Wednesday, March 4, 2020

BFTB NETWoof News March 2020

BFTB NETWoof News Top Story

Bentley Basset Hound: “Hello and welcome to our March edition of BFTB NETWoof News! We sure have missed y’all but are happy to report that everyone is finally well and ready to bark some good news. Pierre, what’s our top story?”

Pierre Westie: “Thanks, Bentley and let me say how happy we are that you are back to your ol’ self again. There is nothing fun about being sick and that leads us to our top story.
   The coronavirus is making headlines around the world with new cases popping up every single day. Many are wondering if pets can catch the virus and should precaution be taken. There are still a lot of unknowns about this new strain of virus but at this time, the World Health Organization and Hong Kong’s Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department assure us there is no need to worry. 
   A dog did test as a “weak” positive from a nasal and oral swabbing last week in China. It was put in quarantine but has no signs of having the virus. The thinking is that the virus lays on animals just as it does on other surfaces.
   We will keep you updated on any new findings on our Facebook page.”
Pollution photo courtesy of Creative Commons
Bentley: “You know they say there is nothing like the bond between a boy and his dog, but this next story is unlike most you’ve heard. 
   A teenage boy and his dad in Chesham, Buckinghamshire (U.K.) came up with an idea to attach a pollution monitor to their Labrador’s collar. Bagheera or “Baggy” for short, wears the monitor on walks so she can gather data measurements close to the ground. Standing at about two and a half feet, Baggy is about the same height as a child would be in a stroller. They discovered the air pollution was two-thirds higher at their height than the 9’ used by the Environment Agency. The government is now looking into how this might affect children with asthma. 
   We say, way to be awesome, Baggy!”
BFTB NETWoof News Poison Prevention
Pierre: “March is Poison Prevention Awareness month and we want to remind you how important it is to keep harmful chemicals away from your pet. When Bentley was at the vet last week, there was a dog rushed in that had gotten into rat poison. Accidents happen and you never know where a dog or cat’s nose will lead them. They don’t know that something can smell good but be very bad. Remember to store ALL chemicals away from your pets. 
   Let’s not forget the dangers in the kitchen. I love to try and catch something falling while Mom and Dad are preparing their meals. Onions, grapes, chicken bones, and chocolate can be harmful if we eat them. Still, you know I’m going to keep trying! You can fetch more tips on the link above.”
BFTB NETWoof News on cheetah cubs
Bentley: “Our last news report is really remarkable, so you’ll have to excuse our lame joke. We couldn’t resist!
   A pair of cheetah cubs have been born at the Columbus Zoo. What makes this so unusual is they were born via in vitro fertilization. The procedure has been carefully planned for years and after three tries, they were successful.   Although this is fairly common in humans, it is the first time scientists have successfully used IVF in large cats. This could be a major development in saving some species.
   Now, let’s check in with our lovely cousin, Paisley in this month’s segment of Paw-sitively Paisley."
Spring Grooming Tips with Paw-sitively Paisley
Paisley: “Hey everybody! I’m so happy to have you here for some of my Spring Grooming Tips. We all know that this is the time of the year when some of us start shedding our winter coats. Proper grooming can help alleviate some of the hair bunnies that seem to appear out of thin air. Here are some of my favorite ways to stay fresh as a spring daisy.
Brush daily with the right brush. For instance, Bentley and I use the FURminator to remove tons of our dead hair. Pierre needs a slicker brush. 
Rain can mean wet ears which can lead to ear infections. The Purple Stuff has kept Bentley’s ears infection-free for years and now Pierre is using it.
Bath time is going to happen whether we like it or not. Between the shedding and the mud, sooner or later you find yourself in the tub. I love the fresh smell and clean feeling of Dr. Harvey’s Organic Shampoo. Just be sure that your human gets as wet as you do during the bath!
• Nail Trims are something most dogs and cats don’t really care to have done. The entire BFTB gang head out to the vet for our monthly paw-ticure. It doesn’t hurt but we still aren’t fans of the procedure. I must admit, it feels great once they are cut. Do you allow your humans to cut your nails? Give me a shout out in the comments.
• Oral Hygiene is a must for every season but spring is a great time to start if you aren’t already in a routine. Brushing is the best way to keep your pearly whites healthy but if you aren’t all about having yours brushed, there are options. You can chew on a Whimzees or use Espree Oral Care Gel.
   Anyway, those are a few ideas to keep you looking and feeling terrific this spring. Enjoy yourself and take time to smell the roses!”
Bentley: “Thank you for joining us for this month’s BFTB NETWoof News. We hope that it put a smile on your face and took your mind off the bad news for a few minutes. Speaking of which, our hearts and prayers go out to our friends in Nashville, Tennessee. 
   Zoolatry has all of the badges for the March holidays on her website. She does a wonderful job with her designs and offers them to be shared at no charge. Just click on her name to be magically transported to her page.
   Mom apologizes for not visiting her blogging buddies lately. She has been super worried about me and then she got so far behind that she is starting with a fresh slate this week. I’ll make sure she stops by to check on y’all.
   That’ll do it for this week. We hope you visit us again and keep up with us between posts on Facebook. Have a great day and be sure to grab yourself some happy!”
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  1. We are so happy that you are feeling back to your old self, Bentley! Mom dremmels my nails. I'm not a huge fan of it but I like all of the treats before, during and afterwards. Great post, guys!

  2. Thanks for the news boys and Paisley. We are so sick of hearing about the coronavirus and politics that we actually enjoyed reading about grooming...that is saying something! Have a great rest of the week, and stay healthy!

  3. Thanks for the news report. And Bentley...we're glad you're feeling better.

  4. Can I tell you a secret? The Hubby refuses to give Da Boyz claw trims! Yep, you read that right...he dislikes being the 'bad guy', 'cause they get really fussy. Since he stopped, however, neither of us have been scratched; it's like they know how to be gentle. Cool!

  5. Good report! We think there is too much hysteria about that virus.

    Thanks for the reminder about things toxic to doggies, especially with Easter coming up.

  6. We are sooooo glad you(and your Mama) are feelng better Bentley! Thanks for all the fun news today!
    Rosy, Jakey & Arty

  7. Bentley...we always say FAMILY first...I hope and pray you continue on a healthy path.
    Your news is the best in the US of A lately
    Hugs C ecilia

  8. So glad to hear you are all recovered and doing well. Being sick in winter is definitely no fun. Stay well you guys!

  9. Bentley, we are so glad you are back to your old self! It's nice to see you both. :)

  10. We're glad to hear you're doing better, Bentley ! Purrs

  11. It always amazes me how much fur is still around our house, when we only have one short-haired dog! I don't normally brush Luke much, but with spring's arrival imminent, I should probably start (I like to do it outside on the deck!).
    I was surprised when on the CDC website that they recommend limiting contact with your pets if you are symptomatic. I guess it's more what you said...they can carry the germs on their fur and you could spread it around your household that way.
    Thanks for the news, guys, and it was sure nice to see you, Paisley! ♥


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