Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Happy Anniversary...Again!

Bentley: “We are once again going above and beyond the call of dog duty by giving Mom and Dad the entire day off so they can celebrate being married for 37 years.”
Pierre: “Wow! That means they have been married over half of their lives. Mom said when they got married nobody had computers or cell phones. That means there were no blogs. I can’t help but wonder what dogs did back in the dark ages! They must’ve been bored silly.”

Bentley: “Speaking of bored, what are we going to do while the lovebirds are gone today? Dad said they were going for a long ride on a local bike trail and then come home to grill some steaks. I guess we can snooze until it’s time to fire up the grill. There is no way I’m missing steaks!”
Pierre: “I’m just praying for cake. Don’t weddings ALWAYS have cake? It seems if you’re going to celebrate the day you had a wedding then you certainly should do so with more cake. Am I right?”
Bentley: “I smelled a cheesecake going in the fridge so it’s looking pretty good for us. 
   We want to tell all of our friends that we told our parent’s love story last year so if you need a laugh, visit ‘A Different Kind of Love Story’. I promise you’ll enjoy it.”
Pierre: “We also want to remind y’all that we are starting a super awesome Dr. Harvey’s contest this Friday so don’t miss it. Now let’s go catch some sleep before we have to start mooching steak and cake!” 
We hope that you join us for the worldwide Pet Parade blog hop hosted by Dash Kitten and co-hosts Basil & the B Team and me! You can share a wordless or wordy post or tweet to be shared on social media. Show us your International Box Day photos!! All DOGS, CATS and any other pet blog is welcome. If you want eyes on your post, don’t let the Parade pass you by!

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  1. happy anniversary to your mom&dad!!!! Bentley you are a very talented artist!!

  2. Happy Anniversary to your peeps, guys! I hope you get cake!

  3. Your parents are a great example of a love story. They are super together and we are hoping they have a wonderful day together and that they share some steaks with you boys later.

  4. Happy Anniversary!!! Steak and cake, you guys are going to score.

  5. What a perfect way to spend an Anniversary. Many many good wishes to Bayou Boyz peeps and
    yest let there be cake.
    Hugs cEcilia

  6. Happy Anniversary to your very special Mom and Dad!!!

  7. What a perfect way to celebrate 37 years together. Best wishes for many more.

  8. Happy Anniversary! Marriage is an institution; you two obviously like being institutionalized...LOL!

  9. Happy Anniversary to your wonderful folks!

  10. HAppy Anniversary to your Peeps...Enjoy those steaks!!
    Rosy, Jakey & Arty

  11. Woot! Happy Anniversary to your parents. And to you guys on scoring cheesecake! #partyon

    Love and licks,

  12. Happy Anniversary to your pawrents ! Purrs

  13. A day off that ends in steak and (maybe) cheese cake....Pawfect. Happy Anniversary to your pawrents.

  14. Happy Anniversary to your mom and dad. Steaks and cake later on sounds delicious. Now time to rest up before firing the grill up. Thanks for the share. Have a great time.
    World of Animals

  15. We enjoy your pawrents love story! Happy Anniversary to them!
    Mabel & Hilda

  16. Happy Anniversary to your peeps, Bentley and Pierre!

  17. Ooooooo! You had me at steak and cake! When when when???? Can I bring my margarita machine???
    Tells your peeps....HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!
    Ruby ♥

  18. Happy Anniversary to your very special parents!! ♥

  19. Canine-grats to a very adorable couple!


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