Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Born in the USA Goody Box

Barking from the Bayou received a Chewy Made in the USA Goody Box in exchange for an honest review. 
Bentley Basset Hound: “Pierre! Hurry, our friends at sent us something extra special!”
Pierre Westie: “Oh. My. Dog. That is the cutest box that I have ever seen. What a wonderful thing for them to send us. I love boxes.”
Bentley: “Dude, it’s not just a box. It is a Chewy Goody Box. You know how much we loved our last Bone Appe-Treat box. Every box is filled with five or more premium goodies including tasty treats and one chew-tastic toy!”
Pierre: “There is nothing that excites me as much as a surprise package for absolutely no reason! Wait…it’s not my birthday is it? I’m asking because this would make a wonderful gift for birthdays, Gotcha Days, holidays, or a surprise for a new pet parent.”
 Bentley: “You’re right, a Chewy Goody Box would be a great idea for any of those special occasions. What make this one so exciting is that it’s one of their new Made in the USA Goody Boxes. That means that every single product inside is proudly made right here in the good ol’ U. S. of A. Let’s take a look at what was in our box.”
• Blue Buffalo Wilderness Trail Treats Salmon Biscuits Grain-Free Treats
• Zuke’s Mini Naturals Peanut Butter & Oats Recipe Treats
• Dogswell Happy Hips Chicken Breast Jerky Treats
• True Chews Premium Grillers with Real Steak Treats
• WellBites Grain-Free Lamb & Salmon Recipe Soft & Chewy Treats
• BeneBone Peanut Butter Flavored Wishbone Dog Chew Toy
Pierre: “Those all look and sound amazing. Do you think Mom will let us try one of each?”
Mom: “You boys did a terrific job reviewing our new Chewy Made in the USA Goody Box but no, you can’t have one of everything! We want to tell our friends that Chewy makes boxes for cats too. At less than $20 per box, these make a  furbulous surprise for any of your fur babies.”

Time is running out for you to enter for a chance to win a customized
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  1. oooh that is a super box!!! and even zuke's... we move to the usa... immediately...

  2. Look at all of those fabulous treats in your goody box! I need mom to order me one of those too!

  3. I've got that box too, but Mom hasn't had time to let us get a peek yet!

  4. Oh yum, yum, thats a HUGE box of TREATS, ENJOY!!!!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  5. That's a lot of treats ! Pawsome box ! Purrs

  6. Nice review. My kitties loved the cat version.

  7. You had us at "goodie." Pawsome review, boys.

  8. Wow! That's a lot of yummy doggie treats! You are lucky pups!

  9. Fulllllll of lots of Chewy Goodness too!!
    Hugs madi your bfff

  10. Oh boy, we sure hope our Goody Box has all those yummy treats in it too. The mean Momster hasn't let us open it yet. Next week she says. Chewy always has the best ideas for all of us.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  11. Wow, we didn't know they did this....what a great idea!!
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  12. What a fun idea to get a goody box and we like that it is all made in the USA
    Hazel & Mabel

  13. Dat looks like a pawsome goody box!

  14. OMD, those are PAWSOME!!!!! I likes that they are reasonably priced too! Good job Chewy!
    Nows, you gots any of those Grillers left??? Hook a gurl up!
    Ruby ♥

  15. That’s a whole lot of American goodness.

  16. Wowy, you got a Goody Box, too! Two of my pussycat furr-iends got a kitty version of the box and they luv it! Bessie says "Woof," meant that some of those treats you got are her fav kinds! Tummy tickles.

  17. I love pet products that are made in the USA, it gives me peace of mind. These look like great goodies!
    Love & biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them


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