Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Catchin' Up...Again

Bentley Basset Hound: “Hey, y’all! I guess that you were expecting to see us on a lost poster or milk carton since we’ve been gone for what seems like 87 days. Believe me, it was NOT my choice to go AWOL. After all, I have things to bark about and my paws just won’t allow me to type up a blog post by myself.”
Pierre Westie: “I’m right there with you, Bentley. At least you didn’t have nurse duty. Not that I’m complaining but Mom really wasn’t much fun. I had to poke her a few times just to get a well-deserved belly rub, but I didn’t leave her side the entire 87 days. I need a vacation.”

Me: “Geez, boys! Cut me some slack and at least let me explain what was wrong so folks don’t get the wrong idea. I caught Type B flu and it knocked me on my back for almost two weeks. My upper respiratory system was affected so it was a lot of sinus congestion, coughing, fever, and the worse sore throat I can remember. We weren’t aware that it was the flu until it was several days into the virus. I will be getting a flu shot next year.  
  I do apologize for not posting or visiting over the last two weeks and sincerely appreciate the well-wishes on our Facebook page.”
Bentley: “Once everyone was feeling better, we took them for a walk. Check out the orange tree in the backyard behind me. The owners say the fruit is bitter but it sure is cool to see them growing.”
Pierre: “I was able to chase another huge squirrel in the schoolyard. Mom will try to get a picture of one next time. They are ginormous but can still run really fast.”
Bentley: “Did you know that February is Pet Dental Health Month? It is important that humans take care of their best friend’s teeth because like typing, it is something we can’t do for ourselves. 
   We both enjoy getting our teeth brushed but for those of you that don’t, you can always chew on *Whimzees® or *Greenies for Felines. It’s also important for your vet to take a look at your chompers during your annual check-up.”
Pierre: “It is also Valentine’s Day this week and we want to let you know that we love our readers. We wish we could give each of you a snuggle and a kiss, but like good bachelors, we ask that you accept our roses. Happy Valentines Day!
Be a sweetheart and join us for this week’s Pet Parade blog hop. All pet bloggers are welcome, and you can select your subject or stay totally wordless with just a photo. We’d love to have you join in the fun! Visit Dash Kitten and Basil & The B Team today.

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  1. Oh how bad that the flu gremlin jumped on your mama.... we hope it will run away and it never comes back to you..... we go to the vet today for checking our teeth.... oh boy... that's not what we want to do today

  2. Glad your momma are feeling better now! Flu is no fun.

  3. We're so happy that your mom is feeling better. Being sick stinks.

  4. We are glad you all are back. The first week you missed, we were quite worried. Having a sick human is not a good thing. Wishing you all good health!

  5. No need to apologize, we are just glad Mom is better and y'all are back! :)
    Happy Valentine's Day, we love you too!

  6. We're glad to hear that your mom is feeling better now. But as a nurse (read battle axe) my ghostwriter is obligated to say, you'd better get your flu shot next time!

    Hope you all have a great Valentine's day!

  7. I sure am glad you Mom is feeling better once again, being sick sure isn't fun.

  8. Wagging the tail over not getting your flu shot ... but a few paws up as we're happy you are feeling better and the bugbug is now gone! Happy Hearts Day to one and all ...

  9. Egads! At least Bentley & Pierre kept watch!

  10. Oh noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Bentley and you I say what my daughter told me years ago when I was flat on my back with the flu,"mommies are not supposed to get sick". I think someone forgot to tell the universe that.
    To mom I hear you from that day forward I said I WILL W/O FAIL GET THE SHOT EVERY YEAR AND IF I CAN I'LL BE FIRST IN LINE.
    Feel better
    Hugs Cecilia

  11. So glad you are feeling. Isn't it great to have your pups keeping company when you are ill.

  12. Yuck, that sounds like no fun at all. At least you were in good paws and happy you're back among the living. The flu season has been pretty intense this year.

  13. Yay for feeling better!! We all get flu shots here, cause you never ever know :-)
    Rosy, Jakey & Arty

  14. Sounds like your peep swallowed one of those those 'bugs'. Glad things are sorted now.

    We haven't actually found a dental chew that we chew....mostly we just bite them into smaller pieces and inhale them.

  15. We're glad your mom is feeling better now. The flu is nasty stuff. Sounds like you both were excellent caretakers for her.

  16. Nice to see a post from you. Glad you are feeling better. XO

  17. You boys did a great job helping your mom to get better. We are happy you are all up and running 100%.

    Love and licks,

  18. FABulous job boyz at gettin' your Moms all feelin' betters! You knows, the flu is no funs for the peeps...or for us doggies! All the moanin' and groanin' and snot rags....sigh. Glads that is overs and your MOms can get back to YOU! BOL!!
    Ruby ♥

  19. Don't apologize, we're so happy you're feeling better ! Glad to see you back ! Bentley and Pierre, you did a pawsome job nursing your mom ! Purrs

  20. That flu is no joke! We sure are glad your Mama is feeling better now!

  21. We all here are happy that you are doing well. The flu can really be scary sometimes. Glad to see you all have a wonderful walk and we know you took really good care of your mom. Have a great day.
    World of Animals


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