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BFTB NETWoof News May 20, 2019

Bentley Basset Hound: “Hello and welcome to BFTB NETWoof News for May 20, 2019. We are happy to be back behind the news desk bringing you the news you can use. Let’s toss it over to Pierre for our top story.”
Crockett's photo courtesy of The Lone Star Cats
Pierre Westie: “Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve had to say good-bye to some pawsome friends. Our orange buddy, Crockett, from The Lone Star Cats was lost in a tragic ladder accident. He was so loved and will be missed by all who loved and knew him. 

   The world-famous Tartar Sauce, a.k.a. Grumpy Cat passed away from a urinary tract infection. In her seven years, her adorable frown made her the most popular cat and meme on the internet. I’m sure her imagine will continue to make people smile for years.
   The animal world also lost a huge animal rights advocate when actress Doris Day died at 97 years old. She began one of the first national animal protection organizations that led to dozens of bills, rules and policies to help remedy the worst animal abuse. Her movies were always fun to watch but the difference she made in the lives of animals will be her greatest achievement in my opinion. 
   We will miss all of these incredible lives.”
Catfish photo courtesy of Wikimedia
Bentley: “This next one is a whale of a fish story, so to speak. The villagers in a southern Thailand province are used to seeing giant catfish. It was when they noticed one in distress that they came together to help save a local legend.
   The 26-year-old giant Mekong catfish is lovingly known by the villagers as the swamp king. The 440 lb. fish had gotten stuck in a tiny pond after heavy rains flooded the area. It took six hours to pull, hoist and transport the big fish but we are happy to report the swamp king is swimming free once again. Sometimes it really does take a village.”
Pierre: “There is a bill in the Louisiana House that would require anyone found guilty of animal abuse to register as an animal abuser within seven days of their conviction. The law would prohibit them from owning an animal for ten years. If they are found guilty a second time, they would be prohibited from owning an animal for life. Personally, I’d like to think that’s because they would be in jail for life! The law is a step in the right direction, and we hope it is passed.
Bentley: “Most of you know that we are affiliates for Treatibles Full Spectrum Hemp products. The difference that the soft chews or oil make in me during thunderstorms is amazing. I just wanted to share this recent incident with you.
   We had some scary bad weather the other day and Mom gave me some Treatibles oil about thirty minutes before the storm hit. Without Treatibles, I pant, pace, try to climb up on the furniture or hide under things. I know that some of you are reading this and nodding your heads. It made my people sad to see me so upset but now, I actually get in my bed and sleep during storms. They keep saying stuff like, “It’s a miracle!” 
   We are going to share our review of the Treatibles Ready Pack oil next week, but you can order yours today and use our discount code to save 10%. Don’t forget the 4th of July will be here with all the noise before we know it! Your best friend does not have to suffer through the holidays. Treatibles bring Harmony for the Whole Family®.
Paisley the Weather Lab: “I am going to be sharing my experience with Treatibles in that same upcoming review. Y’all don’t want to miss it. Even my humans could not believe the difference! Until then Bentley, you might want to keep yours close because there is some storms heading our way again.
   There isn’t much difference in the weather this week. It is going to be wet, wet, wet from sea to shining sea! If it is not raining at your house, it will either be cold and damp up north or hot and muggy down south. Don’t despair though, I think Memorial Day weekend will be looking much better.
   Please stay tuned to your local weather stations. The weather is really wacky this month and we had over 30 tornados hit the U.S. this past weekend. Always have an emergency plan that includes your pets.
Bentley: “We want to give a shout-out to all the humans that are graduating from high school and college. Congratulations!
   We have two fabulous reviews coming this week. On Wednesday, our review will include a fabulous giveaway! Don’t forget that our 300th Pet Parade Blog Hop and giveaway is still in full swing. Stop by our post, Dash Kitten and Bionic Basil for your entries!
   We are including a badge to celebrate Memorial Day next Monday. Feel free to use and share it as we remember those who gave all for our freedom.
   Have a super day and be sure to grab yourself some happy.”
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  1. that were such sad news... it's hard to accept the things... life is sometimes not fair... but we are happy for the catfish who is free like a berd now... and for the louisiana bill what is a good step in the right direction

  2. Thanks for the news blast, sad and happy! Thinking the "treatibles" sound like something we need to check out for Dougie Dog's anxiety issues ...

  3. Such sad news about all the amazing souls that we lost this week. I am happy to hear about that law in the Louisiana House though.

  4. Lots of loved ones were lost last week. My mom lost her aunt too, my Gramma's sister. We never met her, but Mom feels bad. I think we will be building a boat here soon with so much rain, please send some sunshine! Have a great week!

  5. We have never understood not letting an animal abuser have a pet for a year or two, we remember Michael Vick who got a puppy within a few months. We think they have given up their rights for life.

  6. That was sure some seriously sad losses, dang. We do enjoy your news program though!!!

  7. Oh Bayou Boyz as always your news was worth waiting for and I do believe you touched on every subject of interest too. 'bout time someone passed a law requiring animal abuser to be registered as abusers.
    Hugs Cecilia

  8. PS I meant to also say I bet there is no jumpin' cat fish in Swamp kings world

  9. The animal world lost a number of special pets and peeps last week. We salute them all. Got our fingers crossed the Louisiana law passes. It would be a good start and hopefully will prompt other states to adopt similar legislation. Have a great week!

  10. It's been a very sad week in the pet blogosphere indeed. We're glad you found something to help you during the storms. Purrs

  11. Has been a sad week--saying goodbye to friends. We hope the Louisiana Law passes....we think jail time would be a good thing, too.

  12. So sad to say goodbye to so many. Can you send us some sunshine?

  13. Why aren't first time animal abusers made to not have animals ever again? Why make some animals suffer for the first and second offense?
    P.S. Grumpy Cat was a girl kitty, FYI.

    1. Wow! Is our face red! We knew she was a girl but obviously our typist did not get the memo! Thanks for letting us know so we could correct the news story. XXOO

  14. We had endless thunderstorms last night. Even though they weren't severe...they just went ON AND ON. We credit Luke's CBD oil for keeping him calm throughout. We know he was bothered by them, but not nearly as bad as he used to be.
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  15. It's been a sad week. Hopefully next week will be better. We've had some high winds and lots of little storms passing through our area. Seems like the cold weather won't go away without a fight.

  16. We're gonna miss Crockett so much.

    BTW - that's a picture of me (Travis). Crockett was the darker of the two of us.

  17. I would love a canvas print. Who would I put on my Canvas print. I would either put my last cat Tigger on it or my current cat Daisy Mae on my Canvas Print. Most likely it would be Tigger. I would love a big picture of her. Hope I win. Great giveaway.

  18. Love your Cat cartoon on Facebook.


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