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BFTB NETWoof News October 22, 2018

Bentley Basset Hound: “Hello and welcome to BFTB NETWoof News for the week of October 22, 2018. We hope our reports put a smile on your face. Our top story had us going hog wild with laughter in the newsroom! Pierre has our pig tale…”
Pig and sheriff photo credit
Pierre Westie: “This is one of my favorite top stories of the year. It happened in San Bernardino when a pig that was described as ‘the size of a mini horse’ was reported running around a neighborhood. The two deputies that were dispatched knew the perp and his address from previous calls. Once he was located, one of the deputies lured him back home with a bag of Poppin’ JalepeƱos Doritos® she had in her lunch! I’m sure that was the best call they had all day.”

Stork Photo Credit
Bentley: “Our next story begins 25 years ago when a schoolteacher by the name of Stjepan Vokic in Croatia rescued a stork that had been shot in the wing. Unable to fend for herself, the stork he named Malena lived in his home for years before he helped her build a nest on his roof. She spends the winters indoors but each spring, he helps her into the nest. It was perfect situation that was about to get even better.
   Fourteen years ago, she attracted a male that Vokic calls Klepetan. Talk about true love, he spends his winters 5,000 miles away alone in South Africa but without fail returns to the small village of Slavonski Brod in east Croatia each spring. His arrival is usually on the same day at the same time in March. He and Malena spend their time together on the rooftop hatching and raising their young. Klepetan teaches the babies how to fly while Malena watches lovingly.
   The pair is such a sensation that the town has installed cameras with a live feed in the main square. When Klepetan was six days late this year, people began to panic. He was just flying a little late and thousands were on hand to watch the lovebirds reunite.”
Tree Kangaroo Photo Credit: Michael Smith
Pierre: “I’ll admit that I’d never heard of a Wondiwoe tree kangaroo until this story came across our desk. The main reason they are new to me is that they have been believed to be extinct for the past 90 years!
It is a monkey-like kangaroo that lives in the trees of the Montane Forest in New Guinea. The elusive creature had only been seen once by a western scientist in 1928. No other Wondiwoe tree kangaroos had been collected, seen or reported since then. That is until an amateur botanist, Michael Smith led an expedition into the nearly impenetrable bamboo forests of the remote Wondiwoi Mountains of West Papua, Indonesia. The climb to where the tree kangaroos were believed to be is over 5,000 ft high! They made the grueling climb and were greatly rewarded.
His team not only found the tree kangaroo but were able to capture photographic evidence that they still exist. Researchers hope to be able to learn more about these rare creatures and help ensure they longevity for many more generations.”
Madison's Photo Credit: MyGBGVLife
Bentley: “We are proud to bring you some exciting sports news this week. Our friend, Madison from My GBGV Life has earned her first Agility Title! You know the GBGV girls are already doing awesome in their scent work, but Madison could not rest on her laurels. Last Saturday, Madison and her mom competed in an agility trial and proved once again, there is nothing she can't do when she puts her paws to it! She is adding titles to her name with scent work, barn hunting and now agility. You can see her in action on this video. Madison’s official name is Ethos Intel Inside TD RATO NJP CGC. Wow! Way to be awesome, Madison!
Let’s send it over to Paisley for this week’s weather.” 
Paisley the Weather Lab: “Hello everyone! Has the temperature dropped at your house? Texas is seeing cooler temperatures and it feels glorious! Of course, parts of our great state are still suffering from horrible flooding and more rain is in store for us this week. The entire Gulf coast should see some precipitation. We are hoping it won’t be too bad and our thoughts are with our fellow Texans and those still cleaning up from Michael.
   It will be sunny and nice along the west coast with fall-like temperatures in many places. The north will be rejoicing with the colder weather (especially the GBGV girls) but you could get a bit more rain/snow. Rain is in the forecast for our friends in New England too. Those of you on the east coast should enjoy partly cloudy skies. The center of the country will see scattered rainfall with cooler temperatures.
   Always check with your local weather stations for any warnings or updates. Have a wonderful week no matter what the weather.”
Bentley: “Thank you for putting your faith in us to deliver the good news of the week. If you see something newsworthy that we should share with our readers, please email us or leave a link in the comments.
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   Join us this week for lots of fun and be sure to grab yourself some happy today!  
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  1. we can pig-ture the funny pig story... and how famous that piggy is!...butt on the other hand it is not always good if da pawlice knows your name and your addy ;O)

  2. A stork love story made us smile a smile that will last all day. We love it.

  3. We loved all of the stories and congratulations to Madison! She is a SuperStar!

  4. Love that story about the stork. How neat that is! Thanks for mentioning our little rock star, we are so proud of her! Have a great week!

  5. Holy cow, er porcine! That's the biggest pig I've ever seen! LOVED the story of the love struck storks. Best congrats to Madison and the GBGV crew. Happy week. Enjoy those cooler temps!

  6. The love story of Malena and Klepetan is amazing ! Concatulations to Madison ! Purrs

  7. Interesting stories! My Florida associate Miss Charlee sometimes reports chickens running around in her neighborhood. You would think the feral cats would get them. But those chickens are a lot tougher than you'd think. The cats leave them alone!

  8. OMD...we giggled at your piggie story today..We wonder what we have to do in order to get some Doritos BOL!!

    Rosy just left Kingland, TX ...they had some real icky flooding. Hopefully the rain won't be so bad this week!
    Arty, Jakey & Travelin' Rosy

  9. We loved the story about the storks! And a big congrats to Madison on her first agility title!
    Hazel & Mabel

  10. Very cool about the tree kangaroos.

  11. I've heard that story befores about the Storks! I thinks I saw the video on Right this Minute last year, I am very happy they were reunited again! You knows, I don't thinks I wants to be around when those Hot poppin' jalapeno Doritos come out the other end! BOL!!!
    Ruby ♥

  12. Great stories once again, guys! The storks are so sweet, but it sounds like someone needs to get that pig in CA under control! BOL
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets


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