Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Doing 60 on the Bayou

Pierre: “Today is our Mom’s birthday and for the past few years, Bentley has interviewed her about growing up and getting older. Some of his questions seemed kinda harsh so I thought it’d be a good idea to join him this year. At her advanced age it might not be a good idea to get her all riled up.”
Bentley: “I am never harsh with her. She knows a good journalist has to dig in order to separate fact from fiction. Our readers want to know if she actually rode a dinosaur to school or if she trudged 5 miles one way in the deep, deep snow. Heck, I want to know!”
Me: “Hey, boys. Did y’all want to see me for something?”
Pierre & Bentley: “Happy birthday!!”
Bentley: “We asked you to come into the office today so we could ask you a few questions in celebration of your big day…and when I say big, I mean REALLY big!”
Me: “Thanks for thinking of me. Yes, it is a big birthday since I’m 60 years old today. I mean, how did that happen?”
Pierre: “I hate to point out the obvious but it’s because you already had 59 other birthdays. Those things can really add up. Wow! Sixty, huh?”
Bentley: Pssst, try to act like 60 is not ancient. You don’t want to hurt her feelings. Sooo, Mom…how are you feeling today? It’s your birthday and the first day of spring. That gives us two great reasons to celebrate. Remember, age is just a number. The fact that yours is an incredibly high number shouldn’t bother you too much.”
Me: “You should check yourself, Bentley. You are 77 in dog years so pfffft!”
Bentley: “Oh, that was really mature! Besides in dog years you are gaining on Methuselah. All I am saying is that you have been around a long time and should be able to tell us about the good ol’ days.”
Pierre: “Maybe you could tell us about the toys that you played with as a child. Probably a lot of stick and rock games, right?”
Me: “We played outside most of the time. There were only three television channels so unless it was Saturday morning cartoons or Captain Kangaroo there wasn’t much on that interested me. The neighborhood kids played hide & seek, rode bikes, and played ball together. It was a simpler time but you made friends in the neighborhood or at school. There were no such thing as cyber friends.”
Bentley: “I guess if y’all could only afford three channels, then video games and Netflix was out of the question. How old were you when you got your first cell phone?”
Me: “Everyone only had three channels. That is all there was, and it turned off at night. There were no 24- hour television stations. Video games, computers, and cell phones were not invented when I was a kid. I guess I got my first cell phone in my late 40’s. Growing up, the phones were attached to the wall. We used to leave the house with no phone and no answering machine at home. There wasn’t caller ID either so you never knew if you missed a call or who was calling you.”
*Bentley and Pierre both left the room in gales of laughter. After drinking some water and going outside, they had composed themselves enough to finish this wacky heartwarming interview.
Pierre: “I want to apologize for that outburst. Uhh, we both thought of a funny joke at the same time. We are good to go now. 
   Let’s take a look at your teenage years. Did you have a job? How about a car? Can we look on Instagram or Facebook to see what kind of food you ate?”

Me: “I actually had several jobs, but my first real job was at a fast food restaurant called Arthur Treacher’s Fish & Chips. After that, I worked at Spencer’s Gifts in the tee shirt, posters and black light department. That was during the Farrah Fawcett poster madness! I was super cool as a teenager, but we didn’t have Instagram or Facebook. Actually, I am extremely thankful that there was no social media back when I was doing stupid teenage stuff.”
Bentley: “Yeah, we all are, Mom. Do you have big plans for your 60’s or any goals that you’d like to share with us? We enjoyed your fifties since it was all about writing your books, starting Barking from the Bayou, and us. Hopefully these next few years will continue to focus on Pierre and me. If you think about it, what would this blog be without us? You’d have to change the name to Boring from the Bayou!"
Pierre: “Okay, see that is exactly what I was talking about when I said you can be harsh. 
   Mom, what Bentley is trying to ask is if we are going to continue to be an integral part of your daily life as you venture into this new decade.”
Me: “Y’all can rest assured that whatever happens, you two will always be one of the best and most important parts of my life. If we are through, there might be some treats waiting in the other room to celebrate!”
Bentley: “That does it for this year’s interview with a really old person. Mom did confirm rather loudly that she did NOT ride a dinosaur to school. (Note: She did not confirm or deny owning a dinosaur) Since she grew up in Louisiana, she NEVER had to go to school in the snow. 
   We hope you enjoyed looking back at the olden days with us but it’s party time and we are never late for cake!”
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  1. Happy Happy Birthday to your mama!!!!! we agree, a teenagertime without social medias was cool too... we needed no selfies to embarrass ourselves while we tried to look like Madonna or Boy George LOL

  2. Happy 60th Birthday to your mom! My mom so enjoyed your post as it brought back TONS of memories for her. She's going to be an official Senior this year!

