Friday, November 17, 2017

Everything You Need for a Pawsome Puppy Party from Amazon

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   Bentley is preparing for turning ten-years-old on December 3, 2017. I cannot believe my boy is almost two paws full. He is very excited and has let it be known that he is expecting a huge party. What is a pet parent to do? 
   There is one place to find everything we need to make our party a howling success. AMAZING AMAZON
   Seriously, what did we do before Amazon made shopping so easy? As a member of Prime, I get free shipping on most products and believe me, it saves us a bundle. If you haven’t joined Amazon Prime yet, I highly recommend it. 
Amazon Has It All

You need to send out invitations with an R.S.V.P. so you can get a reliable tail count. Check with the post office for their dog stamps for extra snail mail cuteness.

It’s just not a party without decorations and this fun kit has a blue dog birthday hat, a dozen colorful paw print balloons, a WOOF balloon banner, a pump and a bundle of ribbon! 
How cute is this fire hydrant centerpiece? It would be a furbulous place to display pupcakes or goodie bags.
Selecting the perfect cake is always difficult. This year, I am going with this fun kit. It includes a wheat-free all-natural cake mix, a tasty frosting (just add water) and a 7”x10” silicone dog bone shaped cake pan. You can let your guests wash down the cake with a fresh bowl of water. 
I know the kit comes with candles but imagine how cute these dogs candles would be to mix in with them.
Nothing says “fun” like a bunch of dogs in party hats, am I right? The birthday dog has their hat included in the decorations kit, so you just need hats for your guests. I think these with the pom poms on top would howl-erious!
It’s always nice to send your guests home with a thank-you doggie bag. You can fill it with a Whimzees, a ball and a bandana. A roll of poop bags is always appreciated.
There you have it. One stop shopping for the 
Puppy Paw-ty of the Year!

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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Paging Dr. Tim's Freeze Dried Treats

Westie and Basset answering the door to Chewy's mascot. disclaimer
Bentley Basset Hound: “You might remember earlier that Mom stole claimed our new Texts from Dogs desk calendar from Chewy. It seemed as if the Bayou Boys were going to lose out this month. We were majorly bummed because we depend on our friends at for our favorite treats.”

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

We Missed It

Bentley: “Oh my dog!! Pierre, wake up…WAKE UP!!”
Pierre: “I’m awake and ready to bark. What is the problem? A burglar? A squirrel? Cheese? Tell me what’s got your hackles up?”
Bentley: “We missed one of the most important days of the year! I cannot believe it. I feel soooo bad.”

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Your Dog has Cancer. Now What ?

   There are few diagnoses from the vet that strike fear in the hearts of pet parents more than the words, “Your dog has cancer.” What are you supposed to do now?
   November is Pet Cancer Awareness month and a great time to take another look at Dr. Harvey’s Paradigm. It is the first choice of holistic vets when a dog is diagnosed with cancer. That is because this revolutionary base-mix dog food is formulated on the principles of an anti-cancer diet. It can be your first line of defense to improve your dog’s quality of life, help promote healing and maintain a strong immune system.
Dr. Harvey's Paradigm

Monday, November 13, 2017

BFTB NETWoof News November 13, 2017

Bentley Basset Hound: “Hello and welcome to BFTB NETWoof News for November 13, 2017. We are tail-wagging happy to have you here and have fetched some great stories to start your week. Pierre, what is our top story?”
BFTB NETWoof News Top Story: Dog playing sick
Sick dog photo credit: Creative Commons
Pierre Westie: “It is a hilarious story of Sullivan, a dog that lives with his humans in Utah. His mom came home to see him on her lunchbreak and he was excited to spend time in the middle of the day with her. He was running around and playing but when it was time for her to return to work, Sullivan seemed to come down with a horrible cough. She couldn’t take off to stay with him, so she called her husband who hurried home to keep a watchful eye on their pup.