Monday, April 22, 2019

BFTB NETWoof News April 22, 2019

Bentley Basset Hound: “Hello and welcome to BFTB NETWoof News. We hope that you had a wonderful Easter weekend and found lots of eggs. The Bunny made his way through here and escaped without waking us up. How does he do it?? Anyway, let’s turn to Pierre for our top story.”

Pierre Westie: “Let me begin by saying thank you for all of the sweet birthday wishes. I had a grand day with presents including a spikey ball and a peanut butter-flavored Benebone. My Uncle A was here to celebrate so there were extra belly rubs and he threw my new spikey ball a gazillion times. It seems that being eight truly is great!
   For our top story, we want to give a shout-out to the state of Ohio. They have named shelter pets as the state’s official state pet. This recognition will encourage people to adopt pets when looking to add a new family member. That is very important to all the dogs and cats waiting for their forever homes. Way to be awesome, Ohio!”

Thai Dog Photo Credit: Vitisak Payalaw/Facebook
Bentley: “Workers on an oil rig some 135 miles offshore in the Gulf of Thailand thought they were seeing thing when they saw a brown head bobbing up and down in the water. It was an Aspin (native Philippine dog) swimming toward their rig. 
   The workers pulled the pup on board and named it Boonrod or Survivor, by the crew. Nobody is sure how the dog got so far out into the ocean. Some theorize that it jumped off a fishing boat, but everyone agrees that if it saw that far out, it has super powers! 
   The oil rig workers radioed another oil tanker in the area and they passed the dog off to them so it could be taken to a vet. Boonrod is in good health and if not claimed, one of the oil rig workers wants to adopt her.”

Pierre: “In a new study in the journal, Scientific Reports, a Tokyo psychologist showed that cats know their names even when called by strangers. She has previously revealed that cats can interpret human gestures to locate hidden food, beg for food from a person who looks at them, recognize their owner’s voice and their own names when called. 
   I haven’t ever lived with a cat but none of these findings come as a real shock to me. Why would people think cats don’t know their own names? That is just plain silly. They know, they simply choose to ignore you.”

Bentley: “The thing is that cats can get away with it! Am I right?
   Did any of you watch the Beverly Hills Dog Show? It was nice and there were some gorgeous examples of purebred dogs. This was the third annual show and attracted over 1,500 dogs and 200 breeds! The Best in Show winner was Bono the Havanese
   I was just as shocked as you that it wasn’t a Basset Hound. Let’s see if this week’s weather will be a winner. Paisley?”  

Paisley the Weather lab: It is going to be a typical springtime forecast with showers in the northeastern states and storms along the east coast. The Ark-La-Tex will have scattered storms this week too. 
   It will be hello sunshine here in Houston, over to the southwest and up the west coast. There will be partly sunny skies across the middle of the U.S. and temperatures are definitely feeling like spring.
   Always tune into your local stations for weather warnings and updates.
Bentley: “That is it for this week’s BFTB NETWoof News. We hope that you enjoyed some smiles and receive some good news of your own today!
   Join us on Wednesday and Friday as we share some pics of the Houston Zoo and more fun. You don’t want to miss it!    Mom will be back to visiting everyone this week. She sure did have a blast with her brother. Have a wonderful day and be sure to grab yourself some happy.”
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  1. yay for ohio! and we are glad that the workers saw the dog and rescued him... sometimes miracles can happen...fortunately ;O)

  2. Thank doG the crew noticed Boonrod and rescued her and she's getting a new forever home! yay!

  3. Hope you all had a wonderful Easter. We got to spend two days with Mom and Gramma, which was a lot of fun. Have a great week. PS our cats know their names and Mom says Bert comes when called almost better than me and Bailie.

  4. We knew it! Cats pretend to be dumb so people will leave them alone.Cats are pretty smart when noms are involved.

  5. Bentley another great news broadcast. I'm 100% sure you could have easily beat the Havanese had you entered. I was so stunned and HAPPY when I read about the pup found swimming way out to sea.
    Hugs Cecilia

  6. Paws up for Ohio ! The story of that dog is simply incredible ! It looks like you're an expert in cats, Pierre : "They know, they simply choose to ignore you”, that's it, MOL ! Purrs

  7. Those were some great stories! We stumbled across this video below and thought you might like it too:

  8. Saw the article about the dog swimming at sea; poor pup, but great that he was rescued!

  9. Cats also know when dogs are behind fences and can't get them, that they can just saunter along and tease! We think the best Basset wasn't at the show...just sayin'.

  10. Great stories this week..We are sooooo happy to hear about Ohio's new state pet!!
    Rosy, Jakey & Arty

  11. My cats know their names. You are right though, they choose to ignore me most of the time. I am glad that dog was rescued.

  12. It's so funny how they spend goodness knows how much money to research things we all already knew the answers to anyway! LOL
    Jan & the crew at Wag 'n Woof Pets

  13. Way to go, Ohio! Woohoo. Hope other states follow suit.


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