Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Pet Hurricane Preparedness

   Can you believe that we are already in October? While many of us are preparing for Halloween and other autumn festivals, our friends along the Florida coast are battening down the hatches in preparation for a late-season hurricane. The Atlantic hurricane season is June 1 thru November 30, 2018. We are praying for everyone in the path of Hurricane Michael.
   Growing up in Louisiana, hurricanes were a fact of life. Hurricane Katrina was devastating to the New Orleans area and impacted life for years. As a new resident to Texas, last year’s Hurricane Harvey is fresh on everyone’s mind. Many families are still displaced as the rebuilding continues. Since we can never know whether a major hurricane will hit, it is always best to be prepared.
   That includes having an evacuation plan for your pets. Hurricane Katrina served as a wake-up call for animal shelters after more than 200,000 pets were displaced. It is estimated that at least 44% of residents refused to evacuate because they didn’t want to leave their pets behind. This caused many shelters to change their rules and accept families with their pets. Always check the area where you will evacuate to find a place that will allow you to bring your pets.
flooded streets after hurricane
6 Tips to Ensure Your Pet’s Safety During a Disaster
1. Have your pet microchipped. A collar with your information printed on it is important but collars and tags are easily lost in disasters. A microchip can be the difference in reuniting you with your pet. Make sure the chip’s information is up-to-date.
2. Prepare a “Go-Kit” of pet supplies that is accessible in an emergency. Things to include:
• first aid supplies & emergency care guidebook
• a minimum of 3-days’ supply of pet food in a waterproof container & bowls
• bottle water
• a safety harness & leash
• waste clean-up bags
• medications/medical records in a plastic bag
• veterinarian name/number taped to the inside of your container
• any information on your pet’s feeding or behavioral issues
• comfort toys
• blanket
3. Display a pet rescue decal on your front door or window so first responders know there is a pet in the house.
4. Know where your pets hide when they are frightened. You will need to be able to find them quickly during an evacuation.
5.  Have an up-to-date photo of your pet in the event you get separated.
6.  Have a crate or kennel that you can transport your pets in during an evacuation. It is helpful to crate-train your pet in advance to reduce the stress on both of you.
Dogs hanging onto steps
   It is easy to put off preparing for a disaster thinking that it either won’t happen to you or you’ll have time to get everything together. That is a nice thought but the reality of hurricanes or any natural disaster is that they are indiscriminate. Take a little time to make an emergency kit for your pets. I hope that you never have to use it but it’s always best to be prepared.


  1. I hope all people will think of their pets before they leave... I remember the horrible guy on facebook, whose dogs were in a flooded kennel.... awful&horrible...

  2. Hurricanes are horrible! We wish they would all fizzle and die in the ocean before they reach land!

  3. We are glad there are no hurricanes here. Tornadoes are our only real disaster, but they are quick and usually only get a small area when they hit. Can't imagine hurricanes.

  4. We are as ready as we can be and Michael will come close to us on Thursday but we are supposed to be on the weaker side.

  5. It is something we have never dealt with over in UK, least ways never on the scale that other countries do. Preparedness is something we must all have in mind as who knows disaster may strike and what form it may take...

  6. Good advice! We're glad we live up north where hurricanes hardly ever happen. We do get a few big blizzards or ice storms in winter.

  7. Have a current photo on hand...let me just show you what's on my iPhone!
    Stay safe, everybody!

  8. Michael is a fierce mean hurricane. Prayers for all in his path. I hope and pray all directly targeted found higher ground
    Hugs Cecilia

  9. Watching the coverage right now of Hurricane Michael, we sure hope all those people in its path took heed of these precautions. We send our wishes for safety to all affected by Michael.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  10. We live in a pretty safe area from hurricanes, thank goodness. Michael sounds like a bad one, I hope everyone got out safely with their pets.
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  11. We're keeping our paws crossed that everyone affected by Michael will be safe once it's passed.

  12. Hurricane's are such a devastating force, I cannot imagine why anyone would think it's safe to leave their pets behind! The pictures and videos are heartbreaking, and in some of the situations (not all) I think the owners should be brought up on animal abandonment charges.

  13. We hope to NEVER have to use any of these tips, but they are good ones to keep in mind.

  14. Excellent post. Always good to be prepared.

  15. Hurricanes are terrifying. But it sure does help to be prepared, so thank you for the reminder!

  16. Very impawtent postie guys! This is valuable info for any disaster. I gots my paws crossed real tight for all those in the path of that nasty Michael...
    Ruby ♥

  17. I couldn't imagine leaving my pets behind. these are good tips
    Hazel & Mabel

  18. Thanks for this information, I hope all will be safe.

  19. Great tips, we are never too much prepared ! Purrs

  20. Great post Melissa, and an important reminder. It's so easy to put off preparing an emergency Go Bag but when a disaster strikes there is pretty much never enough time to scramble around gathering vital supplies for your family & pets. You'll barely be able to think clearly!
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them