Thursday, January 14, 2021

Birthdays, Biking and Coffee

 Bentley Basset Hound: “Hello everyone! We agreed this year to let Mom and Dad do some barking about human things they are enjoying now that they’re retired. This week was Dad’s birthday and we celebrated by letting him scratch our bellies, boil us chicken, and let us in and out a bunch of times. It is important to make our humans feel needed when they reach a certain age.”

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Pierre Westie: “I’m all for sharing our blog but we have some super-duper important news to report. We have a winner for our Healthy Start contest from Dr. Harvey’s!

   Sarah G. will receive a 5 lb. bag (makes 20 lbs.) of the amazing Healthy Weight complete dog food and a bottle a Health & Shine Salmon/Krill Oil. Her pup is going to be tail-wagging happy.

   Have your heard that Dr. Harvey’s has a new specialty diet food? Allergy is for dogs suffering from itching and upset gut. We are excited to try it especially with my IBD diagnosis. I have a lot more to say about this but will save it for a time I don’t have to share the spotlight.

   Without further ado, here is Mom.”

   I appreciate the boys allowing me bark about some fun things happening in our lives. As Bentley mentioned, Skipper celebrated his 66th trip around the sun this week. It is a tradition among bicyclists to ride your age in miles on your special day. This was our first year that we have been in condition to attempt a birthday ride since we began riding again in June 2019.

   We dressed in layers because Texas winters mean you need a sweater in the morning but become a sweater by the afternoon! The day started at a crisp 33°f to a more pleasant 53°f by the afternoon. I thought a lot about a hot cup of coffee in the five hours it took us to pedal the 66 miles!

   Speaking of coffee, there are few things we enjoy more. We had heard of the “pour over” coffee makers but have been drinking instant for the past couple of years. Skipper’s birthday was the perfect “excuse” to indulge in a nice pour over glass coffeemaker and electric tea kettle. I ordered both from Amazon and give them each five stars.

   If you love the rich taste of drip coffee, try the pour over method. I’d forgotten how incredible fresh coffee tastes. Our daughter and son-in-law sent us an assortment of fresh beans from Raven’s Brew for Christmas. Their coffee beans are fresh roasted and have an incredible taste. We have tasted hundreds of coffees over the years and Raven’s Brew is our favorite. I’m enjoying a cup of Wicked Wolf while I’m writing this post. This trio contains my favorite blends.

   I hope you enjoyed this week’s post. The boys will be back next week with more fun. Until then, stay safe, happy, caffeinated and keep your body moving!


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  1. we totally love the idea with the coffee maker!!! and we love the name of your coffee... it fits to me today hahahahaha

  2. That's a fun idea riding your age in miles. Never heard of that. Enjoy your biking and coffee.

  3. Congratulations to Sarah G for winning! And again, congratulations to you and Skipper for your accomplishment of riding 66 miles! Aren't we glad the days are slightly warmer now? The beautiful snow and cold were fun for a couple of days, but I am preferring these sunny days and blue skies!

  4. The Hubby makes pour-over coffee for himself every morning!
    Any time I taste his coffee, I need to drink water, 'cause it's so strong!
    Hot as lava, thick as mud...gaak!

  5. Standing ovations and clapping wildly. I recall you were both very eager to start your biking well done and Happy 66 trips around the sun. I just had my 72 trip.
    Hugs Cecilia

  6. Impressed with the bike trip length. I can't handle the bike seat. Glad it was a great birthday.

  7. Happy Birthday to your Dad! I am most impressed with the biking so far.

  8. Canine congrats to Miss Sara G. What great gift items. And continued best wishes for the Skipper on his birthday ride. A good cuppa seems like a great way to celebrate after the ride.

  9. You and Skipper are amazing! What a wonderful to spend his birthday! ♥
    I imagine after experiencing this pour over coffee (and I definitely need to try that!), you will never go back to instant! :)

  10. Happy 66th Birthday, Skip! I can't tell you how impressed I am that you guys biked 66 miles - 5 hours worth!! I love following along on this incredible health/biking journey you've been on. You have inspired me so much. John and I have been eating healthier and exercising more - I've lost 15lbs and he has lost 22lbs in the last3 months! Stay healthy!
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  11. That is so cool that you two biked 66 miles to celebrate Skipper's birthday! Happy belated birthday, Skipper!


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