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BFTB NETWoof News June 24, 2019

Bentley Basset Hound: “Hello and welcome to this week’s BFTB NETWoof News. We are so happy that you chose to join us today. Let’s check with Pierre for our top story.”
BFTB News turtle story
Turtle photo courtesy of Wikipedia
Pierre Westie: “This is one of my favorite stories of the week and I think you’ll enjoy it too. It begins with a box turtle named Pedro who was adopted missing one of its hind legs.
   He recently went missing for a few months and when he returned, he’d lost his other hind leg. His owners turned to LSU’s School of Veterinary Medicine for help. The vets discovered Pedro was in great shape other than not having hind legs, so they set to work to find a solution.

   You’ll never guess where they found their answer. A toy store! That’s right, they bought a Lego car kit, then used some syringe parts and animal-safe epoxy to construct a wheelchair of sorts that snaps on his shell. We are happy to report that Pedro is cruising along happily and hopefully, staying close to home.”
Bentley: “Here at BFTB, we think all dogs and cats are beautiful, but humans seem to think otherwise and for the last 31 years have held the World’s Ugliest Dog contest.
   This year’s winner is a former street dog named Scamp. He beat out 18 other dogs for the title of Ugliest Dog. Don’t feel too sorry for Scamp though. As the winner, he will get a guest spot on the ‘Today’ show, a $1,500 cash prize, and another $1,500 to donate to a dog shelter, and a huge trophy. 
   We hope Scamp enjoys his title and knows he is loved enormously ugly or not.”
Pierre: “It’s no surprise that the Florida Everglades are under attack by Burmese Python since first discovered in 2000. Scientists along with many others have been trying to get a handle on these massive creatures without much luck. 
   A 2012 study by the USGS showed the python is contributed to 99.3% fewer raccoons, 98.9% fewer opossums, and 87.5% fewer bobcats in the Everglades. The fox, marsh and cottontail rabbits have all but disappeared.
   While this is certainly not good news, humans are using technology to locate the female pythons by placing transmitters inside the male pythons they find. In the last six years, they have been able to locate and remove over 500,000 snakes in one 55-square mile area. It’s an uphill battle but we hope something can be done before its too late.”
Bentley: “In other conservation news, we are super happy to report one of Africa’s biggest wildlife preserves is celebrating one year without one elephant being found killed by poachers. The success is credited with rapid police presence and more patrolling from the sky.
   We’d like to add that a few poachers have been eaten by lions. That should be enough to make some of the bad guys think twice!  Keep up the good work, Africa and maybe we can see the elephants in the wild and not just in zoos.
   Paisley, how’s the weather looking for this week?”
Paisley the Weather Lab: “Severe storms in the Plains that could include tornados, hail, and more flooding is possible. This could even dump snow on the Rockies! How is that for the first full week of summer? 
  The Pacific Northwest is going to have some showers and those will become storms across the northern states. The Great Lakes areas will see some sunshine.
    It’s going to be warm on the east coast, but the humidity and storms are going to greet Floridians. The Gulf Coast can expect early storms and then the heat is on later in the week. The southwest and center of the U.S. is going to be hot. Don't forget to use your sunscreen!
   Remember the weather can change quickly and it is important to check with your local meteorologists for warnings and updates. Have a wonderful week!”
Bentley: “Well, that does it for this week’s news and weather. We hope you will share our news with friends and family through social media.
   Please join us Wednesday as we take over so Mom and Dad can enjoy their 37th wedding anniversary. Then, don’t miss Friday because we have a new exciting giveaway from our besties at Dr. Harvey’s and best of all…there are going to be 3 WINNERS!! 
   Thanks again for visiting. Have a great day and be sure to grab yourself some happy.” 
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  1. we are with you... there is ugly dog or cat... nor any ugly animal...but ugly humans with ugly minds ;O)

  2. We saw the story about Pedro - my Aunt Allison is a big reptile fan, so she luved it!

  3. Just in case we don't get back by on Wednesday ... here's to a "Wonderful Wednesday and another
    37 years of happy days!"

  4. Go, Pedro, go! What a wonderful story♥

  5. We are not into turtles or snakes, but we do love to hear about the elephants. Here in MN we are drowning. 3 inched of rain in the last 14 hours, it is crazy! If only it had been snow, we would be so happy! Have a great week celebrating the anniversary!

  6. Pedro you are a lucky turtle.....
    Great stories Bayou Boys...
    Hugs Cecilia

  7. What a lovely story about Pedro!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  8. Great news on the elephant front. Poacher salad makes a good lion meal.

  9. Here's hoping that the elephant poaching has stopped because of increasing security, and NOT because there aren't any more elephants! I've watched the "Ugly Dog" contest on TV in years past; it's really a lot of fun, proving that dog owners simply love their babies!

  10. Whew...just the idea of all those snakes gives us the shivers!
    Rosy, Jakey & Arty

  11. We love Pedro's story, it's wonderful ! Purrs

  12. Lots of happy news this week! Except the snakes. Can't believe how many there are! We have lots of problems with feral animals, too.

  13. Thanks for sharing the wonderful news. Congratulations to Scamp!! Also we are happy to read about the one year that an elephant hasn't been harmed. We are very happy about that. Have a great one.
    World of Animals

  14. That's an amazing story about the turtle. We hope Pedro stays safe from here on out, because he might be accident prone!!
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  15. 500000 snakes!!!!! that is freaky! We think Scamp is actually kinda cute
    Mabel & Hilda

  16. Gosh, how clever that LSU was able to help out the wandering Pedro. Keep on truckin' little guy!

  17. My Florida associate Miss Charlee says there are lots of those snakes where she lives near the Everglades. There are also lots of other invasive species like lizards and toads.


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