Monday, June 3, 2019

BFTB NETWoof News June 3, 2019

Bentley Basset Hound: “Hello and welcome to BFTB NETWoof News for June 3, 2019. We have fetched some great stories for you this week so let’s toss it over to Pierre for our top story.
two dogs reporting the news
Pierre Westie: “Summer brings out a variety of animals and not all of them are friendly. Coyotes have become a common sight in many neighbors and most of them will avoid confrontation. That is not always the case so we want to issue a warning to avoid coyotes and never leave your dog or cat out unattended in areas frequented by coyotes. 

   A woman in Florida was leaving the dog rescue where she works with her two small dogs when a coyote ran up and grabbed her small terrier mix. They weren’t on leashes since they always walk out to the car together each night. She was only a few feet away when it happened. By the time she put her other dog in the car, the coyote and her little dog were long gone. She searched the woods until officials told her she was risking her own safety and had to quit. The Fish and Wildlife Commission suggests making loud noises and always keep your dog or cat on a leash.
two dogs reporting the news
Bentley: “We could hear coyotes in the woods where we used to live, and it was really creepy. It’s not unusual for humans and wild creatures to cross paths these days. I’ve noticed a number of alligator sightings due to all of the rain, but this story is frightening!
   We once again are reporting on a Florida incident where a woman woke up to find an 11-foot alligator in her kitchen. The massive beast had crashed through the glass window gaining access to the home. It was aggressive but the only damage it did was breaking four bottles of wine. The Clearwater police captured the gator without any problem.”
two dogs reporting the news
Pierre: “I'm glad you showed the photo of me with my prized gator. It is no problem for me to pin him down when we wrestle. Just sayin'.
   I think we can agree that most cats do what they want when they want and not when humans demand they do something. That was the case with five-year-old Hatty who got stuck on a railway bridge. After spending six days on a 30-foot section of the Royal Albert Bridge in the United Kingdom, the rescue efforts went into high gear. 
   Firefighters spent hours trying to rescue the damsel in distress and the railroad was planning on closing the line to help save her. After everyone had given up and left for the night, Hatty got down and returned home as if nothing had ever happened! This is why we love cats.”
two dogs reporting the news
Eagle photo via Wikimedia
Bentley: “Humans do a lot of bad stuff but there are so many really amazing people that go out of their way to help animals. Let me tell you about a man that was riding his motorcycle on Memorial Day weekend. He was on his way home to Philadelphia when traffic slowed down. He pulled over to see the problem and was surprised to see an injured bald eagle in the road. 
   Not giving it a second thought, the man removed his favorite flannel shirt and put it over the bird. He made sure to cover its talons. He called 9-1-1 and waited with the bird wrapped securely in his shirt until a local bird rescue came to pick it up. Thanks to his quick actions, the symbol of America will soon be soaring over the land once again.
   Let’s check with Paisley for this week’s weather forecast.”
Labrador Retriever giving the weather report
Paisley the Weather Lab: “Happy June y’all! As you know June kicks off hurricane season so we will be sharing some tips to make sure everyone is prepared before any warnings are issued. 
   Waters are continuing to rise in the nation’s midsection with flooding from Minnesota to Louisiana. It’s going to be stormy in parts of the Midwest and the eastern coast. It’ll be nice over the northern plains and cooler in the east. The west coast will be sunny and warm, but it will be sizzlin’ in the southwest. Here in Texas, we could see some scattered storms.
   Always keep up with the weather in your area as it can change quickly this time of year.”
Bentley: “That’s it for BFTB NETWoof News for the first week of June. We want to remind all of our blogging buddies that Blogville will be celebrating International Box Day on June 19th. This is a favorite ‘howliday’ for all of our feline and dog friends, so we hope everyone hops on the Pet Parade Blog Hop to show off your Box Day post! 
   Thanks to everyone that entered our giveaway! Our winner is Kelly and she is going to get to design her own 11x14 canvas print. Congratulations!! 
   We hope that you join us on Wednesday and Friday of this week for more fun. Until then, be sure to grab yourself some happy.”
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  1. that is scary to read about the coyotes... we are glad they live not in our area, but currently the wolves become a problem said the newspaper... hugs and crossed paws for all epeople and pets in the storm areas...

  2. We've coyotes in our nayborhood. Bobcats too. Which is why we're always on a leash or in da backyard snoopervised by a momma.

  3. Being a 20+ year Floridian, we knows all about those gators and often saw them "up close and personal" ... way, way to up close! And bears, too! Nature has lost it's natural habitat everywhere (thanks to humans) and now we are all "sharing space". It behooves us all to be very, very careful ...
    P.S. thanks for share the International Box Day news!

  4. We know that coyotes have to eat too but that poor pup :-(

  5. My mom worries about coyotes. We seen them walking down our street sometimes and also run into them on early morning walks. We are big enough, they usually run when they see us, but they are scary. Olivia would be the size they would steal, but Mom has her on a short leash all the time.

  6. Oh me... pour little pup...I am so sorry.
    I saw that video about the alligator breaking the window to enter the house. Had I seen that thing in my house there would have been a serious need for 'clean up on aisle 1'!!
    Hugs Cecilia

  7. Holy cow...I guess given the choice of coyotes or gators, I'd vote for the coyote every time. In the kitchen? Hope the spilled wine (a tragedy in and of itself) wasn't too expensive.

  8. We are so glad that our wildlife is just a couple of house cats going for a late night stroll. :-)

  9. Those coyotes and alligators sound scary ! Purrs

  10. We are never allowed out alone at night, not even in our backyard, since the "bear incident" last year. We know nature, and its animals, were here first and have a very healthy respect

  11. When my Joanna human lived closer to Lake Ontario, she would often hear coyotes in the woods behind her apartment. Needless to say, her cats (Tibie, Maddie, and Hanni) are all indoor cats. Now she moved to the City. Personally I don't know which is worse: the coyotes or the City crime rate!!!

  12. We had a coyote sitting in our driveway one afternoon when we were returning from our walk. Mom said he was either sick or too accustomed to being around humans because he took his time moving back to the woods when we got close. Mom turned around and waited for a bit for him to slowly sashay across the road.

    We have had several instances of small dogs being snatched from yards that are close to the trail. Fair warning for all to beware of coyotes.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  13. The story about the coyote made me so sad, but it's a good warning that folks must take to heart. Coyotes are in subdivisions, not just in the open fields.

  14. There are coyotes near us, we can hear them yip at night- such an eerie sound.

  15. Ugh... yikes - we have coyotes here too.


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