pet Genie. It’s real.
*A special thanks to Natalie, our Chewy Influencer Outreach Specialist, for the Pet Genie! πŸΆπŸ’˜
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  1. that is a super system!!!! we bought a similiar system a while ago, it's for diapers but it works perfect... and it is made for the same stuff LOL

  2. This Pet Genie is awesome! We need to look into this. Thank you!

  3. Mom has always wondered why there was no diaper genie for dog poo. Around here, it is only an issue a few months out of the year, as frozen poo doesn't smell at all...amazingly. Mom tries to put most of the poo in the trash on our walks so we don't bring it home.

  4. Mom's friend told her that her son and DIL use Diaper Genie some years ago but we had no idea there was one for Pets. Ummmmm mom might need to look into that for me.
    Hugs madi and mom

  5. That sounds like a pawsome product ! Purrs

  6. We wonder if it would work for cats, though a few of our peeballs together can get really heavy.

    1. They make a Litter Genie for cats. This one will work for any pet waste as far as I can tell. We LOVE it. ♥

  7. We had no idea this existed either. Mom thought the diaper genie was a genius of an idea - we are happy to hear there is one for pets too. Thanks for the review.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  8. That looks great 'cept me and Stanley go for quantity in our poops. Dad picks them up with a pooper scooper so they are not bagged. Then they go in a holding area until dad has a big bag full of our poops. Then he shares them with the giant, noisy truck.

    Keep Calm & Poop On!

    Murphy & Stanley

  9. This sounds like a great idea. We have a poop bucket outside and yes it stinks!
    Hazel & Mabel

  10. There's nothing I hate more than opening up that bucket and the smell that pours out, especially in the summer! Do you know if this can be left out in the weather, or does it need o be under cover?
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  11. OMD...We soooooo need this!! Thanks for the great review!

  12. What an awesome solution to a stinky problem

  13. I think Dad needs to get one of those Genie thingies. He picks up the poo but leaves the bag on the patio! He doesn't take it to the trash can sometimes for a few days! It makes Mom cringe and my nose to curl! Eew, stinky poo! -Valentine (& Mom) of Noir Kitty Mews

  14. about a "why didn't I think of that!" moment. Bravo.

  15. This is amazing. I drop my bags in the outdoor trash can, and I can tell you, that think is RANK. Especially in the summer. I'm so ordering this!!

    Thank you.


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