Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Dr. Harvey's Green Tripe Power Pops are Popular on the Bayou

Bentley: “MOM!!! Hurry, our Dr. Harvey’s delivery is here. I can’t wait another minute to sink my teeth into the new Power Pops. It is a fact that dogs naturally crave tripe and I have been dreaming of the taste. These bite-sized morsels are very popular on the Bayou.”
Pierre: “Did someone say Power Pops? There is no other treat like tripe and that is the single ingredient in Dr. Harvey’s new bite-sized delight. They never use chemicals, dyes, preservatives, fillers or synthetics. When Dr. Harvey says “all natural, holistic dog treat”; that is exactly what you get. Why haven’t you opened the bag yet?”
Me: “We need to take a photo of the bag for our review. While Dad is doing that, let me tell our friends more about tripe. It is the stomach of grass fed grazing cows. This is not the bleached tripe that you can find in your meat market. This is top quality green tripe sourced right here in the U.S.A. That is important to me and to Dr. Harvey’s.”
Bentley: “You forgot to mention that tripe is known to boost health and helps with weight management. It quietens Pierre’s tummy when he eats something weird, so it is obviously good for the digestive system.”
Pierre: “That’s the truth. It settles my stomach better than anything that we have tried. You’ll get 100% naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, probiotics, enzymes, proteins and healthy fats with green tripe. Power Pops are the treats that not only taste terrific, they are great for our bodies. Did I mention the 1:1 ratio of calcium to phosphorus? Too much or too little of either can cause skeletal problems and nobody wants that!
Me: “You boys sure know a lot about Dr. Harvey’s Power Pops. I love the size of them. When we go walking I put some in my treat pouch as a high-value reward. Bentley, you have started grumping when other people use our trail. With Power Pops, you and I can walk off the trail to allow others to pass. I have your undivided attention and the other walkers think you are a gentleman. It is the reason Power Pops are trusted by professional dog trainers like Michelle Huntting.”
Bentley: “Wait a flea flicking minute! What do you mean they ‘think’ that I’m a gentleman? Did you just use air quotes on me? You cut me to the quick. I am trying to save your life by barking at strangers and this is the thanks that I get?”
Pierre: *whispering “Way to play up the injured ego, Bentley. Keep going and she will give us some more Power Pops. Give her those sad Basset Hound eyes.”
Me: “Aww, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. Of course, you are a perfect gentleman. Would another Power Pop make it all better? Here you go, boys.”
Bentley: “SCORE! It's okay, you knew that I was faking, Mom. Thanks for the Power Pops, though. These are not stinky treats, but they are made from 100% natural raw meat. That means people should wash their hands after handling them. Mom uses her bottled sanitizer when we are on our trails. Be sure to have your humans order some Dr. Harvey’s Power Pops for you to enjoy.”
Pierre: “A 3 oz. bag, which is a lot of Power Pops,  is only $12.95! Be sure to use our Dr. Harvey’s Ambassador Code to save 10% on your order BFTBLOVE16.
 Be sure to follow Dr. Harvey’s on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and Pinterest. Did you know that they sell terrific food and supplements for cats and birds too?

Monday, May 30, 2016

BFTB NETWoof News May 30, 2016

BFTB NETWoof News set with three dogs
Bentley: “Hello and welcome to this week’s BFTB NETWoof News. We would like to take a moment at the top of this Memorial Day newscast to thank all of the brave men, women, and canines who sacrificed so much for our freedom. We will never forget their service. Pierre, what is our top story?”

Friday, May 27, 2016

Putting Petnostics to the Test

   Have you ever taken your dog or cat to the vet because they just weren’t acting right? It is always a good idea to err on the side of caution but sometimes that can be expensive. Wouldn’t it be awesome to be able to check for problems without a big vet bill? That is the genius behind Petnostics.
Petnostics Urine Test Kit ~ Urine Collector
   Let me introduce the revolutionary at-home urine test that allows pet parents to check their pet’s health status. Petnostics tests for these common problems:

Thursday, May 26, 2016

When the Whistle Stops

I am an affiliate for Whistle and this post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through those links, I will receive a commission. Barking from the Bayou, LLC only shares products and information that we feel is beneficial to our audience. Whistle is not responsible for the contents of this post.
   Bentley and I depend on his Whistle Activity Monitor to make sure that he is getting enough exercise for an 8-year-old Basset Hound. I have written about how much I love his Whistle. You can read Do You Know How To Whistle and The Whistle Activity Monitor ~ Take 2 to understand how the device works.
   Whenever I talk with other dog parents, they usually ask about Bentley’s Whistle attached to his collar. I can’t help but gush over how great it is. It didn’t take me long to start searching for a way to become more involved with the Whistle activity monitor and their Whistle GPS Tracker. I was proud to become an affiliate for them a few months ago.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Pet Parents Say the Darnedest Things

   As pet parents, we occasionally say things that only other pet parents can understand. Everyone else thinks we are a little strange. 
   Have you ever found yourself saying these things?

1. “I was talking to the dog.”
This conversation happens several times each day between me and my husband. Question: “What did you say?” Response: “Nothing, I was talking to the dog.”