Friday, October 20, 2017

Step-In Style with PrideBites

   If you follow us on a regular basis, you know that we are huge fans of PrideBites. They have been our go-to company for everything from toys to collars for several years. I believe in their products so much that I am a proud PrideBites PAWtner. 
BFTB PrideBites PAWtner badge
PrideBites PAWtner disclaimer badge
   One of the advantages I get is testing out and reviewing some of their newest products. They recently introduced their Step-In harness so we ordered one for Pierre. He has to wear a harness anytime he is on a leash because he is a puller. This causes him to do an over-dramatic gagging exhibition so people think we are choking him.
   We have tried an assortment of harnesses through the years for both dogs. They are difficult to fit so I am always skeptical about sizing them correctly. PrideBites took that fear away with its simple measurements for the Step-In Harness.
PrideBites Step-In Harness sizing chart
Sizing Chart courtesy of PrideBites
   Once you get the size, the next few fun steps take you through the design, personalization, and order. You can choose from a variety of styles, colors, and name designs. For Pierre, I ordered a small with a yellow buckle and a teal stripped ribbon. It color-coordinates with one of his PrideBites leashes. I selected the BigDog font for his name and our phone number.
   When it arrived, it took me a few minutes to figure out how to put the harness on Pierre. I have never used a step-in type before but let me tell you, I LOVE IT!! The fit is perfect for Pierre and it will not choke him. He seems much more comfortable than in his regular mesh harness.
Pierre Westie demonstrates stepping in PrideBites harness
Getting into the harness is simple. The cushioned strap goes down the middle and they “step-in” either side.
Hands demonstrating the snap and leash loops for PrideBites step in harness
Connecting the sturdy fastener on Pierre’s back is so easy!
Showing the leash attached to double loops
Double loops for added security make attaching the leash a snap.
Pierre Westie modeling his new blue PrideBites Step In harness
The center strap is gentle on his chest and won’t cause choking.
PrideBites Step In harness
The sides are adjustable for a perfect fit. Didn’t his name tag turn out cute?
Pierre Westie modeling his PrideBites Step In harness
Pierre is loving his new harness and now Bentley is certain that he needs one too. It is time to get my order in for our PrideBites Christmas. After all, Santa Paws will be here before we know it! Be sure to save 20% with our PAWtner code MKCLINTON 
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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Hair-Raising Halloween Health Haunts

   Halloween can be a fun-filled time for everyone, including your pets if you take the correct precautions.
This post contains affiliate links to Amazon and Treatibles. If you make a purchase via these links, I will receive a small commission but the price to you remains the same. You can save 10% on Treatibels using my affiliate code BFTB
• Only dress your pet up if they enjoy the process. Costumes that are too confining or block their vision are to be avoided. We usually dress the Bayou Boys up for their photo session and then we are done. They do not participate in trick or treating and we don’t go to pet costume contests. If your pet decides to ingest part of a costume, you could be spooked with a $1,872 vet bill to remove it.
• Keep any decorations out of your dog or cat’s reach, especially candles or jack o’ lanterns. Fire happens.
• Candy is not for your pet but there are some cute Halloween themed treats that you can give them. If your dog gets his paws on some chocolate, it could be BIG trouble. The average cost to treat food poisoning is $830.
• If you are expecting little ghouls and goblins to knock on your door, why not put your pet in the bedroom? They won’t escape or be frightened by a group of ghastly gremlins! Treating anxiety in pets can leave you howling at the moon to the tune of $394. The Bayou Boys will be taking Treatibles® on Halloween to help them stay calm.
*Costs based on PetPlan’s 2016 research
Here is a spooktacular graphic from our friends at PetPlan that show the horrifying cost of treating your pet if they get into mischief this Halloween.
Petplan has built an industry-leading pet insurance policy for pet parents who demand a higher pedigree of care for their best friends. They’ve leveraged 40 years of global experience to create completely customizable coverage pet parents can feel confident in, and world-class claims service that operates 24 hours a day, every day. Trust your pet's care cost to PetPlan.
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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

The Power of Power Pops

   The other day when our delivery of Dr. Harvey’s arrived, the Bayou Boys seemed unusually giddy. I know they love their Paradigm and Pierre can barely contain himself while I mix in their protein and oil each meal. No, this was something different. That’s when I saw the bags of Dr. Harvey’s Power Pops inside the box!
Dr. Harvey's Power Pops in the palm of a hand

Monday, October 16, 2017

BFTB NETWoof News October 16, 2017

Bentley Basset Hound: “Hello and welcome to this week in BFTB NETWoof News. It’s been another busy week in the animal world so let’s get to our top story.”
Coyote photo via: Creative Commons
Pierre Westie: “I always like to start out with a report that gives us faith in the humans among us. A woman in Malibu thought she saw an anteater roaming the streets. She called her husband and neighbor who discovered it wasn’t an anteater at all. A coyote had gotten its head stuck in a plastic pipe and quickly disappeared before they could help.