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BFTB NETWoof News June 10, 2019

Bentley Basset Hound: “Hello and welcome to BFTB NETWoof News for the week of June 10, 2019. We are so glad to have you here. Let’s toss it over to Pierre for our top story.”
Pierre Westie: “Thanks, Bentley. We reported about the possibility of New York becoming the first state to ban declawing cats except in case of medical necessity. That means no more declawing because the cat scratches the furniture! We are happy to update you with news that lawmakers passed the bill and it is waiting on Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s signature. Seriously, can you imagine any public official NOT signing a bill that would end the senseless torture of cats? I think not. We will, of course, let you know when it is law.”

Bentley: “I have been waiting for a story like this one for a long time. For demonstration purposes, I am using a photo of me in my hero sheriff outfit. The actual dog I’m reporting on is an 11-year-old Basset Hound named Bailey and a trained therapy dog. 
   Bailey’s 82-year-old owner had fallen down a 15-foot sloped embankment and couldn’t get up. That’s when Bailey sprang into action. Leaving his person to search for help, he returned with a man who immediately called 9-1-1. We are glad to report that Bailey’s human is on the mend and he gets to visit the hospital daily.”
Pierre: “Let me start this next story with a very strong warning…it is NEVER a good idea to leave alcohol where an animal can reach it. The headlines of this made us snicker so we are going to share the story of a plastered pig.
   It happened in Australia when a group of campers forgot to stow away their beer when they went to sleep. A pig wandered into camp, stole 18 cans of the sudsy beverages, proceeded to get drunk and was later observed being chased by a cow after picking a fight with it in a nearby pasture!! 
   In full disclosure, the pig later wandered drunkenly into the street and was killed. After 18 beers, that might have been more merciful than the hangover. Sorry, did I say that last part out loud?”
Bentley: “Yes, I’m afraid you did. Listen, you know we always report on the Triple Crown horseracing and we want to congratulate War of Will on winning the third leg of what can best be described as a wacky Triple Crown season of racing.
   That brings me to what I’m calling my ‘Mr. Ed-itorial’ segment. I want to be clear, here on the Bayou we enjoy watching and attending horse races. The horses are gorgeous and it is awesome to see such powerful animals run. Having said that, there is a very ugly side of horse racing that makes us question whether it has a place in our society. I don’t see it ending any time in the near future for the simple reason that people love to gamble and it is after all, the sport of kings.
   We are deeply concerned over the disturbing deaths of racehorses at the Santa Anita track in California. Since it opened this season in December, twenty-seven thorough-bred racehorses have died there. Many have sustained injuries and had to be euthanized while others became deathly ill. Track officials are doing soil testing and taking measures to ensure horse owners and patrons that their facility is doing its best to get to the bottom of the problem. 
   After twenty-seven deaths, that is simply not enough. The track should be closed until they find the cause of these unusual and senseless deaths. No more horses should lose their lives for the almighty dollar. 
   This is just one dog’s opinion. Let’s see what Paisley is forecasting for the week ahead.” 
*Since we wrote this article on Sunday, the total of horse deaths at this track is now 29!!
Paisley the Weather Lab: “It seems as if we are stuck in a feast or famine state of the weather. The combination of extreme heat and dry weather is setting the stage for more fires out west. In the southeast, they have way too much water. Non-stop rain is soaking several states and causing flooding. 
   I’m afraid this week is going to be more of the same in many places. The west coast will be hot and sunny. That heat will continue through the southwest where a few places could see triple digits! It’ll be hot here in Texas and all along the Gulf Coast states. 
   Storms are on tap from Florida to the New England states at some point this week. Rain will pound the northern states. The center of the country will be mostly sunny and warm but please check with your local weather for updates and warnings. Have a wonderful week come rain or shine!”
Bentley: “All right, that does it for this week’s news you can use. Please feel free to share us with your friends and colleagues or on social media. 
   Join us Wednesday for this week’s Pet Parade blog hop and then again on Friday for more fun! Don't forget this Sunday, June 16th is Father's Day! Grab this badge to show your love!

   Have a terrific day and don’t forget to grab yourself some happy!” 
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  1. yay for Bailey!!!! ...but drunken pigs... better not huh?

  2. GO CUOMO! You must put your paws to paper and sign! And yesyesyes: shut down Santa Anita for now and figure it out! Please. For the sake of these magnificent animals ... no more losses!
    Thank you for sharing ... even the ha-ha-poor-piggy-tail, er, tale!

  3. Mom always declawed her cats because it is what everyone did. In Germany it is against the law to do it, so her Germany cats had claws. She learned right away, that they don't ruin things if you give them places of their own to scratch on. It should be illegal everywhere.

  4. Great updates to start the week. Thank you!

  5. Lady thinks somewhere in Canada just banned cosmetic declawing. It is a good step forward.

  6. Good on the law against declawing, hopefully it will get signed soon. Beer flavored bacon. ;) Close Santa Anita until they know what's going on.

  7. We love to watch horse racing but until they find the reason for the deaths we agree that the track should be shut down. Nothing is more important than finding the reason.

  8. Loads of congratulations here. Well done NY and Bailey! My thoughts on horse racing have definitely been challenged this year. I've always loved horses but this year the sport has not shown its better side. Hopefully the future will showcase these magnificent animals and not the utter cruelty for profit it's been showcasing more and more.

  9. Good news about the declawing law. How would you like to have all your fingertips amputated?
    Too bad about the piggy who became a pickled ham. And I hope they find out why those horses are dying at that track!

  10. I wish declawing were banned all over the world.

  11. We all are waiting for the New York Governor to sign that declaw bill! And I'm very glad that you mentioned horse-racing...a lot of folks don't know how horrible it is, behind the scenes.

  12. BEST news E V E the piggy in the middle.
    Hugs cecilia

  13. The other dark side of horse racing is the fate of all the ones that don't make it. Often killed for the meat trade....

  14. Yay for Bailey! What a shame about all of those beautiful race horses.

  15. We could not agree more - that track should be shut down until things are figured out. You'd think the horses' owners would at the least boycott it!

  16. We sure hope Cuomo signs off on the declaw bill...and other states follow suit!!

  17. So sad about all those horsies. I hadn't heard. And yeah for New York in pushing for the bill to ban declawing. I can't imagine not having my claws; they are part of a pussycat's identity. Purrs.

  18. We agree, they should shut that track down until they figure out what is going on.
    Mabel & Hilda

  19. I hopes the Gov signs that bill! I can't imagine a kitteh without it's claws! I can't imagine ME without my claws! BOL!
    I gots to admit, I chuckled at the piggie....I might have stumbled into a cow pasture or 87 in my time! BOL!!! (don't tells Ma...)
    Ruby ♥

  20. Way to go Bailey. Animals are so great!


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