Wednesday, November 4, 2020

BFTB NETWoof News November 2020

Bentley Basset Hound: “Hello and welcome to November’s BFTB NETWoof news! Can anyone explain to us where October went?! Wow! Anyway, we are extremely glad you joined us for some good news. Let’s toss it over to Pierre for our top story.”

Pierre Westie: “Y’all are going to love this month’s top story. It involves a great black-bill seagull called Red Eye and the lobster boat captain that became its friend.

   About fifteen years ago a gull with a distinctive red circle around its eye began landing on the boat’s cabin and watch the haul being brought aboard. Of course, Red Eye was always thankful for any extra fish that might be in the traps. She joined Captain John Mackowsky almost every time he headed offshore.

   This past May when Red Eye came to join her captain, he noticed her legs was dangling. If it hadn’t been for their longtime friendship, the bird would have surely starved. John was not going to let that happen. He took his feathered pal to Center for Wildlife in Maine where she was given special treatment. We are happy to report that she has made a complete recovery and is back on board.”

Bentley: “Here at BFTB News, we believe that heroes come in all shapes and sizes. To prove that point, we salute a rat named Magawa. Let me tell you a little bit about this hero rat.

   Magawa is an African giant pouched rat that has sniffed out 39 landmines and 28 items of unexploded ordinance so far. He has been detecting mines for seven years and has helped clear over 141,000 square meters or about 20 soccer fields!

   He received a gold medal from the People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals, a veterinary charity in the U.K. He is the first rodent to get such a high honor as the other 29 recipients have been dogs. These type rats are the only animals that can safely search for these landmines because of their weight and sense of smell.”

Pierre: “We are always emphasizing the importance of having your pet microchipped and love sharing the remarkable stories of reunions because of the chip. A Texas family waited six years for their beloved chihuahua mix to come home.

   The family had put up posters and searched when ‘King’ went missing but never found him. That is until the Broward county humane society in Florida called them to he was at their facility. He had been released when his owner became ill. She had only had him 6 months and had adopted him after his owner died.

   They did not hesitate to hop in the car and drive 1,300 miles to fetch their 15-year-old best friend. It just goes to show you that you should never give up hope and ALWAYS get your pet microchipped then register and keep your information updated.”

Bentley: “This last story is a whale of a tale or is it a tale of a whale’s tail? Let me try to explain this one.

   A metro train near Rotterdam in the Netherlands crashed through a barrier at the end of the tracks around midnight one night. It could have been a tragic ending for the lone driver but that is not his tale. Instead of plunging into the water 32 ft. below, the train is suspended in the air and the front of the train is balanced on a large sculpture of a whale’s tail!!

   They are working on a safe way to remove it without damaging the 20-year-old piece of art.

   Let’s check in with Paisley for her Thanksgiving tips.”

Paisley Lab: “Hello y’all! We are approaching the holidays and a favorite time for pups with small humans in the house. Lots of goodies could hit the floor this Thanksgiving.  

   Now, I love a good-dropped piece of food as much as any pup but there are some things we simply cannot eat. As much as I hate to say it, no pies or desserts for pets. The taste of whipped cream isn’t too bad though.

   Turkey skin and bones can cause a lot of choking trouble for pets so make sure to keep them out of reach. It is a good idea to wrap up the bones and take them out to the trash just so we aren’t tempted to do some garbage diving.

   I know you want to fix your pets a small Thanksgiving dinner but please stick with their regular food. A sudden change in diet for special occasions can result in an upset tummy and a case of diarrhea. None of us would be thankful for that!

   Enjoy the time with your family and mooch lots of belly rubs but avoid over-indulging your best four-legged friends.”

Bentley: “All great ideas, Paisley. I do love the smell of turkey cooking in the oven.

   We appreciate you stopping by for this month’s news. Please share our link with your family and friends so they can enjoy some good news too.

   Have a wonderful month and be sure to grab yourself some happy!”

News Sources:

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  1. oh we are glad that red eye is still a member of the crew ;O) and we love da whale tale... that is really like a BIG miracle...

  2. Thanks for some good news. We can't take much more of the regular news, it is terrible and they beat the same stories to death! We will get ground turkey with our Dr Harvey's Canine Health on's turkey and it's safe! Have a good rest of the week.

  3. Those were really good stories and they sure did make us smile!

  4. Thank you for the "good news" stories! We sure need them in these rough times.

  5. OMDs I saw that train on the whale's tail...thank goodness that tale didn't end like Moby Dick.
    Thanks for all the news
    Hugs cecilia

  6. I look forward to your good news stories! They always make me smile!!!!!

  7. Such terrific news stories in this edition, guys. Especially loved the Magawa piece. We've moving quickly to the food season, aren't we? While I will be grateful to bid 2020 goodbye, it sometimes feels like it's flashing by.

  8. You always find such interesting stories. Thanks for hosting the parade. XO

  9. The good news is exactly what the doctor ordered today.

  10. We totally needed some good news, Pierre and Bentley. Thank you!

  11. Go Magawa!! What a great group of stories boyz!

  12. Oh we sure did needs this today my furiends!!! Thanks for another pawsome News Cast!!!
    Ruby ♥

  13. Great stories and tips, gang!!


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