Thursday, August 25, 2016

5 Reasons to Give Your Dog Dr. Harvey's Multi-Vitamin & Mineral

   It is important that our dogs are receiving the necessary vitamins and minerals in their daily diet. I feed Bentley and Pierre top-quality Dr. Harvey’s Canine Health, Veg-to-Bowl, and Oracle so I know they are getting terrific food. Personally, I try to eat right too, but I still take a multi-vitamin every day. It makes me feel better and I believe keeps me from catching colds or other illnesses. Why wouldn’t I want the same benefits for my boys?
   Dr. Harvey’s Multi-Vitamin + Mineral is a natural whole food herbal multi-vitamin that comes in a powder form. This makes it easy to mix in with your dog’s food. Getting the necessary vitamins and minerals is important for a dog’s health and well-being. Bentley and Pierre are always being complimented on how good they look and how energetic they are on our walks. I always tell people the same thing; good diet, exercise, and all-natural supplements. Then, I share with them how much I love Dr. Harvey’s and how his food and supplements have made a huge difference in not just my dogs, but other dogs. In fact, so many pet parents sent letters praising the differences in their dogs that Dr. Harvey’s published The Book of Miracles.  
5 Reasons to Give Your Dog
Dr. Harvey’s Multi-Vitamin + Mineral
·        Formulated for daily use
·        Made in the USA
·        NO synthetic ingredients ever
·        Simply add powder to your dog’s food
·        Formulated to encourage optimal health
   A 7 oz. container of Dr. Harvey’s Multi-Vitamin + Mineral is $16.95, but you can save 10% with my ambassador code
Dosage is based on weight.
2-20 lbs. ~ 1 scoop    21-50 lbs. ~ 2 scoops
51-95 lbs. ~ 3 scoops   96-150 lbs. 4 scoops
Each container holds approximately 76 scoops.
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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Truly Grand Grand Canyon

   We took the boys to see the Grand Canyon on our way home from the BlogPaws conference. It truly is a grand sight to see and leaves little doubt as to why it is one of the Wonders of the World. Enjoy these photos from our visit.
Close-up of tree at the Grand Canyon

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Fetch Some Kaleb's Organic Dog Treats

Kaleb's Organic Dog Treats
Barking from the Bayou, LLC received a box of Kaleb's Organic Dog Treats in exchange for an honest review. We only share products/services that we use and feel would benefit our readers. Kaleb's is not responsible for the contents of this article.
   We always strive to feed Bentley and Pierre healthy treats. That’s why when I heard about Kaleb’s Organic Dog Treats, I was excited to try them. They are baked with 100% USDA certified organic ingredients and non-GMO project verified. Kaleb’s Vermont bakery makes these treats in small batches to ensure the best quality. They use all natural ingredients but no wheat, corn or soy.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Friday, August 19, 2016

5 Ways to Help Your Dog Beat the Summer Heat

   It is hot on the Bayou. Triple digit hot. And humid. It’s the kind of weather that would make the devil sweat. We have learned ways to beat the Louisiana summer heat. It is probably hot where you are too, so here are some tips that we find helpful.
Bentley Basset playing with his PrideBites pig

1.  Stay indoors and play with your toys. This is also a good excuse to buy new summer toys that are marked down to make room for Halloween costumes.