  3. Bailie sends sixty huggles for your mom. I wish her a super birthday. Mom says happy birthday, she is not far behind, whatever that means. Our mom remembers Spencers gifts, wall phones with long cords, that terrible buzzing sound and color circle photo on TV at midnight when the channels signed off. I think they had houses back then, or were people still in caves at the time? Being two, I can't imagine humans being so old. We love your mom, and she sure doesn't seem like sixty to us.

  4. Happy Birthday to your very special Mom from all of us here! It's our Mom's Birthday today too.

  5. Happy birthday, you sweet young thing! Hugs and tail wags from all of us at the Ranch!

  6. Happy birthday. We love reading ancient history...just kidding, I am more ancient than you but I lie about it.

  7. Happy Birthday!!!!! We love you HTTPS!!!!!!

  8. Happy Birthday and Many More. Having your Birthday on the first day of Spring is just great. That ought to bring you good luck. Depending on where your at it might be the first day of Fall too. Have a Happy Birthday.

  9. Happy Birthday! Our mom remembers that Arthur Treacher guy selling his fish and chips, but he was also the Merv Griffin sidekick, right? Yeah, our mom is kinda old too. But in a good way. Hope your birthday was Wonderpurr!

  10. Happy, happy birthday to your Mom!! I am not far behind her, so I know all that stuff she was talking about. Gosh, times have sure changed!!
    Love from all of us at Wag 'n Woof Pets

  11. Happy birthday! My ghostwriter will be 60 in August. She says she remembers playing outside all day, bikeriding, jump rope, tag, tree climbing, hide and seek. In winter she built snow forts and threw snowballs and went sledding and ice skating. Things are way different these days!

  12. Happy 60th and thanks for the memories! I'm staring at 60 this August! Yeah, how did that happen?��

  13. Happy Happy 60th...BOL BOL I cracked up at "try to act like 60 isn't ancient" . I just turned 70 in January and honestly I have no idea where the years went. Guess it is true time flies when you are having fun.
    Hugs Cecilia

  14. What a great interview Boyz and a very Happy Birthday to your Mama!!
    Rosy, Jakey & Arty

  15. great interview!, tell your boys that 60 is not old or i would be really old by their standards. tell them it does not take them that long to catch up with you....on the other hand i really hate getting old.

  16. Happy Birthday to your Mom!!! Our Mom was just telling two of the grands yesterday about a typical summer day for her WAY back in her youth - early morning reading, a trip to the library to report on her book for the summer reading club, a bike ride to the park for games and arts and crafts, home for lunch at the sound of the church bells, lunch, back to the park to swim, home late afternoon, quiet time on the porch reading some more, and then dinner and family time. A much simpler life than what kids today have - but oh so happy!!!

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  17. Happy Birthday to your wonderful mom ! We wish her a pawsome celebration ! Purrs

  18. Happy birthday. May you enjoy ever minute of it.

  19. Hey, it's my b'day too, but I'm one year behind you! Happy Birthday, hope you are enjoying yours!

  20. Happy Birthday to your wonderful mom! XO

  21. Happy Birthday to your MOm! It is our Dad's birthday today too but he is way older (65)
    Hazel & Mabel

  22. Oooh I can be not belated now. Happy Birthday to you, and I do think the pups gave the staff a hard time on the interview—me, I'd have cut to the chase and asked the one question on everyones lips (and tongues): "So, is it true there are treats and when am I having them,?" MOL
    Birthday purrs

  23. OMG how did I miss this! I was so busy loving your photos on facebook that I never got here! Always remember you are 3 and a half years YOUNGER than me!! You lucky woman! LOVED seeing your cheerleader photo, not surprised one bit that you were a cheerleader and I LOVE that you worked at Spencer's. That was one of my favorite stores! Love your memories of childhood which all of us who "are a certain age" can relate to. Simpler times and in my opinion, BETTER and HEALTHIER times! Wishing you a happy belated birthday, but at least I wished you happy birthday on time on Facebook!! xoxo

  24. "...the toys that you played with as a child. Probably a lot of stick and rock games, right?" OMG, you boys are funny.

    Happy birthday to your Mom! We love her lots, and think it is so cool that she worked at Spencer's Gifts! We are old enough to remember that store, too. :)

  25. Happy Happy Birthday to your Mom. I remember Spencer's gifts. Daisy Mae wanted to send her birthday wishes along too. She did it hers in a little diddy. It's below.
    Meow Meow to you
    Meow Meow to you
    Meow Meow dear sweet person
    Meow Meow to you and Many More.
    Now boys since this is your Mom's Birthday Be good and treat her very nice. Remember this is her day so she gets to be right ALL day.
    Happy Birthday fom Crystal And Daisy Mae.


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